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Elsa Maxwell's Public Deb No. 1

Elsa Maxwell's Public Deb No. 1(1940)


FOR Elsa Maxwell's Public Deb No. 1 (1940) YOU CAN


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A Communist rally is held at New York City's Union Square. A number of Legionnaires decide to break up the rally, causing a riot. At night court, the magistrate sentences each Communist to "thirty dollars or thirty days." When Penny Cooper, heiress to the Cooper's Soup fortune and café society's number one debutante, faces the gavel, however the judge immediately drops the charges against her and all the others. Returning home, Penny is greeted by her new butler and political tutor, Grisha, a shady character at best. Waiting for Penny is her boyfriend, Bruce Fairchild. Bruce, a Republican lawyer, tells Penny he has been asked to run for Congress. Penny is thrilled, thinking Bruce will carry the Communist banner. Penny's uncle Milburn arrives in a cab from Palm Beach and tells Penny that, as she represents Cooper's Soup to the masses, she must stay out of the news. Just then, Grisha arrives with headlines proclaiming Penny's new Communist allegiance. Women's groups begin a boycott of Cooper's Soup, causing sales to plummet. Milburn addresses a meeting of the board of directors, telling them society hostess Elsa Maxwell will endorse the soup for $25,000. When Elsa arrives, however, she announces that she can not endorse the soup and that Penny needs to "be taken out to the woodshed." Later, at the Russian restaurant Red Samovar, Penny and Bruce have dinner. Their waiter, Alan Blake, is no Russian and no waiter. After dropping a olive in Penny's cleavage and spilling Bruce's soup, Alan stirs Penny's ire when he responds in the negative to her questions about Communism. Upset at Alan's impertinence, Penny has Alan fired. Alan, in turn, turns Penny over his knee and spanks her, just as the press arrives. Alan is proclaimed an American hero by the newspapers, which he reads from his jail cell. Back at home, Cooper's Soup nears bankruptcy. Penny claims not to care until Grisha reminds her that the revolution needs her money. Penny drops the charges against Alan and leaves the jail with him while reporters eagerly proclaim "Love at First Slap." Alan agrees to their phony romance when he is made vice president of Cooper's Soup. As the headlines of Penny and Alan's romance fill the society pages, the sales of Cooper's Soup skyrocket. Taking a night off from café society, Alan and Penny go to a blue-collar dance where they find mutual attraction. But when Alan starts telling Penny the ways of the world, she angrily storms home. Catching her at the door, Alan kisses her, telling her "the physical approach is the only one you understand." Upset, Penny fires Alan. The next day, Penny works out with her boxing instructor Eric. Alan calls, telling Penny that he has taken a job on a ship to South America. Penny shows authentic concern until she hears Alan's landlady in the background. At her costume birthday party, Alan thinks he has won Penny's heart, but she dances every dance with Bruce. At the bartender's suggestion, Alan decides to slip Bruce a "Mickey." When he discovers that Bruce and Penny are engaged and that Penny plans sell the soup company and give all the money to the Communist party, Alan instead gives Penny the "Mickey". The next morning, Penny finds herself chained to a bed at the deserted Sugar Ridge Hotel, which Alan had managed at one time. She escapes and is about to sell the soup company to Milburn's drinking buddy, Hugh Stackett, when Eric enters the room, informing them that Russia has just invaded Finland. Penny realizes that Communism isn't what she thought it was and learns that Grisha is no more than a petty thief. She tears up the transfer papers and knocks out Grisha as Alan and Bruce arrive. Penny tells Alan she despises him, but when he kisses her, the "physical approach" works again. Penny throws her Communist manual out the window where a dog then sniffs at it.