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The Prince Who Was a Thief

The Prince Who Was a Thief(1951)


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In 13th-century Tangiers, regent Mustapha hires master thief Yussef to murder the baby Prince Hussein so Mustapha can take the throne in the infant's place. Yussef, too kind-hearted to kill the boy, instead adopts him and rears him as a peasant named Julna, with the mark of the rajah tattooed on his arm. Eighteen years later, Julna now reigns as the city's master thief and ladies' man, but becomes smitten by Prince Mustapha's beautiful and cunning daughter, Princess Yasmin. His romantic rival is the powerful Hedjah, Prince of Algiers, who is courting Yasmin with the renowned Pearl of Fatima. When the pearl is stolen, Hedjah threatens to declare war if it is not recovered in one month, and Mustapha informs Yussef that he must either find the jewel or lose his life. By posing as the owners of a priceless ruby, Yussef and Julna trap the thief, a mischievous girl named Tina, who enjoys a reputation as the master thief of Marrakesh. As Tina demonstrates her abilities as a contortionist and escape artist, the two men hatch a plan to use Tina to wiggle through the bars of the city treasury so they can steal the gold inside. They then return the pearl to Mustapha, but Tina steals it back without their knowledge. When Julna visits the prince to demand a reward for the pearl he thinks he has just returned, Yasmin, believing he has the pearl, pretends to love him in order to make him promise to find the jewel for her. Julna, Yussef and Tina, who has fallen in love with Julna, then carry out their treasury robbery, and are blackmailed into sharing the loot with two petty thieves. Later, Julna informs Tina that he is really a prince, and she returns the pearl to him, stating that though she loves him, he should marry a princess like Yasmin. She then hides while he visits Yasmin and, seeing guards ready to grab him, shouts out a warning and is herself captured by the palace guards. Julna pays the petty thieves to help him rescue Tina, and a sword fight in the marketplace ends in victory for Julna when he reveals his royal tattoo to the guards. The city's inhabitants, tired of Mustapha's tyrannical ways, storm the palace and name Julna, now once again called Hussein, their rightful prince. After Julna has Mustapha arrested and gives both the pearl and Yasmin to Hedjah, he entices Tina to give up her plan to return to Marrakesh, and proclaims her the most brave and beautiful princess in the land.