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The Pioneers

The Pioneers(1941)

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Wagon train guide Tex Ritter and his men save a wagon train from an Indian attack, much to the dismay of land office owner J. W. Carson. Along with his henchmen, Wilson and Jingo, Carson orchestrated the attack so that he could get the settlers' intended land, a rich parcel in Beaver Creek. Settler Ames, unaware of Carson's treachery, introduces him to his daughter Suzanna, whom Carson plans on courting. That night, while Carson and Tex vie for Suzanna's attention at a celebration, Jingo searches Ames's trunk for the maps to the settlers' land. Ames discovers Jingo and is killed during the ensuing struggle. Tex happens along just before Ames's body is found and is blamed for the murder. Tex is arrested, while Carson and his housekeeper promise to care for Suzanna until the wagon train leader, Red Foley, sends for her. Carson plots with Wilson and Jingo to stop the wagon train, and Tex enlists his friend Slim's aid in escaping from the "necktie party" to which he has been invited. Tex reaches the wagon train as Foley is trying to convince Chief Warcloud to let them pass. Tex and Warcloud are old friends, and Tex promises to respect the Indians' land if they allow the settlers to pass through. The wagon train moves on, and Tex, Slim and one of their pals scout ahead for a camp for the night. Meanwhile, Wilson tries to convine Warcloud to attack the settlers, but he refuses to break his promise of safe passage to Tex. Carson then orders Wilson to have their men attack the settlers, and frame the Indians by leaving their weapons at the massacre site. The attack begins and everyone is killed except Foley, who crawls to safety after being wounded. Hearing that the Indians are on the warpath, the sheriff and his posse arrest a surprised Warcloud, who maintains that his people are innocent. Tex arrives on the scene and points out to the sheriff the distinctive hoofprints signifying that the attackers' horses had shoes, thereby clearing the Indians of guilt as their horses are never shod. When Jingo, who is with the posse, makes a hasty exit after Foley is found, Tex realizes that Jingo, Wilson and Carson must be behind the murderous affair. Jingo races to Carson's cabin, where he confronts Carson and demands to be paid his share of their stolen money. Suzanna overhears Jingo mention the murder of her father and the other settlers, and sees Carson kill Jingo. Tex and the posse arrive as Wilson and Carson attempt to flee, and the two killers are captured. Suzanna tells the sheriff what she has heard, and all ends well as she joins Tex, who is leading a new wagon train to Beaver Creek.