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Newspapers around the world proclaim the birth in Moosetown, Canada of the 3,000th baby brought into the world by the doctor known for delivering the famous Wyatt quintuplets, Dr. John Luke. To honor the doctor on his retirement and to publicize their town, the Moosetown chamber of commerce decides to hold a reunion of all the babies delivered by the doctor, some of whom have become famous, such as the first baby he delivered, Phillip Crandall, who is now a governor, and motion picture star Janet Fair. Phillip and his wife are childless, and Phillip is against adoption because he fears that his opponent in the upcoming election would suggest that the adopted baby was his from the past. He decides to go to the reunion to renew his friendship with Dr. Luke, whom he hasn't seen since a fishing trip twelve years earlier, before he was married. When Janet, who is down on her luck, learns from her agent that she has the lead in a New York show, she decides to accept the invitation to the reunion for the publicity she hopes it will bring. In Moosetown, the quintuplets' father, Asa Wyatt, is upset when his rival, Constable Jim Ogden, excitedly brags that his wife is due any minute to give birth to six babies because two fortune-tellers have told him so. When Jim's wife gives birth to one baby, Jim is disappointed at first, but as he plays with his new baby daughter, he tells her that he'd rather have her than six or sixty babies. After Dr. Luke's nephew Tony arrives from Toronto to take Dr. Luke's position, Tony receives a call from a woman in Toronto, which upsets nurse Mary McKenzie, Tony's sweetheart. Many of the thousands who come to the reunion throng around Janet, who is pleased to see her old friend, bachelor Charlie Renard. Phillip is attracted to an orphan named Rusty, whom Dr. Luke says was born eleven years ago to a woman who died of a broken heart. The mention of the woman's name greatly affects Phillip. Dr. Richard Sheridan and his wife Gloria then arrive from Toronto, and Gloria, the woman who called Tony, tells him that she plans to divorce Dick, a workaholic whom she no longer loves. When Dr. Luke, surmising the affair betweem Tony and Gloria, berates his son, Tony admits that he doesn't love Gloria. Although Dr. Luke pleads with him to end the affair, Tony refuses, feeling that he owes it to Gloria to carry on. When Dr. Luke tries to convince Gloria that Tony doesn't love her, but that he loves Mary, she becomes indignant. Dr. Luke then convinces her to freshen up in a bedroom and arranges for Mary to meet Tony in an adjoining room. When Dr. Luke makes Tony admit that an older woman has made a fool of him, Gloria overhears and leaves in an agitated state. Although Tony confesses that he loves Mary, she says she cannot love anyone who could turn his affections off and on at will. At the reunion gathering, Dr. Luke instructs Rusty to repeatedly make a gesture identical to one that Phillip makes. Won over by the boy, Phillip asks Dr. Luke about adoption formalities. When a telegram arrives from Janet's agent stating that the deal for the role in the New York play is off because the producer wants a younger woman, Janet, shaken, goes inside. The gathering then watch as the quintuplets arrive each in a pony-drawn carriage and play in a fenced-in enclosure. Dick tells Dr. Luke that he and Gloria, after a long talk, have decided to go abroad for a second honeymoon, and Gloria shakes Dr. Luke's hand. Dr. Luke then learns that Janet has shot herself. Tony takes charge of the operation with Mary as his assistant. After the operation, Tony tells Charlie that Janet will live if she has anything to live for. Charlie calls her by her real name, Mamie, and after he kisses her face, she takes his hand. Tony and Mary reconcile, and Dr. Luke's longtime nurse, Katherine Kennedy, mildly rebukes him for falsely making Phillip believe that he is Rusty's father.