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Rich Girl

Rich Girl(1991)

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Music by

Joseph C SmithAdditional Music
Joachim H HanschMusic Consultant
R Walt VincentAssistant Music Editor
Richard MannMusic Supervisor
Arlene MatzaMusic Supervisor
Arlene MatzaSong ("Let'S Pretend (That It'S The First Time)")
Jack PontiSongs ("Tear It Down" "Heart Of The Fire" "Love Strikes" "Love Stops The Hands Of Time")
Derek DavisSongs ("Tear It Down" "Love Strikes")
Alex WoltmanSong Producer ("Tear It Down" "Heart Of The Fire" "Love Strikes" "Love Stops The Hands Of Time")
Kelly KeelingSong ("Heart Of The Fire")
Lance BullenSong ("Heart Of The Fire")
Vic PepeSong ("Heart Of The Fire" "Love Stops The Hands Of Time")
Elliot SolomonSong Producer ("Love Strikes" "Tear It Down" "Heart Of The Fire" "Love Stops The Hands Of Time")
Stan BushSong ("Love Stops The Hands Of Time")
Ivan NevilleSong ("Not Just Another Girl")
Jimmy WaldoSong Producer ("Not Just Another Girl")
Grover JacksonSong Producer ("Not Just Another Girl")
Mike PapaSong Producer ("Not Just Another Girl")
Lincoln AdlerSong; Song Producer ("Read My Lips")
Larry ShiverSong; Song Producer ("Read My Lips")
David PettwaySong ("Read My Lips")
Guy ThomasSong; Song Producer ("Let'S Pretend (That It'S The First Time)")
Mara FoxSongs ("Sweet Sweet" "Once Is Enough")
Leslie KnauerSongs ("Sweet Sweet" "Once Is Enough")
Janet RobinSong ("Sweet Sweet")
Precious MetalSong Producer ("Once Is Enough")
Paul SabuSong Producer ("Sweet Sweet")
Tom DelucaSong; Song Producer ("Once Is Enough")
Alex RylanceSong ("Once Is Enough")
Gary JacobySong ("Posianna")
Greg DarlingSong ("Everything'S Over" "Weight On My Shoulders")
Vicki HamiltonSong ("Everything'S Over")
Bob RoseSong Producer ("Everything'S Over" "Weight On My Shoulders")
Barry FasmanSong ("The Miranda Rap"); Song Producer ("The Miranda Rap" "Tell Me" "Tokyo" "Bad Luck" "Do You Wanna Rock?")
Arthur HamiltonSong ("The Miranda Rap")
Robert CaineSong ("The Miranda Rap")
Hugh CrumSong; Song Producer ("The Miranda Rap")
Mark RodgersSong ("The Miranda Rap")
Dana WaldenSong Producer ("The Miranda Rap" "Tell Me" "Tokyo" "Bad Luck" "Do You Wanna Rock?"); Songs ("Tell Me" "Tokyo")
Jeffrey MarmelzatSong ("Tell Me")
Jeff KalvenSong ("Tokyo")
Dennis DegherSong Producer ("Get Out Of My Heart")
Sylvie LacroixSong ("Bad Luck")
Dan ChristophersonSong ("Bad Luck" "Do You Wanna Rock?")
Toby WrightSong Producer ("Bad Luck" "Do You Wanna Rock?")
Joey Michael DansereauSong ("Do You Wanna Rock?")
Bill CovertSong ("Do You Wanna Rock?")
Duncan PainSong; Song Producer ("Something'S Comin' Over Me")
Gerry StoberSong ("Something'S Comin' Over Me")
Lenny MacalusoSong ("Body Heat")
Rick BellSong ("Body Heat")
Philly MacSong Producer ("Body Heat")
Major Woe (Major Woe)Song Producer ("Body Heat")
Spencer BernardSong; Song Producer ("Mind And Heart")
Joseph WeinbergerSong Publishing ("The Four Seasons")
Jay EssessSong Performer ("Tear It Down" "Heart Of The Fire" "Love Strikes" "Love Stops The Hands Of Time")
Jill SchoelenSong Performer ("Tear It Down")
Cherie CurrieSong Performer ("Heart Of The Fire" "Love Strikes")
Willie DixonSong Performer ("Built For Comfort")
Sherwood BallSong Performer ("Not Just Another Girl")
Lynn FanelliSong Performer ("Read My Lips")
Guy ThomasSong Performer
Donna McdanielSong Performer ("Let'S Pretend (That It'S The First Time)")
Precious MetalSong Performer ("Sweet Sweet" "Once Is Enough")
Celebrity SkinSong Performer ("Posianna")
Darling CruelSong Performer ("Everything'S Over" "Weight On My Shoulders")
Foz And The WatersSong Performer ("The Miranda Rap")
Steve LivelySong Performer ("Tell Me")
Mendy LeeSong Performer ("Tokyo" "Something'S Comin' Over Me")
Lois BlaischSong Performer ("Get Out Of My Heart")
D C LacroixSong Performer ("Bad Luck" "Do You Wanna Rock?" "Bad Luck")
Philly MacSong Performer
Major Woe (Major Woe)Song Performer
Lisa KeithSong Performer ("Mind And Heart")
Lena MichaelsMusic Coordinator
Robert RandlesMusic Editor