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Reflections in a Golden Eye

Reflections in a Golden Eye(1967)

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  • Trapped in the closet!

    • Jay
    • 3/19/18

    Brando, even at his worst, is fascinating. In "Reflections in a Golden Eye" he creates a new kind of performing: Military Drag! It's dynamite. As for Liz Taylor, she's a sexpot. On so many levels its a bad film; but it's a great example of true star power as the two leads redeem the film's bland unwatchableness.

  • Marlon was the wrong choice

    • KristinH
    • 3/19/18

    This very odd and moody film could have worked if Marlon Brando had not been in it.His attempts at a Southern accent sounded more like a person speaking with a mouthful of slipping dentures. It was almost impossible to understand his lines and his body language was so rigid that at times he appeared like a Charlie Chapman pantomime.The look of the film was gorgeous, bathed in the amber light. And the other actors gave stellar performances. The haunting image of the nude young man riding bareback in the distance was the perfect metaphor for homosexuality and how it was present during the 40s, but kept at the perimeter of life.Not a movie to be enjoyed by the general public and disturbing at times but it could have been greatly improved if a different actor had played Weldon, Marlon Brando's character.I understand why Huston always defended this film. I think it is well worth watching to get a better grasp of the depth if Huston's work.

  • Her worst movie

    • Velvet
    • 3/19/18

    Last week TCM honored Elizabeth Taylor by showing movies each night, beginning with NATIONAL VELVET. I watched them all up through the evening TCM showed SUDDENLY, LAST SUMMER and REFLECTIONS IN A GOLDEN EYE. It saddened me to see the decline in the quality of movies as TCM fast forwarded through Taylor's career over a week. NATIONAL VELVET and FATHER OF THE BRIDE were delightful movies, and Elizabeth Taylor was radiant and charming. The 1960's movies, though, portrayed her again and again as dysfunctional women in dysfunctional relationships. How sad to watch the decline from 4-star NATIONAL VELVET to the 1-star (in my opinion) REFLECTIONS IN A GOLDEN EYE. Such a waste of beauty and talent for her to star in such rotten movies. And she starred in so many rotten movies.

  • Bad movie

    • Liz Fan
    • 3/19/18

    Just goes to show that big name actors can't save a badly written and badly directed movie. One-star movie at best. Really awful. I guess it's relevant as an example of the messed up 1960's. The movie is one very bad trip.

  • Golden Eye Reflections

    • Hannah
    • 3/18/18

    This is a terrible movie. I think it's the worst movie I've ever seen. Marlon Brando was really bad in this. Very hard to watch such poor acting. And the plot was ridiculous. A naked private riding horses all over an army base? Seriously? And as if the terrible acting and ridiculous plot weren't bad enough, add in yellow-toned filming and screeching music. Worst movie ever on every measure.

  • reflectons in a golden eye

    • kevin sellers
    • 3/18/18

    As long as we're reflecting: Wonder how much Brando got paid to phone it in?

  • the mockingbird of film.

    • a.morris
    • 3/17/18

    it was like individual music stars formed a duo and the sound stunk.. for some reason.

  • Firing Squad

    • H.A.C.
    • 3/17/18

    It would have been more understandable had the Major character committed a double, maybe triple homicide to include his tramp wife, the two- timing Lieutenant Colonel character, as well as the peeping-tom soldier.

  • Black eye for golden eye

    • Nina
    • 3/16/18

    Boy, Elizabeth Taylor was in some very bad movies. I thought SANDPIPER was bad, but REFLECTIONS IN A GOLDEN EYE is by far the worst. Elizabeth Taylor is beautiful as always, but what a dreadful mess this movie is. The story is a mess. The execution is a mess. Marlon Brando's acting is really bad in this movie. The yellow production tones are pretentious and silly. The music is discordant. The entire mess is silly, pretentious, and an insult to any audience that can manage to sit through this dreadful film. Exemplifies the worst of 1960's garbage being sold as Art. Please, TCM: there are so many good movies; why subject fans to such terrible films?

  • Ignore the panners.

    • Brent
    • 10/14/17

    I'm only writing this to counterbalance the dislike this film seems to generate in some viewers. I strongly suspect that it is an aversion to the film's subject matter, or maybe a failure to remember the conditions, strictures and repressions you would have found in place on a military base in the time of its setting, that stimulate such reactions. Don't forget that McCuller's novel was inspired by real events at Fort Bragg, a Carolina Army base. Homosexuality was banned in the military and denounced everywhere. I'm a big Huston fan, particularly of his literary covers, of which "Reflexions . . ." is just one example. I like all the performances in the film -- Brando is subtle and great, Taylor understandable resentful and vindictive. Brian Keith is occasionally darkly funny. This is a great film, worthy of repeated viewings . . .

  • Missed the mark

    • Sandy
    • 6/22/17

    I felt like the movie missed the mark. I love TCM and try to watch as many movies as I can. If I had not read what the movie was about, I would have been really confused! Marlon's acting choices were really wrong! His speeches were garbled and unintelligible. Beating his wife's horse with a log? I would have whipped him, too. But, you do this ata party and no one responds and he takes it? Weird guy comes in his house every night and smells her clothes and watches her sleep? Nobody misses him on the army base? I get that it was a movie about repression and fear, and certain aspects would be limited for viewing because of censors, but this was a bit of a mess. Marlon was miscast or misdirected, because he was the worst of all the actors.

  • Terrible work - don't waste your time watching

    • wd73383
    • 6/22/17

    I'll bet whoever bankrolled this movie was a village idiot. Brando does his usual phony job as actor with his usual poorly done phony mush-mouth accent.

  • Taylor is froppish and Brando foppish

    • Jeff Boston
    • 4/3/17

    in what became a long line of flops for Taylor after she decided to do the incredibly distasteful and degenerate "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" the year before. Brando was desperate in 1967, having not had a hit for almost a decade. 1972's "The Godfather" finally turned things around for him. Taylor's career just continued to nosedive.

  • oddly intriguing

    • barbara
    • 1/30/16

    Boring and interesting at the same time. I agree that Brando was not suited for this role. His southern accent did not work and I could not understand half of what he said even though I have lived in in the south for over 30 years. I kept waiting for a plot to develop until the very end and it was only at the surprising ending that I finally got it, and concluded that this was a pretty good movie.

  • Women Characters Are More Fully Developed

    • Don Riley
    • 11/22/15

    Elizabeth Taylor And Julie Harris are bored Women who create their own individual, solitary lives apart from their military husbands. I believe that is represented so perfectly here although it is only one of many facets of the storyline. Harris is more in love with her past & her records and Taylor is much more in love with her horse and frustrations than Marlon Brando. The Acting although isolated and apparently designed to be uneven with characters in their own separate lives, is always excellent .

  • Fascinating Southern Movie

    • Cecilia R.
    • 11/19/15

    On Wednesday, November 18, 2015, author John Grisham and Robert Osbourne showcased the movie, Refections on A Golden Eye, a film made from the story written by Southern writer Carson McCullers. It features Elizabeth Taylor, Brian Keith, Marlon Brando, Julie Harris, etc., an exceptional cast. It is a shame that Grisham and Osbourne wasted their time together in the post presentation critique. The movie, which I saw for the first time, is fascinating in endless ways. It must have been scandalous when it came out in 1967, touching on such sensitive themes as homosexuality, extramarital affairs, and brutality. The themes are still current and many comparisons should have been made, provoking endless dialogue. Grisham and Osbourne totally wrote off McCuller's complicated character development, the involved storyline, and unique film colorations, with comments of 'weird,' etc., when they could have related what was really going on in the movie, a story of torment, loneliness, and despair. This is totally unlike Osbourne's usual handling of movies filled with fascinating relationships, unique cinematography, and profound direction. I highly recommend this movie because of the exceptional acting, the direction, the cinematography, script, etc., etc.

  • A movie way before it's time

    • Maria Ramos
    • 3/24/15

    First time viewing this movie, Wow, a diamond it the rough. I saw the diamond! Great actors, the issues involved...audiences weren't ready for this film. John Houston was a genius! And then Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando together? Move over Richard Burton!

  • Reflections in a golden eye

    • Sophia
    • 3/4/13

    I had read this movie was about homosexuality in the 40's. I was impressed that Director Huston captured the meaning so well. At first I thought the story was going to be based around the young Filipino servant. Good Movie.

  • 40's flick looks 60's

    • George B
    • 3/4/13

    the woman charachter actresses in th efilm has 1960's hairdo;s and clothes that were supposed to be depicting 1940's. The film is drawn out also. Marlin Brando does not make a convincing gay man. Montgomery Cliff would have been better, as he was a gay as well.

  • Southern Gothic and art house

    • Courtney
    • 3/4/13

    I admit there was a bit of camp and overacting in this film but altogether it don't think it was that bad. It actually reminded me of a Wim Wenders film or a David Lynch. I'd be interested to see if there was any direct influence on those film makers. Houston was definitely a filmmaker that went against the grain and took risks and you see that in this film. Pass or fail, the style and themes pushed the envelop for the times.

  • Golden!

    • RedRain
    • 3/4/13

    I like this film. I even like it being filmed in the sepia tones with a golden cast, the way I originally saw this film in a theater. It helps to have read Carson McCuller's novel before you see this film. Her closest friends were Truman Capote and Tennessee Williams and you can see their influences in this film and in the novel. It is a shame Montgomery Clift, originally cast to play the lead, died before this film began shooting, as I feel his overtly feminine and homosexual side would have made this film a huge hit. Brando does give a creditable performance but not stellar. I do like Elizabeth Taylor as Lenora, as she is given some really scene-chewing lines and she is excellent. Once again, the pairing of Taylor and Clift in this film would have been unforgettable!

  • Reflections In A Golden Eye

    • Susan
    • 11/10/12

    Stevegg. While I'm sorry you felt disappointed by reading the synopsis, you discovered the movies ending, that is the purpose of a synopsis. Perhaps you were thinking it was just a summary.

  • Masterful Film

    • Elizabeth
    • 11/9/12

    Facinating film. Loved it.

  • Synopsis is a spoiler

    • Stevegg
    • 8/12/11

    Your synopsis tells the whole damn story!! Why do you tell the end? I will never view this site again.

  • Mark is Homophobic

    • NotMark
    • 8/6/11

    Wow, Mark, you represent the latent anger, confusion, weakness, and frustration of Mr. Brando's character. Your values are as out of date as your opinions. Good luck being a sad little man.


    • jan smith
    • 8/2/11

    I watched a portion of this movie today and I thought it was a total disaster. I can't believe it was directed by John Huston. This movie STUNK big time.

  • Life Can Be Distasteful...But That's Life

    • Craig
    • 8/1/11

    It's a good thing that our pretty actors don't stick to pretty roles. Homosexuality, infidelity, repression and mental illness may not be real pretty and to some, best left behind closed doors. But the real world isn't that simple. Wonderful performances by Taylor, Brando, Keith in strange but plausible roles. The sepia or golden tone was a little off-putting---either go full color or full B&W---but otherwise, a very interesting and entertaining offering by John Huston and TCM.

  • A terrible waste of time

    • Mark
    • 8/1/11

    As with anything this distatelful, having Brando play a homo is truly un-American. This is a messy weird screwed up waste of a film. This is (I would Suppose) what being crippled as a gay would be like 24/7. How sad it is that I have to comment on how far the USA has fallen in the behavoir of it's citizens. The morality and responsibility of America, is a thing of the past. And I can think of nothing more sad than that.

  • Reflections In A Golden Eye (1967)

    • Bruce Reber
    • 1/26/11

    I first saw this film when TCM aired it as part of it's "Gay Images In Film" festival in June 2007, and I watched the first half hour when it aired again on Monday 1/24/11 before I went to bed. While it certainly isn't one of either Elizabeth Taylor or Marlon Brando's better efforts, I don't think it's as bad as I have read in some of the other reviews. "Reflections" is a very daring film for its time, with its predominant theme of homosexuality, a subject that few film makers would not even touch in the late 1960's. An army officer attracted to a young private who sunbathes in the nude, the officer's wife who seems to be way more in love with her horse than her husband and who horsewhips him in front of his fellow officers, another officer's wife on the verge of insanity who plans to run away with her Asian houseboy; these definitely aren't things you expect to see in a mainstream Hollywood film in 1967. Excellent direction by John Huston. Despite all the positives it has a few negatives also. I rate "Reflections" two stars.

  • Brando & Taylor's Marriage Made of Angst

    • 1899bogie1957
    • 4/27/09

    They're anything but happily married. The story's in the details about why they are not. Telling would give the best parts of the film away. But here's an example of the intensity these two truly GREAT actors bring to the screen together: after Brando beats her favorite stallion, lashing out at her, she enters their home, during their party, for his military leader peers...armed with a horse whip, runs through the house until she finds him, and beat the living daylights out of Brando in front of his Officer peers. That's just one brief scene of this film.

  • Pure garbage

    • Tony
    • 5/26/08

    The absolute worst film Taylor ever made and she has made plenty of dogs particularly throught the 70's. This was actually the first mess of her career. Monty Clift died before shooting and was replaced by Brando. Best scene when Taylor whips his face and Sacheen littlefeather was not there to stand in for him!

  • WOW

    • ErrolFan08
    • 12/6/06

    I just saw this film in the original suffused with the color gold version and I was blown away. I cant believe they would make Mr. Huston destroy his work by re coloring it. Brando was very convincing and I always forget how excellent an actress Taylor is. Stunning and haunting film in it's first release, the color print does not move me the same way.

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