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The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes

The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes(1970)

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Bored by a lack of interesting cases, detective Sherlock Holmes begins using cocaine, despite the disapproval of his biographer and friend, Dr. Watson. One evening the two associates receive complimentary tickets to a Russian ballet, after which the famous ballerina Petrova proposes that she and Holmes produce a child that will combine her beauty and his intellect. Holmes declines, implying that he and Watson are lovers, much to Watson's dismay. Later, as Holmes prepares to investigate the disappearance of a family of midgets, he finds a half-drowned, amnesiac woman at the door of his home. He takes her in and learns that she is Gabrielle Valladon and has come from Belgium in search of her husband. The detective takes the case and travels to Inverness, Scotland, where Holmes's mysterious brother Mycroft warns him not to pursue the case. Holmes nevertheless continues the investigation. When he and Watson take a small boat onto Loch Ness to observe some strange activity in a Scottish castle, their boat is overturned by what appears to be the Loch Ness monster, but Holmes and Watson manage to paddle ashore. Holmes is then summoned to the castle by Mycroft, who shows him a submarine to be manned by the missing midgets. Queen Victoria learns of the bizarre project and orders a halt to it. Mycroft informs his brother that Gabrielle is actually a German spy who duped him into locating the submarine. Dejected, Holmes returns home, and upon learning that Gabrielle has been executed by the Japanese for her espionage activities, he again turns to the use of cocaine.