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The Return of Sophie Lang

The Return of Sophie Lang(1936)


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Notorious jewel thief Sophie Lang fakes her own death in England so she can leave her life of crime and begin a new life. At her graveside, she meets Jimmy Lawson, a reporter who admired her reputation but has never seen her. Sophie now goes by the name Ethel Thomas, and works as a traveling companion to elderly Mrs. Araminta Sedley, a jewel collector. Mrs. Sedley and Sophie board a ship bound for New York, entrusting the famous Kruger diamond to the ship's purser. Jimmy, who is also onboard, invites the two women to dinner. They are unexpectedly joined by Max Bernard, also known as Nigel Crane, an infamous jewel thief who used to work with Sophie. He threatens to reveal her true identity if she does not help him steal the Kruger diamond. While Jimmy and Sophie pledge their love for each other, Bernard befriends Mrs. Sedley, who displays her jewel to him. He cleverly steals it without her knowledge. After Sophie discovers the theft, she reveals her sordid past to Mrs. Sedley, who unflinchingly maintains her faith in Sophie. They decide to recover the diamond themselves. After the ship docks in New York, Bernard slips the jewel into Jimmy's coat pocket, while Sophie narrowly escapes from Police Inspector Parr with Mrs. Sedley's help. Meanwhile, Bernard has gotten a hotel room next to Jimmy's room. Jimmy finds out who Sophie is after he buys an engagement ring, and is sorely disappointed. After she relates her tale to him, his faith in her is reaffirmed, but Bernard sneaks in and steals the diamond, then calls the police to frame Sophie and Jimmy. Sophie slips out in the guise of a reporter, while Jimmy handles the cops. She returns to Mrs. Sedley's mansion, and Mrs. Sedley places an advertisement in a newspaper offering a reward for the diamond. This entices Bernard and his partner, "Nosey" Schwartz, to arrange a deal to return the jewel and claim the reward. Sophie impersonates Mrs. Sedley and meets with Nosey, and under his watchful eye, manages to call the police rather than the lawyer who is to bring the money. By the time the police arrive, Sophie's disguise has been revealed. Bernard, who has been hiding in the next room, tells Parr who Sophie really is, but Jimmy cleverly slips the diamond into Bernard's pocket and he is arrested. Parr maintains the legend that Sophie Lang is "dead," which allows the new Sophie to pursue her romance with Jimmy.