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Porgy and Bess

Porgy and Bess(1959)

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  • "Porgy and Bess"___The Greatest

    • Jan Phillips
    • 3/20/17

    I saw the movie on big screen when it first came out and loved it. For years I had a copy of the soundtrack and kknew every song by heart. Somewhere along the line to age 74 I lost the record. I would very much love to have a quality recording. My favorite movie genres have always been the westerns and the musicals--equally. My opinion is that "Porgy and Bess" was the greatest musical ever brought to film, possible equalled only by "Fiddler on the roof". I guess I am one of the few lovers of "Evita". But "Porgy and Bess" was the greatest. Your recent showcase of Dorothy Dandridge was pleasing . but her Oscar nominated role in "Carmen Jones" did not even come close to her portrayal of Bess. Please, someone get the Goldwyn's and Gerschwins to make peace and allow this mastepiece to be refurbished and once again made available to its aging admirers.

  • Porgy & Bess: A true classic

    • Sunshine724
    • 2/5/16

    I have been in search of Porgy & Bess on DVD for many years to add to my classic movie collection. There are DVD copies of this movie that can be purchased on Amazon, but based on so many negative customer reviews, the transfer quality is very poor and certainly not worth the $20.00 price tag. With all the high-tech capability we have today that can restore older classic movies to like-new quality (and I wouldn't consider a movie made in 1959 "old" compared to the 1920's, 1930's, 1940's and 1950's movies that have been restored and released on DVD), it is sad to think that Porgy & Bess has completely disappeared from the classic movie vaults. And besides wishing for a quality DVD copy, I wish TCM would show this movie in its lineup. It really is a classic and filled with some very famous actors and actresses who deserve to be seen on the "big screen" once again.

  • Lost, or held captive?

    • Richard M Krueger
    • 11/17/15

    PORGY AND BESS seems to be locked away in the nether world of subjective opinion. What the Gershwin estate insists is not a true representation of this work, is, to many, a most fondly remembered movie going experience. What the Gershwin estate says is its protection of the property, in my opinion is censorship. The first time I saw PORGY AND BESS, it was on film; not the theatre or the opera. Even on non-stereo old television, it was an amazing experience for me. It is this memory of the glorious songs and scoring and the chance of seeing this film whole, complete, in stereo and in the right shape that prompts me to write this. I'm 61 years old and the chance of seeing this lovely film on DVD seems not in the cards. The memory of the scoring and the cast, and the whole feel of this film keeps me returning to it. I prefer the soundtrack recording, and the film itself, over all others. And while I respect the original intent of the "opera," can you imagine 1959 movie audiences sitting still for all the recitative? (The scoring by Andre Previn is worth the price of admission alone!) The music of the Gershwin's has been interpreted by many different artists with many varied tastes in style from jazz to full symphonic scoring and even rock. I'll bet that some of it was not necessarily done with the composer's original intent in mind and yet there doesn't seem to be a problem with any of the countless ways in which a Gershwin tune can be performed. Why then, should the film of PORGY AND BESS be any less open to the same kind of interpretation? It is all subjective. Please, let's get this on DVD and Blu-Ray!

  • Porgy and Bess

    • Vaughn Cropper
    • 5/20/15

    "Porgy and Bess" is an outstanding production of George Gershwin's masterpiece. It is tastefully done in muted colors. The voices are outstanding. Although Sidney Poitier's voice is dubbed for his singing portion, he gives a very touching performance. There is a remarkable performance by Sammy Davis Jr. as Sportin Life. There is yet no DVD available for viewing, and this piece begs for one. All intelligent movie goers who enjoyed it in 1959 will appreciate the release of this masterpiece on the new medium. The screen is filled with a dynamic presentation that rivals all other musicals including the outstanding ones by Rodgers and Hammerstein.

  • Porgy and Bess dvd a rip-off

    • path
    • 4/6/14

    Just watched the dvd of Porgy & Bess on dvd and the quality was terrible. It looked like it was recorded with a vcr and had to be spliced together as transitions occurred with the screen going black for a second or so; but worse the quality of the video was awful:color constantly changing; occasionally all color was washed out looking like a black and white film; at other times (in action sequences mainly) it was so dark it was impossible to tell what was happening. The packaging of the dvd looks just like those on sale at amazon and elsewhere.

  • Such a wonderful film!

    • Madora
    • 2/14/14

    I watch Porgy and Bess growing up in Chicago every time it was shown on tv and wish I could see it again. I could only hope that it could be shown on TCM and finally get released to DVD so that other generations of movie fans can enjoy this film.

  • Release it on video

    • Michelle
    • 2/1/14

    I saw this movie as a child back in the 60's and my mother had the soundtrack. The music has always stayed with me. The theatrical play is coming to my city soon and months ago when I found out it was coming, I began to make plans to go. But then I saw a commercial advertising the production and realized the stage cannot convey the gritty depravity of the characters. The play seemed too colorful and HAPPY! I remember the movie as being dismal and heartbreaking even though I was very young at the time. I reneged on going to the play hoping to find it online with TMC in DVD format. I thought I saw it here a few years ago. Anyway, to me, this movie is a classic and I would watch it as often as I've seen The Wizard of Oz!!! Release it on DVD!!!! (Blue-ray would be excellent!)

  • What a Loss

    • Carol Egan
    • 12/13/13

    My brother-in-law has never seen the movie and apparently never will. It was such a great experience that he will never have. The theatrical productions don't provide the full effect of the movie. What A Loss!!

  • A disappointment

    • Andrew S.
    • 10/5/13

    I've seen this hard to find film several times, (they played it occasionally on TV in the 60's and I was privileged to see a very rare 70 mm print at Cinerama theater in Seattle about 15 years ago (it was a print from Sweden I believe). Alas the film is a disappointment, despite the fine cast and beautiful rendition of the songs (though the score was significantly cut from the original stage versions). Others fault the film for the political incorrectness of the story, or for the timid Hollywood handling of the characters--failing to realistically portray their miserable situation. But what's always bothered me is the stagebound way the film is shot. Almost all of it was shot quite statically on a soundstage with artificial looking sets. I remember the tepid reception the film received from the audience at the 70mm showing, and have read a number of negative reviews of it, and few if any positive ones. Parts of the film are available to watch on YouTube and the soundtrack album is available online, though none of the versions I found are sonically what they ought to be.

  • Porgy and Bess, 1959

    • Ginger
    • 5/21/13

    An excellent movie. No I'm not black and when I saw it, back then, I never thought of it as being racial. The music is unforgettable, talent excellent. What's not to like? Too much polital corretness going on.

  • Porgy and Bess

    • Richard
    • 4/6/13

    What a shame this outstanding 1959 movie/and or soundtrack was never released to the public. It is by far the bestmusical/operetta ever produced. The cast was outstanding - no equal. And the music superb. We, the public, are being deprived of this great production because of the problems between the Gershwins and the Goldwyns. Shame on them. Put aside your petty problem and give the public - who made you - what we deserve.Disappointed in Crystal Lake, Il.

  • Porgy and Bess 1959 Fabulous Musical

    • Yvonne
    • 3/19/13

    PLEASE MAKE THIS INTO A DVD..I WOULD BUY IT IN A MINUTE and I have only bought about 3 DVDs since they started making them, but I would buy this one. This is one of the best musicals and singing I have ever heard. I saw it about 40 years ago and I have never gotten it out of my head. I have been waiting for it to be shown on TV ever since but I have never seen it

  • One of the best musicals ever

    • dave
    • 3/9/13

    It took me a few years to realize that this movie just was not available. OK, it has racist overtones in the way some of the characters are sterotyped, but OMG, get over it, the movie is about a black hero who is a dad and Lena Horne is the most beautiful mom with the best voice ever. I have a lot of memories I shared with my sister Jeanne, (who has passed), but watching this movie in B&W back in the early 60's was one of the best.

  • The Best

    • Kit
    • 2/22/13

    One of the finest movies ever made. Should be out on DVD. So many want to get it and keep it.

  • Porgy and Bess

    • Carol
    • 1/26/13


  • Black Cast Movies

    • 10/26/12

    I love all the movies that Dorothy Dandridge has been in but you never show Porgy and Bess that is again another wonderful cast. When will you be showing that movie or can I purchase it to add to my collection.

  • Porgy and Bess

    • Jimmie
    • 7/21/12

    Love this movie as a kid havent seen since I was a kid im a 51Yr old black man .This is a classic Sydney Portia, Diannne Caroll, Dorthey Dandridge , Pearl Baily, And Sammy Davis Jr. True Classic Please Air this Mega Hit or tell where I can get a copy

  • Porgy and Bess

    • Fabulousdeb345
    • 5/30/12

    I agree that Porgy & Bess should have been showed last night 5-29 with all the other movies made my DD that is a CLASSIC........

  • Porgy and Bess

    • Mary Griffin
    • 5/30/12

    I'm wonderingf why you missed an opportunity to show Porgy and Bess when you featured Dorothy Dandridge movies. Carmen Jones was appreciated, but I would love to see Porgy and Bess on TCM.

  • love the movie porkand bess

    • larr brandon
    • 4/9/12

    i love the movie and would love to buy a copy of it . if anyone now now i can buy this movie please let me now.wish i was born in the 1940 i was born in 1965 when dorothy die . in love with her movies and her life wish i could have been living then

  • Porgy and Bess

    • Dutchess
    • 3/4/12

    I loved the movie and saw it years ago, one Thanksgiving, on WPIX with family and friends. I was mesmerized to see African-American people on television! This is an extreme, "classic" and I agree with the others, TCM, Martin Scorsessee, Oprah and others need to help the world to see what a classic truly is by aring this original on television, movies, DVDs, etc. Can't wait to get my hands on a copy!!

  • Shocked and Sad

    • Pat
    • 1/19/12

    I was shocked to see how many people feel the same as my two sisters and I about "Porgy and Bess". We saw thisplay about 45 years ago in our home town of Rochester, New York. We're all shocked as to why there has not been a restoration of this film. We have watched TCM faithfully because we love the old movies and stars, and the stars in "Porgy and Bess" are some of the best ever. We always hoped you would show "Porgy and Bess". Who cares about all that stuff that happened years ago! This is art!! Who do we need to contact in order to get this restoration project done?! There surely are thousands and thousands of others out there who feel the same as we do. YOU ALREADY HAVE YOUR AUDIENCE. We will rent it, buy it and pay to watch it on the big screen! Maybe we should approach Oprah.

  • Porgy & Bess

    • n Forest
    • 1/6/12

    OMG!!!!! I missed it? plz show it again. Wd love the dvd. Have not seen it since the only TV airing in the 60's, but remember it fondly.

  • Porgy and Bess on DVD

    • Deborah
    • 12/28/11

    I have never forgottten this movie after seeing it as a young girl who is now approaching the age of 60. This is certainly a classic among classics. It should be shared or at least made available for this generation to have an opportunity to review. I would go as far to say it is as much a part of black theatre history with an all star cast as any movie ever made. Oppressive as it was I recall families always gathering around to watch this film. It should be available for purchase.

  • Bring it to DVD

    • Stephanie
    • 11/26/11

    Memories of everyone being excited and gathering around the television to watch "Porgy and Bess" come to mind. The songs have stuck in my mind all these years. Loved 'Summertime'. I would love to see this movie again and add it to my DVD Classic Collection. It is a shame that a controversy would stop such great art from being shared with the people who have seen and the people who have not.

  • Would love to see this movie again

    • Toni C.
    • 11/4/11

    I remember seeing Porgy and Bess at the theater as a young girl when it was first released. I don't think I've seen it since, but it has stuck in my memory all these years and I've often wondered why I haven't seen it on TCM (my favorite channel on TV). I hope that the individuals responsible for not releasing it will reconsider. It's a powerful movie.

  • A Treasure

    • Debra
    • 10/7/11

    This movie would be a great addition to my library. The youth of this generation would be bless to see this movie. It has been with me every since I saw it as little girl in the deep south. At a time when there were not many shows with people of color staring in them it changed my life. During this time I saw Imitation of Life and MadamX. Now that I am in my fifties I have copy of these movies to share with my children but can only tell them about Porgy and Bess. Please do what you can to ge this movie remade. It would be a blessing to my family and many others.


    • Bill Budris
    • 9/29/11

    With all the controversy on the making of the film, changing directors, fire that destroyed sets and costumes, actors not wanting to play stereotypes, then the aftermath of both the Gershwin Estates and Goldwyn Estates totally hating the film, it is amazing there is even a way to see this movie these days. I saw it on television on one of the few broadcasts made on WPIX, Channel 11 in New York before it was pulled from circulation. From other reports on websites and blogs, the film is in horrible disrepair, and something needs to be done before it is gone forever. With Porgy and Bess coming back to Broadway in December 2011 with Audra McDonald, there is still an interest in this show with a great Gershwin score, a sad, but tender love story, this piece of art from 1959 needs to be shown in its glory fully restored to complete length, Todd-AO quality and 6-track stereo using 5.1 or 7.1 digital technology. I'm surprised Martin Scorsese hasn't already acted on it. Since it is just past 50 years, somewhere on earth, there has to be a decent print. I was surprised the DVD was mostly widescreen (opening titles are squashed pan and scan, and end titles are cut off after the "The End" card). I mainly saw it in black & white on WPIX, and maybe once in color before it was pulled. It is way over 35 years. TCM, Mr. Scorsese and others need to rally around, get this one restored, and let the Gershwin and Goldwyn Estates "get over it", since it's been 50 plus years since the controversy. There are others who have enjoyed this film as much as I have, and would like to see it all spruced up.

  • Porgy & Bess (1959)

    • Brenda
    • 9/26/11

    I've been looking for this movie for nearly 20 years. I would very much like to add it to my collection, or the next best thing is to at least see it here on TCM just like I saw Snowfire earlier this year. Yea, that was a sweet treat! I hope the many TCM viewers will get to see Porgy & Bess real soon. It's way past time to bring it back to the screen.

  • porgy and besss

    • jeffrey
    • 9/25/10

    it's has been over 30 years since i last saw porgy and bess on a small 12'' tv ihave look and ask in every video i could find with no luck if so many people is waiting to see this movie again why not get the stars from this great movie to help get it on dvd and tcm by christmas so that people like me can sit back on a cold night and watch a good movie

  • porgy and bess

    • william stewart jr
    • 8/14/10

    i fell in love with this movie when i was 17 yrs old. from sidney poitier,to sammy davis jr,all the actors did an excellent. plus,the singing and the acoustics of the music of that time period was amazing to me. please put that black opera on dvd.

  • Porgy and Bess 1959

    • Geri
    • 7/6/10

    I remember when I was a young girl watching Porgy and Bess..I was fasinated by the wonderful acting and the emotions I felt due to such great actors..I hope soon,this movie will be available on DVD..It would be a treat to see the movie on TCM..One of the best classics of all time.


    • DAVID
    • 6/1/10



    • Michele
    • 5/24/10

    This movie is a classic and a favorite of mine. I would like to see it televised on TCM and released for purchase via DVD or VHS. I just seen the opera version at Newark Symphony Hall 5/23/10, and at the Met in New York about 15 years ago. But, I would really like my own copy from of the original movie.

  • PORGY & BESS 1959

    • Movie Lover
    • 5/12/10

    I see that I am not the only one searching for a copy of this movie, and thanks to William, I know why it is not available for sale.My request to TCM...PLEASE AIR MOVIE

  • Porgy and Bess

    • Pat H Taylor
    • 4/20/10

    About Porgy and Bess ... I do not understand why this great all time movie is not available. I saw this movie when I was 16 years old. It is one of those movies I cannot forget. Porgy and Bess was phenomenal!!! The actors were/are some of the best in the business. Many of whom remain successful today. What is the problem? Please, please make it available. This would be an all-time "coup" for movie collectors everywhere.

  • PORGY and BESS

    • DEY
    • 3/20/10

    Porgy and Bess is one of the all time favorites of mine. I have seen it when I was younger and it's a shame they will not put this movie on DVD. Look at all the great actresses and actors that were in that movie. It's a shame they won't put it on DVD or show it on Turner Classic Movies. Release It, Release It Now, DVD, on TCM TV. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.... the demand is there.STILL WAITING...

  • Porgy and Bess

    • William
    • 3/7/10

    Please allow me to correct my previous post. It is not Sidney Portier which is preventing the release of PORGY AND BESS which was withdrawn from circulation in 1974. But it is;The Gershwin Estate who hates the film and refuses to grant the musical rights, although the dramatic rights are in the public domain. The movie without the music would make no sense which is currently preventing PORGY AND BESS from being released on video/DVD. Only a campaign of letters to the Gershwin Estate in NY might loosen up the reserve. Beware of "bootlegged" copies of this film because the sound, picture and completness of the film will not be proper.

  • Porgy and Bess

    • William
    • 2/21/10

    This film has some of the greatest Black Actors/Actress of all time. It is an American Classic that should be released on home video/DVD. It is my understanding that Sidney Portier holds the rights to this film and refuses to release it for whatever reason.

  • Porgy and Bess

    • Millie B.
    • 11/28/09

    Porgy and Bess is one of the all time favorites of mine. I have seen it when I was younger and it's a shame they will not put this movie on DVD. Look at all the great actresses and actors that were in that movie. It's a shame they won't put it on DVD or show it on Turner Classic Movies. I have ordered it from one of these sites that are supposed to find and sell old movies. I do not like boot leg movies but have seen some. This one is worse. I have seen better boot leg movies. I would love for them to put the original one on DVD for sale plus put it on Turner Classics. I wish and hope for the release of this fantastic movie very soon.


    • keith l groom
    • 11/17/09

    what a shame. this movie needs to be available to our general youth , so that they can see what a masterpiece of a movie this still is. i have been trying for years to purchase this nfilm , just so i could share it with my family. make it

  • Time To Give Us Back Porgy and Bess - the movie

    • Michael Wherly
    • 9/17/09

    I have never seen the movie of 'Porgy and Bess' but, as a kid, I collected the E.P. recordings of the soundtrack. Recently, I found a CD of the complete soundtrack (Back Biter records) and I have to say that it is as fresh and wonderful as when first listened to. I also have the DVD of the Simon Rattle recording of the opera. But I'm not sure I like it as much as that original soundtrack.My understanding is that the Gershwin Estate withdrew distribution rights for the film because they wanted - rightly - for 'Porgy' to be seen and appreciated as an opera. Well, their wishes have been more than fulfilled. But, by witholding the movie from a wide audience - after so many years - it is doing a great dis-service to the movie's fine director - as well as its stellar African-American cast. Dorothy Dandridge was taken from us when in her prime. It's a sin to deprive us of a few more sightings of a great talent. I could go on.It is great to see that the movie is getting a special show in New York. But it ain't any help to people like me. 'There may ba a boat that's leaving soon for New York (from Liverpool), but I ain't going to be on it.Let's have a DVD straight away. It will enhance rather than in any way detract from Heyward and Gershwin's reputation.Best wishes,Michael Wherly

  • Show this movie

    • lisa washington
    • 8/26/09

    This is a great movie,the first back theartrical opera turned movie,its legendary,with a plethra of the greatest africian americian actors and actresess, I've seen the king and I plenty of times on tcm ,and have not seen porgie and bess on this channel ever. This is something tcm should play, I don't believe u even have it in your archives so that we can buy it.

  • A beautiful Story

    • mary Wilhelm
    • 8/13/09

    I have searched for this movie for a long time.I used to sing everyones part.It needs to be brought back.I had the sound trck at one time but lost it.Whoever makes the decisions on what movies are to be released,I hope they deeply consider this one.Its excellant.In 1959 I was 20 and i've never forgotten this wonderful movie and the actors and actress's so please please before I'm gone,bring it on board.Thanks Mary

  • Porgy and Bess, a treasure.

    • Carolyn
    • 7/25/09

    Please bring this movie back. I only saw it once and it was wonderful. Many of the stars from the movie are long gone; their assembled talents can never be seen again outside of this film. Thanks.

  • Porgy and Bess

    • Linda Garcia
    • 7/19/09

    My hope is that one day this movie will be released for public viewing. I watched the network premier on television as a child, and would love to view it now. What can be done to convince the Gershwin family to share this treasure with the world?

  • Why are we made to wait?

    • Rebecca
    • 7/17/09

    I do not understand Gershwin family's refusal to free this movie! It's an all time great and I would give anything to have it in my DVD collection. Please!

  • Release it please!

    • mattie
    • 7/2/09

    I saw this movie as a child and I can still remember the performances of Sammy Davis, Sidney Poitier and Dorothy Dandridge. I am an avid collector of old films. Please consider releasing soon. There is no other version that matches this one!!!


    • Henry Herrmann
    • 5/11/09

    It's the Gershwin's fault that we don't have access to what I assume is a better movie then they let on. I completely understand if they didn't like they way the musical was treated, most people aren't happy with the way their works are treated in Hollywood. However, I don't think it is right for them to keep this movie from circulation. They should at least get it restored so that we could see it sometime in the future (from what i understand, the negative is in dire need of it). Don't they realize how lucrative it could be for them to sell the rights to DVD for this movie? Sidney Poitier and Dorothy Dandridge? This movie would probably sell millions of DVD and make a fortune from rentals.P.S.I can't rightly rate the movie as they have asked me to, considering I HAVEN'T SEEN IT!!!!


    • vivian
    • 4/10/09

    if i can find porky's II which i am sure i can, why can't i find porgy and bess. i remember being at least 7 or 8 and this came on the sunday night at the movies, i have not seen it since, and i am now 52 years of age. what do we need to do to have access to this american classic, what do we have to sign, who do we call? help!!

  • Porgy and Bess

    • jeanette
    • 4/5/09


  • A long lost friend

    • Regina
    • 3/2/09

    I grew up in New York in the 1970's. My birth month is January, and there were two things that I could count on for my birthday.... snow and the television showing of "Porgy and Bess."I have since moved away from the East coast, so there is no longer any snow in my life. Where is "Porgy and Bess"? I was certain that, that American classic wold be around forever.

  • re: availability of Porgy and Bess

    • Doug Asher-Best
    • 2/14/09

    I've seen Porgy and Bess only once, on television back in the 1970's. A local Boston TV movie host (The Great Entertainment) showed it and explained that the rights were somehow tied up in the Gershwin estate and that he had been able to negotiate this one showing only. It's never been released on video or DVD (as far as I know), so maybe the rights are still in question, or are being withheld. I posted it on the TCM wish list and said if a local Boston guy could do it, TCM should be able to. I hope they can.

  • Porgy and Bess

    • Lynda Allen
    • 12/17/08

    I just saw Porgy and Bess at the Lyric Oper House in Chicago. It was fantastic.I'd like to purchase the DVD staring Sydney Portier and cast.Why have we not seen on TCM?

  • Porgy and Bess

    • Brenda Paynes
    • 11/30/08

    I want to know why Porgy and Bess has not been shown on tcm, and also why the original copy is not being sold on DVD. I see a new version being sold, but I would like the original copy please.

  • Would like to see Porgy & Bess

    • Monique
    • 11/12/08

    I was a child when I last saw this movie. I remember bits and pieces but I would like to see this movie again before it totally fades from my memory. I remember Sidney Poiter, Sammy Davis Jr., Dorothy Dandridge, and Pearl Bailey in this film. I don't understand why this movie is not shown anymore. TCM should show air it.

  • Porgy and Bess

    • Elaine Shepard
    • 11/3/08

    There was a lot of uproar about this film when it was first released. But it was well received by the movie goers. I saw it at least 3 times on the big screen and a couple of times on TV. The last showing on TV that I saw was so cut up that it was not a joy to watch. It is time to release this film as it was origninally made. The British made films of this movie are very bad. Please try to get the Family to allow this film to now be released before it is totally lost.Elaine

  • "Porgy and Bess need to be freed"

    • julia
    • 10/15/08

    Please have Robert Osborne tell us whats going on with the airing of this film and why it is not on home video. As Kenneth suggests, I'm sure Mr. Osborne knows whats going on. We need to see this fabulous film again. It's been too long. Thanks, TCM.

  • Porgy and Bess

    • Richard Reynolds
    • 9/27/08

    What happen to this movie and why is it not shown on TCM. To me this is one of the greatest movie made. The music in it is just as good as West Side Story and others. Please show it.

  • Porgy and Bess needs to be freed.

    • Kenneth
    • 9/7/08

    I vaguely remember seeing this film as a youngster and would dearly love to see it again. Whatever reason the Gershwin family may have for blocking its distribution seem churlish at best and very selfish. I'm sure that Robert Osbourne knows the history behind this film. Is there any way of his sharing information that he may have about it?

  • Gershwin Family in the Way

    • Dennis
    • 8/22/08

    The 1959 Porgy and Bess is lost to us because Ira Gershwin hated the film and would not give his permission to re-release it in theaters,TV of video. As the writer of the lyrics, he controlled the music rights. He is long gone now and MGM/UA should try again with whomever controls the rights now. It would be a profitable venture for any remaining Gershwins and a boon to America cinema and musical art.

  • We need this film!!!

    • Carol
    • 8/16/08

    I grew up watching this film. I don't know why it hasn't been viewed, probably since the 1970's. It must be preserved and continue to be shown. It's a piece of black film history that I'd like to collect and show my children.

  • would love to see on tuner classics

    • sharon
    • 7/13/08

    I don't undertand why this film has not been shown on tuner Classics. I grew up in Connecticut and this movie would come on all the time there. The movie has not been reproduce on DVD so that those interested can watch it on their own.

  • Why Porgy and Bess is Not Shown

    • Pam
    • 7/1/08

    The Gershwin family was very unhappy with this film version of the opera starring Sidney Portier and Dorothy Dandridge (Porgy and Bess was written as a tragic opera and as such, it is still peformed on the stage). The Gershwin family felt that Otto Preminger made the film too happy, too upbeat and too optimistic, so they withdrew all copies from circulation. This film, I am told, can be seen at the Library of Congress.

  • The slighting of Porgy and Bess

    • chuck
    • 6/13/08

    I cannot understand why Porgy and Bess is not shown on TV. I have seen a lot of garbage movies repeated over the years but never this one. Is there some reason, legal or political, why this movie is not shown?

  • porkey and bess dvd to purchase

    • Genevieve
    • 6/2/08

    I love this movie. please show on tcm channel. i remeber the terrific cast with sidney, dorothy, and sammy. i want this classic in my collection with all of my others collections. please make it available well soon. I'm also a big fan of tcm channel thankyou

  • 1959 Porgy and Bess Film

    • Nancy
    • 5/8/08

    I just want the Gerswhin's to please bring the 1959 Porgy & Bess back. Please. This film was extremely memorable for me and I am sure many others. Wonderful stars and great acting performances. Gerswhin Family Please reconsider re-release of this classic.

  • History

    • Eleanor
    • 4/28/08

    One movie that has definitely stayed with me through a lifetime is "Porgy and Bess". History of African-American people have always been important to my parents. Showing movies were one way to display their affection towards their culture and people. I remember my father sitting us down in front of the television to watch movies like Claudine, Carmen Jones, Cotton Comes to Harlem, Cooley High, Buck and the Preacher, Uptown Saturday Night, Piece of the Action, and so many more. I want to thank both my parents for keeping me connected. All of the actresses and actors in these movies are me.


    • 3/24/08



    • Kimberlee
    • 3/22/08

    This stageplay and movie was the one movie that showed me, Thank God for my parents, the respect and admiration I will always have for the main actors. This story line was the first I ever understood, at age 5, about the difference in races, and how my heart broke as a young child, watching this movie. I learned all the songs from the movies' "Hi-Fi Sountrack". I want my grandchildren to watch and have the personal experience that I had from this fantastic, one-of-a-kind move. Please don't ever lose this piece of wonderful work. Sincerely, Kimberlee Marshall-Coleman

  • Sandy

    • Sandy
    • 3/19/08

    It would be a crime to let this magnificent piece of movie lore disappear. Where else can you see such memorable performances by Sammy Davis, Dorothy Dandridge, Pearl Bailey, Sidney Poitier, etc. all in the same film, surrounded by the -- I want to use "magnificent" again -- score of Dubose Heyward and George Gershwin? I wish the legalities would dry up.


    • slang
    • 3/5/08

    As a child I remember watching this classic with my mom and brothers and sisters in our living room at home. We watched in awe as Sidney Poitier, Dorothy Dandridge and satan himself, Sammy Davis brought to life this opera. As a mom, I wanted to show it to my children and have them appreciate it as well. We have had tcm movie appreciation nights at our house in which we have watched the classics all night long. Please release this movie on DVD. I am anxiously awaiting it so that I may purchase at least 3 copies for my kids and for my mom to bring back the memories.

  • Porgy & Bess

    • Stormy
    • 2/7/08

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE screen this movie!! It is no worse than any news coverage or tv commercial ads.Thank you, in advance,Stormy

  • What Happened?

    • KdJt3674
    • 1/25/08

    Reading TCM's "Misc Notes" it says that Porgy & Bess was shown in October, 1998 at the Widescreen Film Festival in California. If TCM could track that much info,along with its nominations and awards, why haven't you been able to show this movie? Come on!!! Maybe the only reason this movie is ranked 119 on the request list is maybe there aren't enough of us left that want to see it again. Like another posting "I would like to see it again before I die!" Does Sidney Poitier have a copy? PLEASE!!! GET THIS ONE RELEASED!!!!

  • TCM, please televised this movie

    • Nik
    • 1/9/08

    For the life of me I can not believe that TCM will not show this movie and if they show it perhaps its ranking will go up higher than 110. I appreciated this movie when I saw it as a child and it show be shared with other children and adults today. Otto took a chance when it made it although it does not appear in his bio but this is a great movie.

  • settle the dispute

    • araminty
    • 1/5/08

    i remember in the late 70's there was a weekend where this movie was shown over and over, because the television rights were going to revert, i think to the goldwyn family. someone needs to contact whoever has control of this thing, and give them whatever they want so that we can again have the chance to see this movie. how hard could this be?

  • Release Porgy and Bess

    • Priscilla Jones
    • 1/1/08

    I, like many of the other post's that were written, saw Porgy and Bess frequently as a child. I have been looking for the original version to be shown on classic TV or DVD for a long time. I appreciate the fact and commend TCM for showing many movies that have had all Black casts. Some movies that I have never even seen especially during February, Black History Month. Is there any way that Porgy and Bess can be added to the collection of historical classic movies that have been shown on this station? This movie is a "must see" for this generation as well as for those of us who keep it as a fond childhood memory. Somebody, please release Porgy and Bess. Thank you.

  • A must see classic!

    • kimberly stokes
    • 12/20/07

    I remember one lazy sunday when i was a kid. I remember porgy and bess coming on tv, i fell in love with old movies there and then. I watch TCM everyday!!. Please help release this lost classic on dvd. and please show it on tcm!!!! You won't be sorry. thank you

  • porgy and bess should be seen its a classic

    • jan
    • 10/30/07

    the music is great and so is the acting.

  • Looked in every Classic Movie Site

    • Phyllis
    • 9/16/07

    I am an avid collector of movies, classics are my favorite. I remember being a little girl, watching TV on Saturdays and being swept away to different countries,cultures, races and lives. I have looked everywhere for a copy of this adaptation of Porgy and Bess. There are others out there, but the do not compare to this version, seeing this as a young girl has stayed with me. If you have access to this movie in your vault would you please place it on DVD. I would like to share this with my son.

  • why can't this great movie be seen

    • Bernice Williams
    • 9/5/07

    this movie is part of history both in cinema and in music. There are 3 or 4 generations that need to see the historic cast and hear the greatest music ever. I have seen Cabin in the Sky and St.Louis blues and other great movies so why can't this movie be seen. I have searched every outlet there is to find it, not even The Black stations know about it. I have seen the marx brothers the little rascals and lord knows how many movies from the 30's and 40's and 50's, why is it Porgy and Bess has been tossed aside??? I would go anywhere to see this movie again and to have my children see what a classic movie with no blood and guts and cursing is all about. Do you have anyone who can find out about this great movie and what we would have to do to get it on the air or on dvd. I would buy 10 of them on dvd just to give to friends as gifts and as a learning experience. help, please answer this one

  • PLEASE restore what the locust had eaten away...

    • Judith Harrington
    • 8/5/07

    When the Porgy and Bess was released I was so anxious to see it. My husband and I walked to the theatre and the show was going to start in a few minutes. Then, suddenly, he walked PAST that show house and went into another theatre nearby which was showing "the worst western he had ever seen." (his words) Therefore, I have never seen the movie and it looms large in my sub-conscious. I feel cheated. I'm a 68 year old jazz musician and would really like to see Porgy and Bess before I die. I'd settle for a chance to watch it on TCM...and naturally I'd TIVO it. Needless to say, years later the "locust" left the children and me.

  • Where in the world is this movie???

    • Mariah
    • 4/14/07

    This movie has not been shown in a couple of decades. Unbelievable!!! This movie is a piece of Americana and has one of the most stellar cast ever assembled. PLEASE, PLEASE show this movie!!

  • A must see!

    • Dee
    • 3/22/07

    It is a cast of legends and a jewel in any collection. This wonderful film needs to be released for home video A.S.A.P. so it can be enjoyed by current and future generations.

  • Black Classic Movie

    • Henrietta
    • 12/20/06

    During this modern stage in life, I very surprise that is is basically the only movie that hasn't been distributed yet.Ted you got the pull, make some african american as well as other Americans very happy. I love the classics or even show the movie during thisa Holiday season, It will be greatly appreciated. Black Classic movie lover. Classic movie lover peroiod. I enjoy your channel very much. keep me tuned in when its coming on your channel as well as dvd.

  • Porgy and Bess - A Masterpiece for the Generations

    • Tim
    • 10/24/06

    Porgy and Bess shaped my life. Mama took my sisters and me to see it in 1959 when I was 12 years old. It taught me the valuable lesson that no matter the color of our skin or our social status, we are all really alike. At that age the cast and the music had no particular significance other that they were believable and beautiful. Looking back today, I see this as a milestone movie of great Black actors performing in arguably the greatest American opera. Gershwin's masterpiece needs to be seen and appreciated by all generations.

  • RELEASE THIS MOVIE NOW! ("Porgy & Bess")

    • Herb Stark
    • 10/17/06

    Porgy & Bess should be made available to movie lovers around the world. I hear the Gershwin family were angry at Otto Preminger for his handling/directing of this great musical. Most movie lovers think this a classic and so do I. It's very selfish for the surviving Gershwin family members to hold a grudge against a man whose contributions to the film industry are numerous and respected but is no longer with us. I hope they read this letter and do the right thing! We're waiting, Gershwins.Herb Stark239 Division Ave.Massapequa, NY 11758516 799-4983

  • Re:Porgy and Bess

    • susan l lehmann
    • 5/3/06

    This wonderful historical work needs to be released ASAP.It is time to step out of the world of prejudice and start viewing history for what it was at that time.Not to mention the extraordinary cast of singer/actors that were assembled at that time. The wonderful, inspired director and of course Gershwin.Please stop sitting on it and let the world enjoy this wonderful, passionate work!Susan

  • Exciting, beautiful, great love story,

    • Charles B. Lawrence
    • 4/30/06

    This movie is a masterpiece, and needs to be release on DVD with a souvenir booklet. The movie is beautiful. The adaptation of this opera/play to the hollywood screen was excellent. There will never be another Dorothy Dandridge and her interpretation of Bess was the best. Sexy and exciting. Let's not forget Pearl Bailey, Diahann Carroll, Sidney Poitier, Brock Peters, and Sammy Davis Jr. This is history and our children need to see this masterpiece.

  • wonderful music

    • Dave
    • 4/29/06

    Porgy and Bess has wonderful love songs and Dorothy Dandrige is beautiful, sexy, and talented. Halle Berry is the only gal to come close to her.

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