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Reported Missing

Reported Missing(1937)

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Steve Browning, an aviation inventor and employee of Continental Airlines, develops a "drift indicator," which keeps planes on course through zero visibility. Steve's girl friend, Jean Clayton, is a stewardess for Continental. Jean's brother Jack, a pilot, agrees to make the first test flight using the indicator. During poor visibility, the indicator successfully guides the plane, but then it crashes in the mountains, killing fourteen passengers and three crew members. Steve, whose invention is blamed, and his pilot friend, Paul Wayne, who is interested in Jean, locate the downed plane in a mountain ravine, and Steve discovers that the passengers were robbed of their riches. An official inquiry is held, and Jean is angry when Steve intimates that the pilot may have been at fault. Soon, another plane crashes and $100,000 in bonds are found missing from the wreck. Despite the mysterious circumstances of the accidents, Continental refuses to make further use of Steve's invention. Eager to support Jean and her mother, who were dependent on Jack's income, Steve sells his invention to Paul and deposits the money into Jean's account, but she returns it, telling him to keep his invention. Next, Jean is scheduled to work a flight which includes a diamond merchant from Amsterdam named Van Der Bork. Steve schemes with newspaper reporter Brad Martin to lure the thief onto the flight by having Brad interview Van Der Bork for the paper. At the last minute, Van Der Bork receives a warning and changes his flight plans. However, his new flight crashes, and his diamonds are found missing from the wreck. Hoping word will leak out to the thief, Steve tells his friends that he has a set of unidentified fingerprints from the wreck which he will be transporting to Washington, D.C. The flight takes off with Jean as stewardess, Steve's friend "Ab" Steele as pilot, and Brad and Steve as passengers. Brad mistakenly jumps passenger Duffy, an F.B.I. agent, and during the commotion, the masked thief appears and demands the fingerprints from Steve. Removing his mask, Steve discovers the thief is Paul. Paul then shoots Ab and knocks out the co-pilot and Steve. As Paul tries to exit the plane in his parachute, Duffy shoots him, and he falls to his death. Steve then revives and flies the plane to safety. Later, Duffy explains he was on Paul's trail from the beginning, and Steve confesses his envelope of fingerprints was just a ploy. Ab recovers from his gunshot wound, and Steve, assured that Continental will purchase his indicator, plans to marry Jean.