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  • Please, please show Rebecca soon!!

    • Elise Lang
    • 11/4/18

    Please, please show the movie Rebecca again soon!! Thank you TCM!This is a great movie in many ways as most everyone knows. So I won't go into all its merits now.I just want to say the costume designer for this movie is excellent.In the book the 2nd Mrs. de Winter, before going out for a walk, put on a rain coat grabbed from the closet (left by Rebecca).The trench coat was big and long as the book said (Rebecca was much taller), but it was stylishly so.Her other dresses were becoming too. (Remember the story took place in the late 1930s).Of course her fancy ball dress was beautiful, but unfortunately it reminded everyone of Rebecca.

  • Rebecca NOT a Review but a request.

    • C saputo
    • 9/9/18

    I have loved this movie from the first time I saw it as a little girl. I can't see it enough and I wish you would show it more often than you do. Seems like you show so many other movies over and over and the great old one's are seldom shown. Please please please show Rebecca soon!! Thank you.

  • Rebecca

    • Ginger M Davis
    • 8/18/18

    One of my favorite movies. I had it taped from Direct TV and then had to get new dvr and lost it. When will it be on again. I miss watching it. Ginger

    • Judy
    • 5/4/18

    Since childhood, I've always been an avid reader but when I got to high school and took English literature, I became enamored with British writers and it carried through into college. I always try to read the book before watching a film as sometimes the film doesn't seem to live up to the book; but this screen adaptation of Ms. Du Maurier's book is, in my opinion, surpasses the book. Ms. Judith Anderson's performance is so eerie but adds to the mood of the film. And I always preferred this performance by Ms. Fontaine over her Best Actress Academy Award for "Suspicion". And what can I say about Mr. Olivier's performance -- the quintessential English gentleman. Great stuffand, perfection!!

  • Gothic Horror is Fun!!

    • Larry
    • 9/21/17

    I agree with the review from Trylon. This is a dark, creepy, spooky and riveting gothic horror tale. I first saw this on a rainy Sunday afternoon and was hooked. It is dark and mysterious but the story also has the usual Hitchcock twisted humor and unexpected plot twists. I also agree with he reviewer who says that Mrs. Danvers rocks. As one character says: Danvers "isn't exactly an oil painting is she?". She sure isn't. She's nuts. Judith Anderson perfectly captures the obsessed and demented tone of a woman who is determined to keep alive the memory of the mysterious Rebecca. Joan Fontaine is a joy to watch and her confidence as an actress is evident by the fact that she plays a character whose name we never learn. We know she is now the second Mrs. DeWinter but we never learn her first name. There just aren't many films to compare with Rebecca. It's dark and rather frightening but it's not forced. Hitchcock tells the story using outstanding lead actors along with his stable of deeply talented character actors and they allow us to use our imagination and discover the surprise twists and turns in the plot. The final scenes are totally unexpected unless one realizes just how whacked Danvers really is and how easily she is capable go terrible extremes. Rebecca is one of Hitchcock's very best movies and if you, too, can watch it on a rainy afternoon or a dark autumn night, it will add to the gothic horror he creates for the audience. OH: Leonard Carey as Ben, the rather limited and terribly frightened hermit living in Rebecca's abandoned boathouse deserved an oscar nomination. His repeated mantra, "she's gone away, and she's gone into the sea and is never coming back" sends shivers down the spine. It's no easy task reminding the audience of the spoken memory that haunts that character and make it begin to want the audience as well. Leonard Carey does this very well. What a great movie this is!

  • gothic perfection

    • Trylon
    • 7/13/17

    Rebecca is an incredible film. Joan Fontaine is remarkably beautiful in every scene and plays the part of the suffering 2nd wife with perfection. Judith Anderson is unforgettable as the demented Mrs. Danvers. Laurence Olivier is perfectly cast as the staid but emotionally tortured Maxim and George Sanders, with his deep, rich English upper crust accent and demeanor is at his best as a conniving neighbor in this gothic tale. Florence Bates is a demanding and delusional older woman who provides one of the best lines in the movie when she says that she believes that a young man she once knew and who always ran down away down the stairs "must have been in love with me." Not a chance.This is a film where one really must not miss a scene. The mysterious Rebecca haunts every scene and her relationship with Maxim really does come as a shock for the audience. Hitchcock uses so many of his reliable character actors and they enrich this film almost beyond words. What a great film to watch to escape the world for several hours. It is dark and mysterious and endlessly entertaining. It is a masterpiece of story telling.

  • Truth Is Where You Find It

    • David H.
    • 7/13/17

    It no secret Academy Award winners are not always chosen on the basis of artistic merit and believe this is what happened in 1940. I still think "The Grapes of Wrath" is a better picture than "Rebecca" whether or not it fits a previous reviewers version of the truth. I'm always weary of those people who push their views as to what is or isn't the "truth."

  • The end reminds me of "Citizen Kane"

    • Jeff Boston
    • 7/12/17

    The film about a rich man (and a lot more) that should have won the Oscar for best film of '41, but lost to a film about poor people (and a little bit more) directed by Ford. Go back one year and you have "Rebecca," about a rich man (and a lot more) that received the most Oscar noms and won the Oscar for best film of '40, besting a film (with the 2nd most noms) about poor people (and a little bit more), also directed by Ford. One could argue that Rebecca won for a variety of reasons. Maybe Selznick's gargantuan pull helped, and maybe Hollywood wanted to do something for the Brits suffering thru Nazi aggression and all the now legendary expatriate actors (several in "Rebecca") whom never left Hollywood with David Niven to fight for their country, but I would argue that "Rebecca" is better acted (Sanders was always solid), more three-dimensional, and a great story, whereas its main competitor, looking back so many years and the time in which it was made, is really just a propaganda piece. The Joads were low down everywhere except one place, and no one helped them even a bit (no church, no church going people, no one) except in one place, and for that one place to be a camp run by the federal government, where all guests experience a heavenly existence, is retch-worthy. Whereas "Rebecca" has a few very good twists, with "The Grapes of Wrath" only the truth was twisted.

  • Great, but still 2nd best

    • David H.
    • 7/12/17

    Alfred Hitchcock makes an impressive American debut with fine performances from Joan Fontaine as the 2nd wife of a morose Englishman and Judith Anderson as the housekeeper from Hell. The main plot twist is revealed about 2/3 into the film, but unlike the overrated "Vertigo" there is still plenty of story left to carry the movie to its conclusion. While "Rebecca" is certainly one of Hitchcock's best films, I still think "The Grapes of Wrath" should have won the Academy Award for Best Picture of 1940. I guess the latter film's condemnation of business practices and the government aiding beleaguered migrants was too much for Hollywood's "good" Republicans at the time.

  • Rebecca

    • Michael Whitty
    • 6/26/17

    Hitchcock's first film in America is an Academy Award winner as we see an English man of wealth, well played by Laurence Olivier, see his first wife die and after he marries again the first wife still has a control of him. This was Best Picture of 1940 and it beat out the great "Grapes of Wrath". The characters and storytelling are first-rate as this becomes a classic mood piece which Hitchcock did more of later. David O.Selznick produced as he won his second Oscar in a row a year after "Gone With The Wind".

  • Rebecca

    • Mary
    • 5/1/17

    I love this move. Thank you for showing it again.

  • Thank you TCM ...

    • Elise
    • 4/1/17

    Thank you TCM ... for giving us a chance to see ' Rebecca ' again on July 12, 2017!This movie should be shown often. Wonderful story by Daphne du Maurier ! Great stars - Joan Fontaine, Laurence Olivier, Judith Anderson and Florence Bates (Mrs. Van Hopper). I am so looking forward to seeing it.

  • Rebecca

    • jeri cunningham
    • 2/13/17

    One of my favorite movies... great acting, the home Mandalay, is the big door knobs and height of them..The music score is well worth the journey through this movie. oh well, when will TCM have this one again.. not sure why and can't seem to get an answer... look forward to seeing it again

  • Judith Anderson Rocks as Mrs. Danvers

    • Tawny
    • 1/19/17

    If ever there was a supporting actress deserving of a leading role, Judith Anderson fits the bill. She was such an astute player that she was never caught acting. She is scarier than a nightmare here as Mrs. Danvers, the estate housekeeper and former personal maid of the deceased Mrs. de Winter. Watch her go from an inkling of the madness to come to full boil without missing a beat. Joan Fontaine is the unlikely heroine who meets the dashing Max de Winter (Olivier) on holiday as a paid travel companion. How a cosmopolitan man-of-the-world like Max would ever fall for a fumbling, stumbling, dull, shy girl-in-the-corner like Joan is a real stretch, but hey--everybody loves somebody sometime. He rescues her from her boring life by making her his wife, the lady of a huge estate Mandalay. There are obstacles to their true love. First, the memory of the first and deceased Mrs. de Winter is palpable. Described as a vibrant larger-than-life socialite, the new lady of the house is confounded. Second, the dead wife's devotee Mrs. Danvers is ever quick to remind Joan that she's not as great as the original. Then there is Max's indifference toward her once she comes to live at Mandalay. Their relationship is more like that of parent/child than husband/wife. Wonderful mysteries ensue. How did the first Mrs. de Winter meet her demise? Was Max involved in her death? Will Mrs. Danvers drive the naive new wife insane? The screw turns at a good pace to a plot twist that reveals our assumptions about Max's affections for both wives may be in error. An all-time favorite film with Judith Anderson's signature role.

  • What happened to Rebecca

    • Lori
    • 6/16/16

    Have not seen Rebecca on TCM in several years. Why isn't it shown lately?Great movie about how no one should make assumptions about other peoples relationships. And letting outsiders determine how you feel about your spouse and your marriage.

  • Selznick tribute without Rebecca??

    • Mark
    • 10/8/15

    "There were movie producers - and there was David O. Selznick, a man we're honoring this month on TCM with the most complete festival of Selznick films that have ever been gathered and shown in one place before." Very odd that this so called "most complete festival" doesn't include the 1940 best picture, Rebecca. In fact the film has mysteriously disappeared from TCM and hasn't been shown probably since the tribute to Fontaine after her death. Although they can reshow some films ad nauseam, including GWTW, a classis such as this has been removed from the schedule.

  • Hitchcocks "REBECCA"

    • Balinda McClellan
    • 8/1/15

    This is my ALL time favorite movie. It was a great book, which I read 3 times, and own a very old edition. Joan Fontaine should have gotten the Oscar, her performance as "I" de Winter was SO on character, and the story spell binding. It kept you on the edge of your seat the entire time. I even preferred the change of the ending from the book. I don't understand why TCM repeats the airing so many great classics, and rarely shows this one. I enjoy the repeated classics i.e. "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir", "Laura" etc. yet it seldom shows one of Hitchcock, and Selznick's greatest movies. The music is also very haunting, and adds to the mystery.

  • Hitchcocks "REBECCA"

    • Balinda McClellan
    • 8/1/15

    My all time favorite movie. Joan Fontaine should have gotten the Oscar for her performance as "I" De Winter. I first saw the movie many many years ago while babysitting. It kept me at the edge of my seat totally enthralled . One of the few movies that I have enjoyed as much as the wonderful book, which I've read3 times and own a very old edition. Please show this movie again soon. I Don't understand why so many classics are frequently repeated (not complaining) yet this great movie is seldom shown???

  • Great moive!

    • Elise
    • 7/11/15

    I agree with Marie.TCM, please show this wonderful movie soon!

  • Rebecca an excellent movie

    • Marie
    • 6/12/15

    Rebecca is one of my all time favorites of Turner Classic Movies. I remember seeing that for the first time with my mother when I was about nine years old. I was so spell-bound. I keep looking on the schedule hoping that it will be showing. Please show it soon.

  • Hitchcock and Selznicks best collaboration

    • film lover 293
    • 4/27/15

    Film begins with first line from 1938 novel (Last night, I dreamed I went to Manderly...) and goes from there. The moody cinematography and the malevolent performance of Judith Anderson as Mrs. Danvers make Rebecca a must -see. Joan Fontaine comes through with a very good performance, and makes the coy, simpering quality of her early work work for her characterization. She was rewarded with an Oscar nomination. Laurence Olivier wanted Vivien Leigh for Fontaines' part. His dissatisfaction and unhappiness with Fontaine show in his performance--most of the time he looks like he has an case of indigestion. George Sanders plays the part of a cad perfectly. Florence Bates is the ultimate crass and classless rich tourist. For film lovers, a must -see film. One of Hitchcocks' best films.

  • What a profound, insightful statement!!

    • ELISE
    • 12/10/14

    "Mrs. de Winter got defrosted" What a profound, insightful statement!!

  • Rebecca

    • Goetan
    • 6/25/14

    Hitchock's first American film and the only film from his library to win a Best Picture Oscar, O. Selznik's second consecutive win. A shy, young bride's rushed affair with an aristocrat is shoadowed by the influence of his first wife. Olivier and Fontaine are solid, each getting nominations, both are overshadowed by Anderson's Oscar-nominated performance as the menacing housekeeper. Also won an Oscar for it moody photography, the film remains faithful until the ending to meet Production Code standards. A perfectly atmospheric Gothic thriller. I give it a 5/5.

  • Mrs. de Winter Gets Defrosted

    • Delia
    • 1/10/14

  • My favorite- continued

    • Alice
    • 12/29/13

    Perhaps there is no need to mourn - we should celebrate her life and thank her for a great body of work that she leaves behind. RIP Joan!I'll watch 'Rebecca' on TCM Sunday night 12/29/13. Good-bye Mrs. de Winter, now that you have left us, will you go to Manderley again?'

  • Still my favorite after some 60 years!

    • Alice
    • 12/28/13

    When I was a teenager in the 1950s, a friend asked me who my favorite movie star was. Hers was Mona Freeman. Mine was Joan Fontaine. Some 60 years later, Joan is still my favorite. She passed away 12/15/2013.Joan had beauty and talent, achieved fame and fortune and lived to be 96. Perhaps there is no need to mourn

  • Thank you, Joan Fontaine!

    • Cheryl
    • 12/23/13

    I'm eternally grateful to this lovely, gracious and very talented actress for the many enjoyable visits I've made with her: to the quintessential historic family estate on the Cornish coast between the wars - thanks to "Rebecca" , and to the classic English village - thanks to "Suspicion." These two films cast a spell on me like no others, with Joan as the magnificent medium!

  • Farewell & RIP to a Great Actress - Joan Fontaine!

    • Jill
    • 12/20/13

    Joan Fontaine to me was perhaps the most influential star ever to grace the screen - one only had to observe her amazingly expressive eyes & face briefly - & you would be hopelessly captivated by her poised - CLASSY - beautiful presence. Who else ever could have brought as much life as she to the lead role in Jane Eyre, Letter From An Unknown Woman, Rebecca, Suspicion and more recently - The Constant Nymph? Thanks for sharing your great talent - we will miss you greatly!

  • Joan Fontaine and Elizabeth Taylor

    • elise
    • 12/20/13

    In 1952, when the movie 'Ivanhoe' came out which starred both Joan Fontaine and Elizabeth Taylor, some critics would note, unkindly, that Joan Fontaine's beauty was eclipsed by that of Elizabeth Taylor. Joan was 35, Elizabeth 20. Years rolled by, Elizabeth, God rest her soul, died in 2011 at age 79. Unlike Elizabeth, Joan stayed slim, healthy and active, did not smoke or drink and kept herself out of romantic scandals. Joan passed away peacefully in her sleep this past Sunday, December 15, 2013 at age 96.Is there a lesson somewhere for everyone?

  • Good-bye, Mrs. de Winter!

    • Alice
    • 12/17/13

    Good-bye, Mrs. de Winter!Now that you have left us, will you go back to Manderley again?Please say hello for us to Maxim, Beatrice, Giles, Frith and Robert, and Mrs. Danvers!Visit the Happy Valley, cut some lilacs, walk on the beach!

  • RIP Joan!

    • Elise
    • 12/16/13

    Today it is reported that Joan Fontaine has died at age 96.She had beauty, talent, achieved fame and fortune and lived to be 96.No need to moan her, this lady did alright! No happy marriage though. But who has that?RIP, Joan! I always like her, especially in Rebecca.TCM, pleas lets have an one day retrospective of Joan's movies!I like to see 'Rebecca', 'Letter form an unknown woman', and an oldie'September Affair' with Joseph Cotten.

  • A True Gem

    • Jennifer Wells
    • 9/29/13

    Rebecca is a true masterpiece. Although a departure from the typical Hitchcock film, is it my own personal favorite. Suspenseful, romantic, atmospheric it is an amazing picture that holds up decades after its release. Selznick , Hitchcock and the impressive cast did du Maurier's classic novel justice.Jennifer Leigh WellsAuthor of "Rebecca: The Making of a Hollywood Classic"

  • A Hitchcock Gem

    • Robert
    • 8/11/13

    This is unmistakably Hollywood, USA in its glory days, back when they knew how to produce movies that told a good story. Hitchcock masterfully creates a mysterious aura that draws you in and doesn't let you go. The musical score is beautifully haunting and adds to the suspense. The actors are all consumate pros who give solid peformances. Olivier is at his cool, suave, debonaire best. Fontaine plays the delightfully shy, insecure and vulnerable young girl he brings home to his estate, "Mandalay". Florence Bates also gives a memorable noteworthy performance early in the film as an insufferably haughty American socialite, "Mrs Van Hopper". No surprise this film won best picture Oscar for 1940. Well worth watching.

  • An Eerie Delight by Hitchcock

    • lynnej
    • 8/6/13

    This movie is one of the first psychological/suspense dramas. It has your mind reeling from the first shot of a burned out Mandalay. There is nothing bad about this movie. It shows Olivier and Fontaine at their finest. You find yourself pulling for Maxim every step of the way even after realizing that he may have killed his first wife. Sir Laurence Olivier was just plain sporty and handsome. He has this air about him as Maxim that says, yes, I'll do what I want. The weird thing about this movie is that Mrs. de Winter, Joan Fontaine never had a first name. I guess it was a Hitchcock thing. That lady Mrs. Danvers would have left with Rebecca's clothes and things. Even at first notice you knew all her dogs weren't barking. She was just a crazy old bat. And Rebecca's 'cousin' knew it. This is a movie that should be watched on a cold rainy creepy night. However, anytime is good, even in the warmth of summer because it leaves chills up your spine. A great movie.

  • Rebecca

    • John
    • 8/2/13

    Overall-4/5Lead Performers-5/5Supporting Cast-4/5Director-5/5Score-4/5Title Sequence-3/5Screenplay-4/5Cinematography-4/5Importance-4/5Recommendation for fans of the genre-4/5

  • Rain on our praise of 'Rebecca'?

    • alice
    • 7/3/13

    It is not possible to rain on the praise of Rebecca.Enough to say that the book, the movie, are not for everyone. Was David H watching the movie with a stop watch? An hour and a half before the climax? What climax was that?In last third of the movie there was character interaction? What was the 2nd Mrs. de Winter doing but interacting with Mr. de Winter, Frank, Beatrice, Mrs. Danvers, and everyone in the novel and the movie?However, those of us who love the book and the movie are hardly in the minority.The book was an instant best seller when it came out and made Daphne du Maurier famous. She was in her early 30s then. I cut and paste some of the critics' reviews (good or bad) of the movie."Magnificent, romantic-gothic corn, full of Alfred Hitchcock's humor and inventiveness. It features one of Laurence Olivier's rare poor performances; he seems pinched and too calculated -- but even when he's uncomfortable in his role he's more fascinating than most actors. Joan Fontaine gives one of her rare really fine performances -- she makes her character's shyness deeply charming." -- Pauline Kael, 5,001 Nights at the Movies. "The sheer, swooning pleasure that this film affords - its melodrama, its romance, its extravagant menace - makes it a must-see... it really is a masterclass in craftsmanship. The novel is expertly opened out in visual and dramatic terms, and shows something rare in any film from any period: characters who change, and are satisfyingly seen to do so during the course of the story...A superb cast is rounded off by George Sanders, playing Rebecca's caddish cousin: again, a superb lightness and virility in the acting, and, again, some exquisite suitings. A gorgeous treat from one of cinema's masters. Not to be missed."- Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

  • Raining on "Rebecca"

    • David H.
    • 6/27/13

    I hate to rain on everyone's praise of this film, but I think "The Grapes of Wrath" was the much better movie of 1940. Comparing Oscar nominated films is often like comparing apples and oranges, but not this time. For me, the nearly an hour and a half to set up the film's climatic moment is way too long and the normally reliable Franz Waxman's background music becomes overbearing. Despite this, the principal cast is outstanding and Joan Fontaine is well suited to her character's meek persona. The last third of the film is much better with more character interaction and less of the moaning background music, but its slow beginning supposedly "to set the mood" keeps a good film from becoming a great one.


    • Baz
    • 6/14/13

    What wonderful casting,well-made,intriguing film.Olivier not usually my cup of tea,is at his best.Would've preferred Basil Rathbone in the part of Maxim,as he seemed suited to the part,Larry maybe too young as why his hair colored to look older.Enjoy every time it's avail to view.

  • THE quintessential Gothic story

    • Cheryl
    • 4/27/13

    This film - and the book it's based on - are timeless. Hitchcock took the raw ingredients of De Maurier's novel and brewed a perfect potion of mystery, suspense and romance, with just the right dollop of humor and the help of a truly great cast. One of those rare films that effortlessly transports you to another world. See it once, and you'll want to return to Manderly again and again.

  • The car tht Maxim drove

    • alice
    • 4/20/13

    It sounds silly, but I wondered about the car that Maxim drove when he took his bride (the second Mrs. de Winter) to Manderley for the first time. When it started to rain, he put a trenchcoat over the missus' head to keep her dry.The rain just poured into the car!The car was open topped but it was not a convertible, because he couldn't put up a top!Was that the way cars were in the 1930s?Perhaps someone can enlighten me!

  • praise the film and bash Joan Fontaine?!

    • elise
    • 4/18/13

    I find it odd that 'Redrain' praised the movie, 'Rebecca' but bashed Joan Fontaine.Yes, I agree it was mean-spirited too.Joan played the second Mrs. de Winter, who was the narrator and the central figure of the novel and of the movie.It wouldn't have been a good movie if Jaon was bad.I enjoyed the movie as much as I enjoyed the book and I give Joan a lot of credit!

  • Joan Fontaine gave a wonderful performance

    • alice
    • 4/18/13

    Just saw 'Rebcca' last night for maybe the fourth or fifth time. Enjoyed it as much as I saw it the first time when I was about 14, many years ago. Like her costars: Judith Anderson, Laurence Olivier, Nigel Bruce, Gladys Cooper and Florence Bates (playing the odious Mrs. Van Hopper) Joan Fontaine gave a wonderful performance in this great movie.I think it is really mean-spirited for some people to bash Joan Fontaine while praising Olivier de Havilland for her'facial expressions'...Joan Fontaine' performance was more than facial exspressions. She should have won an oscar for this movie, but they gave her one the following year for 'Suspicion'. Both her performance and the movie 'Rebecca' are superior.

  • My First "Adult" Book

    • GypsyPi3000
    • 4/18/13

    This is the first "adult" book I ever read. (The second being "Gone with the Wind".) It had such mystery and grown-up themes, I was enchanted. I still have the paperback book and for years I regarded it as a sort of magical time transporter. When I opened it and began reading I was swept away to Manderley and a part of all of the sophisticated worlds that only adults could partake. I saw this film originally in high school and aside from it being in black and white it held its own against my imagination. I never saw it again until a few months ago and by that point I knew who Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine were. (I'm still relatively new to classic films and their stars. So, it wasn't until I was reading reviews of this film a few moments ago that I learned Olivia deHavilland and Joan Fontaine were sisters! Who knew?!) And I think everyone played their roles perfectly. I didn't even know Hitchcock was the director! It's wonderful to see this film again with my "new" knowledge and yet still be able to get swept up in the magic of Rebecca.

  • " entirely too young".

    • elise
    • 3/30/13

    RedRain:" I particularly found her ill-cast here, as she portrays "the second Mrs. de Winter" entirely too young. "That's exactly right! "the second Mrs. de Winter" was entirely too young!From the book Rebecca:'They are not brave, the days when we are twenty-one...''Does forty-two seem very old to you?' he (Maxim) said.Be careful of your criticism, if you haven't read the book!This is my all-time favorite novel, and movie too. The characters were nearly perfectly cast.I read that Vivien Leigh wanted the part of the second Mrs. de Winter. She would have been badly miscast!

  • Trademark Hitchcock

    • TK
    • 2/16/13

    This story is very much the kind of contrived weirdness that Hitchcock thrived on. In real life, the second Mrs. de Winter would probably have kicked Danvers out after the first month. But then there would be no psychotic character for Judith Anderson to weave her magic around and no story. Hitchcock fans have to love this one.

  • George Sanders is deliciously malevolent!

    • RedRain
    • 2/15/13

    I have never cared for Joan Fontaine as an actress, as she had the same insipid fake smile on her face in every single movie she played in. It is annoying to me, as her sister, the great Olivia de Havilland, has such wonderful facial expressions throughout all the roles of her career. In this film Fontaine is no different than she is in any other. I particularly found her ill-cast here, as she portrays "the second Mrs. de Winter" entirely too young. The film itself, however, is remarkable for the performances of Olivier and George Sanders but the plot is stolen completely by Dame Judith Anderson as Mrs. Danvers. I do feel the film deservedly won the Academy Award and the direction of Alfred Hitchcock without any interference from David Selznick surely assured the stellar reception this film received when it was introduced and has continued to receive ever since. If you are familiar with the novels written by Daphne du Maurier, you will be very pleased with this film. Taking "Rebecca" from the printed page to the sweeping film it became was no mean feat and it was done superbly by Hitchcock!

  • awesome and wierd but oh so perfect

    • jeff
    • 2/13/13

    is it just me or is this movie packed with a wierd undercurrent. it took my 4 times to watch this movie to figure out who really killed the first wife. was so bizarre to realize and even with todays standards of no standards it still seems odd. i have to admit many of the characters i know in my own life today. maybe thats why it creeps me out so much....its difficult for me to watch this movie....thats what makes it AWESOME!

  • Hitchcock compared to Julian Fellowes?

    • Tess
    • 1/22/13

    Rebecca compared to Downtown Abbey? I don't see the connection between the 2 stories at all. Alfred Hitchcock and Julian Fellowes should not be mentioned in the same sentence.

  • Mandalay vs Downton Abbey

    • Arlinda DeAngelis
    • 1/16/13

    The brilliant vs the very very good. While the real stars, Mandalay and Downton, outshine everything and everyone almost eclipsing Hitchcock and Fellowes with the Abbey soaring above us all, the casts are devine. The difference is Hitchcock. In his American directorial debut his brilliance is everywhere. He compels his audience to love, hate and empathize with his characters. He even makes the late beautiful and malevolent Rebecca come alive and reveal her real self through the inhabitants of Mandalay. Olivier, the greatest actor who ever lived is magnificent as the urbane, handsome, obsessed, in love and lust, whose hatred for his first wife, Rebecca, vies for his soul as does the love he has to give to his second wife beautifully played by Joan Fontaine, a young woman, innocent, impoverished, naive, loving, kind and rather clueless but very very pretty in a a good way unlike her nemesis, Rebecca. The great Sanders and Evans, are convincing as willing slaves to Rebecca, spewing her evil over all that occurs. The difference in these British productions is Hitchcock and Highclere (aka Downton Abbey). Mandalay does not survive its denizens. It is another victim of its titled character. Downton Abbey survives and molds its denizens to withstand two World Wars and cataclysmic social change.

  • A breathtaking classic. Hitchcock's best.

    • Alec
    • 4/2/11

    Fives everywhere. #4 of all-time, I can't even elaborate.

  • Um grandioso filme

    • Sonia
    • 11/6/10

    Um filme grandioso que faz o telespectador ficar sem flego e no deixando nenhum detalhe do filme escapar. Filme intrigante de primeira qualidade. Para mim um dos melhores de Hitchcock e da Joan Fontaine. TCM poderia exibir o filme, pois ele uma obra prima do cinema.

  • Hitchcock's American Directorial Debut.

    • Frank Harris Horn
    • 9/23/10

    In 1940, Alfred Hitchcock came to the United States to make his mark in the American motion picture industry, and made his U.S. directorial debut with this hauntingly, eerie melodrama based on Daphne Du Maurier's celebrated novel, which would go on to win the Academy Award for Best Picture of 1940. Featuring a magnificently brilliant cast headed by Sir Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine, George Sanders, Dame Judith Anderson, Nigel Bruce, Gladys Cooper and C. Aubrey Smith. It tells the story of a mysterious widower (Olivier), who marries a naive young woman (Fontaine), who finds her newly-married life being dominated by the sinister, almost spectral influence of her husband's late wife. The movie also won a second Academy Award for Best Cinematography (B&W). Filmed on location in Big Sur, Palos Verdes, Point Lobos State Reseerve, California and Culver City, California. With Leo G. Carroll, Florence Bates, Reginald Denny, Melville Cooper, Edward Fielding, Leonard Carey, Phillip Winter, Lumsden Hare, Forrester Harvey, Leyland Hodgson & Billy Bevan.

  • Rebecca

    • krista drew
    • 2/8/10

    This film keeps you guessing right to the end.You want to hate this Rebecca until you feel sorry for her at the very end.[just a little.]

  • Rebecca

    • Monica Rooks
    • 2/7/10

    My favorite movie of all time. Every character is perfectly portrayed and this is one movie that might be better than the book (the book is absolutely FANTASTIC). The music, the acting, the scenery and storyline will keep you on edge from beginning to end. BEST HITCHCOCK MOVIE EVER...and all of Hitch's movies are GREAT.


    • michael cornwell
    • 6/19/09

    My favorite-favorite movie. This is gothic cinema at it s best. A melodrama with a capital M!

  • What a Film!

    • Joy
    • 2/2/09

    Alfred Hitchcock's fantastic direction and brilliant acting by Lawrence Olivier and Joan Fontaine make this one of the best films made! In fact, the entire cast is terrific and so well suited to their roles. No one should miss seeing this great movie!

  • mrs. de winter

    • addie
    • 11/22/08

    ive watched rebecca a lot of times and never heard joan fontaines name before she became mrs de winter

  • Is there a Mr.Danvers?

    • ms. miniver
    • 10/31/08

    I watched this movie for the first time over the summer and and liked it from there after. Wonderfully suspenseful. But is there a Mr. Danvers? Did Mrs. Danvers kill him, is he living in some english village?

  • Best Hitch Movie

    • Betty
    • 10/11/08

    I love all of Alfred Hitchcocks films but Rebecca has always been my absolute favorite. Maybe because I read the book first when I was young and fell in love with it. The key players are outstanding! I couldn't picture anyone else but Judith Anderson as Danvers. It is just a really superb film.

  • Classic Suspense/Love Story

    • Cherie
    • 10/6/08

    You do not have to be old to love this movie! This is a great movie for all ages. I read this book in high school-so when I saw the title of the movie on tv- I watched. I saw this movie when I was in my twenties, which was only a few years ago. This was my first black & white movie I ever watched--and this one hooked me! I am now a huge faithful fan of TCM--all due to this movie. I love Daphne DuMaurier's books, and Hitchcock's movies. I am of the younger generation in love with the wholesome classics--and wish today's movie industry would return to morals of the 1930-1940's!

  • Classic Movie of All Times

    • Connie
    • 7/9/08

    The 1940 black and white classic movie Rebecca is an excellent piece of work by Alfred Hitchcock. A top ten favorite of all times! It is captivating with the typical Hitchcock suspense and twist. Rebecca should be released on DVD.

  • Classic of a lifetime

    • Joyce
    • 6/21/08

    The first time I saw Rebecca was when I was only 10 years old. It was on the late late show. There was a thunderstorm and I couldnt sleep. With all of its superior elements Drama,Comedy Romance and Suspence it became my instant favorite. ALfred Hitchock actually changed the ending from that of Dapne Dumauriers book and gave it an ironic twist. Another great irony is that Joan Fontaine and I share the same birthay date only 50 years apart. It would be marvelous to see this on Dvd.

  • Unbelievable

    • Christy
    • 6/20/08

    I can't believe this title hasn't been released on DVD. One of Hitchcock's best works based on one of the greatest books ever written. It's rare that a movie follows closely to the book, and even more rare to find one so expertly acted. This movie is a must for any growing dvd collection.

  • A Must DVD

    • Marge DeBenedetto
    • 5/26/08

    It's a shame that this terrific movie is not available on DVD. After I saw it for the first time, I purchased the book and was happy to see that it coincided with the movie. It is one of my favorites and I urge those responsible to offer it to home theaters.

  • Rebecca

    • Mary Patek
    • 5/20/08

    The book Rebecca has been a favorite of mine for years and also the movie. Would love to have it on dvd and why hasn't anyone thought to colorize this magnificent movie--color right after the opening scene and burnt out shell of house. This book/movie was DuMaurier's best and glad Hitchcock followed book

  • Awesome Team - Hitchcock & Du Maurier

    • Peg Volz
    • 5/18/08

    I read the book as a teenager in the 50's. The movie was not in re-release until I finally saw it in the early 60's. I was enthralled with the way the book had been taken and dropped onto the big screen as if they had gotten into my head and retrieved my vision of how the story unfolded on the pages of the book! Mrs. Van Hopper, with all of her egotistical pomposity, gloriously shot down by her shy little companion, who is to become the 2nd Mrs. Max De Winter; Mrs Danvers and her sinister ways, deceiving the young bride into almost giving up her new life, making her believe that Maxim could never love anyone after having loved the beautiful, accomplished Rebecca! A must see for anyone who loves the black & white 40's movies that put our favorite novels onto the screen!

  • REBECCA - Please make it available on DVD!

    • Catherine
    • 5/14/08

    This is an absolutely wonderful movie! I cannot believe it is still unavailable on DVD. I have watched my VHS version so many times, it's probably near worn out. Such a classic must be out on DVD, it's much too good not to be! What a performance by Olivier and Fontaine deserved the oscar she won that year!This one is a must see and must own! I rate this movie as one of my personal favorites and I am a true fan of TCM and of great movies! If you're a reader the book is excellent as well!

  • This was one of his best movies!

    • Diane
    • 5/5/08

    Everyone that I suggested to watch this movie loved it! Please Put it out on DVD!Thanks!!!!!!!!!

  • one of the best of the psycho/dramas of all time

    • everal
    • 5/4/08

    i watched this film at least 20 times since i first viewed it. every time i see the film i find just as compelling and interesting. i consider my self a student of film this one has all the elements that make a movie classic and unforgettable. these essential elements are a great story,and the fabulous though tumultuos combintion of one the greatest producer/director combinations ever!!!!!!!!! the mystery of rebbeca is brilliantly created by the fact that we never actually see her. all we know of rebbeca comes through the memory of her husband played superbly by olivier and ofcourse her devoted and deranged housekeeper mrs.danvers,judith anderson.this is a brilliant device and its effectiveness lasts through the entire film. don't miss this film !

  • Are You Kidding!!

    • Sandra DeSano
    • 5/4/08

    This is one the best thrillers ever made. All throughout the movie, you ache for Joan's character, about a revelation in the cottage!! Changes her forever!! A must see!

  • My Favorite Movie OF ALL TIME

    • Monica - Atlanta, GA
    • 5/3/08

    Rebecca is a psychological thriller and the greatest movie ever made in my opinion (my personal favorite). It has romance, adultery, intrigue, suspense, and a brillantly shocking conclusion all set to the gothic back drop of a English Country Manor House complete with a sinister housekeeper, Mrs. Danvers (one of the best characters ever developed for film). Don't miss one word of dialogue, it's a brillant adaptation of the Daphne du Maurier masterpiece novel.

  • The Best Picture of the Year for 1940!

    • Marlene
    • 4/29/08

    Alfred Hitchcock's first American movie! One of the all-time great film classics! So why is it still not available on DVD?? It's nothing less than plain stupidity. While TV series new and vintage are popping up faster than you can sneeze - and yet a treasure such as Rebecca has yet to make its appearance .... oh, well, eventually someone will see the light.

  • this is one of hitchcocks greatest.

    • marcii
    • 4/7/08

    From the first time my mother told me about this movie and i saw it i fell in love with it. it is one of my all time favorites and should be on dvd.

  • Why, oh why is it not available on DVD?

    • Linda
    • 4/2/08

    This is a great Hitchcock movie and I have attempted to purchase it on DVD and cannot fine it. Where can I find it?

  • Rebecca

    • Jill
    • 4/1/08

    This is definately one of Hitchcock's best movies!! Why it isn't on DVD through TCM, I don't understand. I'd like to know where Carol found it.

  • Rebecca is on DVD

    • Carol
    • 2/7/08

    Rebecca is also one my favorite movies, I watch it all tne time now that i found it on DVD ,is it a korean inport shiped from the united states release in english language with removable subtitles. you can find it on at a very low price. my DVD was in excellent condition.


    • CINDY
    • 2/7/08


  • Vivien Leigh Screen Test

    • Mark
    • 2/2/08

    In Margarita Landazuri's notes on the making of "Rebecca" (31 Days of Oscar)she indicates that Vivien Leigh was not selected for the part, to the objection of her lover, Olivier, because she "proved too strong to play the shy, young bride". Actually, if you've ever seen her screen test she was really terrible. Fontaine's tests were far superior and much more convincing.

  • A Masterpiece!

    • Tony
    • 1/6/08

    This is certainly in the "best films of all time" category. Every character plays their role superbly. The story line will keep you glued to it every minute. The moody atmosphere and music is fantastic and if anyone could convince you to kill yourself, it would be Judith Anderson!!!

  • What?

    • Marguerite
    • 1/6/08

    This great film is not available on DVD? It won an Oscar for best film. I never get tired of seeing it. Oh well, what do I know?

  • Oscar Winner Not On Home Video?

    • Sheila
    • 12/27/07

    How can a Hitchcock film that won and Oscar for best picture not me available on home video .. Some entity needs to do something about this (I hope soon!)

  • Gripping Film

    • Elizabeth
    • 10/4/07

    The cast of Joan Fontaine, Laurence Olivier, Judith Anderson, George Sanders can't be beat. I would love to see Criterion re-release their excellent two-disc DVD with the screen tests, interviews with Joan Fontaine and Judity Anderson, the commentaries, etc. It was the gold standard of DVD releases. The film is one to be watched multiple times. If Criterion will not release it again, then another studio should pick it up and make a great DVD of this film. The standout performances of Joan Fontaine and Judith Anderson and the direction of Alfred Hitchcock make this a must-have for any serious film buff.


    • monicarooks
    • 8/29/07

    My absolute all time favorite film. Hitchcock is my all time favorite director> He directed this classic love story almost word for word in Dauphne du Maurier's masterpiece. FANTASTIC!!!!

  • Rebecca

    • Pearl
    • 8/25/07

    This is one of Hitchcock's best. I cannot understand why it has not yet been released to DVD. The story is compelling, the acting is superb and it is a shame to keep this off DVD. PLEASE make Rebecca available on DVD for all Hitchcock fans.

  • It's great; well worth being on DVD

    • Susan
    • 6/7/07

    Hitchcock was a great director of so many films. The gothic romance is well written and well played out. And the actors; the old pro Olivier, a fresh faced Fontaine, icy Judith Anderson, dotty Florence Bates... I love this movie. I'd snap up the DVD version in a heartbeat.

  • Rebecca

    • Jakay
    • 5/22/07

    As a Hitchcock fan I have the majority of the great one's movies - but not Rebecca!!Why is this great movie not available on DVD? It was the only movie by Mr Hitchcok to receive an academy award.

  • rebecca -

    • leslie c rome
    • 5/17/07

    i would like to know why this movie is not on dvd yet another great classic overlooked!!!!!!

  • It's a Crime

    • Lulu
    • 5/10/07

    It's almost a crime that this great and wonderful movie is not on DVD for everyone to enjoy. It should be. VOTE for it to be released even if you haven't seen it yet, because then you can if it's on DVD! This one's a real winner!!!

  • In my Top 10 favorites!

    • Pamela Morrett
    • 2/3/07

    This is a fabulous movie!!!! The story and the acting are terrific. I would recommend this movie to anyone. I love it!!!

  • Rebecca is available on DVD!!!

    • Mira Almonor
    • 11/15/06

    I am a collector of classic movies on DVD. Rebecca was in the first batch of DVDs that I bought. Olivier and Fontaine are absolutely wonderful, but I love Judith Andersen in this movie and who can forget the slippery George Sanders. This movie is a 10 x 10!

  • Rebecca - In my Top 5!!

    • Diane Renee
    • 10/20/06

    I love this movie, and watch it once a week, atleast!! It has everything. I see Rebecca (herself) as a Vivien Leigh look alike. Olivier and Fontaine are so good together! An oscar should go to the ensemble cast of this movie. They're all excellent. It still holds my interest each time I see it, and never fails to entertain!! Hitchcock wins this one!!

  • I can't see this movie enough!!

    • Karen
    • 10/8/06

    I love this movie. It's my favorite Hitchcock movie. It is dark and mysterious and never fails to entertain. I have even gotten my husband hooked on it. I have read the book but in this rare case I feel that the book is not as good as the movie and that is due to the great performances and Hitchcocks masterful touch. If it ever comes out on DVD I'll be right there buying two copies because I'm sure to wear one out!

  • I need that movie in my collection!

    • ms vette
    • 9/5/06

    I owned that movie on DVD about 5 years ago and my house was burglarized. I was so upset, because it is one of my favorite movies. I can almost recite the whole movie. To me, it is one Hitchcock's greatest works.

  • My all-time favorite movie, too!

    • Nancy
    • 8/4/06

    The book is wonderful but the movie is great!

  • 'Rebecca' on DVD NOW!!!

    • Karyn
    • 6/14/06

    If you look on, they have 'Rebecca' on DVD... it's the "import" version which means it has Koran subtitles but it's still in English and all you have to do is turn the subtitles off! GREAT MOVIE!

  • This is my all time favorite movie

    • Michelle Dominguez
    • 5/22/06

    this was one of the first classic movies i saw and it made me watch more and more of tcm. now all i watch are classic movies and rebecca is still my favorite.

  • I absolutly love this Movie

    • Ladli
    • 3/30/06

    I loved the book. So when I found out it became a movie I had to watch it. Then there on TCM it was. Please show this on tv again and help it become a dvd.

  • Love Hitchcock

    • Cheryl McKeown
    • 3/22/06

    This was Hitchcock first American movie. Everytime it comes on, I have to watch it. I really love this movie. Alfred Hitchcock was the greatest director.

  • I Love this Movie

    • Jenn Brang
    • 3/21/06

    This move started my love for the classics. This movie has it all, murder suspense, love ect...TCM i wish you would put it on more often!!

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