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Peyton Place

Peyton Place(1957)

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  • As The Stomach Turns

    • Trylon
    • 12/20/17

    This movie hammers at the validity of American values in the 1950s and it's a glimpse into a world that is a bit like Leave It To Beaver on steroids. Women wear pearls and elegant hats for ever occasion. Men are always in shirt and tie and probably sleep that way as well. Kids are fresh and clean but seething within. What was scandalous in 1957 really doesn't gain that much notice today. The very concept of an "illegitimate child" is an alien expression to most people today. That's a good thing. There is no such thing as an illegitimate human being. It's fun to watch this movie honor the values that were so thoroughly trashed by the counter culture in the 1960s. I wonder why Carol Burnet did not tackle this one when she made her movie spoofs. Or maybe this is exactly what she was doing with her recurring skit, "As The Stomach Turns." One acting observation: Ben Cartwright as an insensitive and aggressive prosecuting attorney just doesn't work. He's too wise, too fatherly, too much of an elegant cowboy and I kept wondering who was running the Ponderosa. I think this is called typecasting and Lorne Greene's got it.

  • peyton place

    • kevin sellers
    • 5/6/15

    They sure don't male schlock like they used to, huh?

  • Time tames what was "hot" to mediorcre.

    • denscul
    • 3/22/14

    Lee Philips as Mike Rossi was the worst dud in this film. His voice was too effeminate. I think he ruined a film that was infected with other perfomances that were sub par. Lana Turner, playing a mother of a teen ager showed most of her talent was in her looks. Her daughter, played by Diane Varsi was tiresome with her innocent desire to be wicked, on the other hand Arthur Kennedy played a despicable person who rapes his step daughter played by Hope Lange, both played believable roles, as did her mother, and Lloyd Nolan as Doc. The film was based on a pulp novel, that became a sensation for being trashy, but no too much to be sold in the drug stores of the day. The film was dressed up, and eventually, became a successful TV series, minus the film personalities. The film could have been a great film, like Picnic, made about the same time, with as much sex as censors would allow, but done so much better with better casting.

  • A high budget soap opera

    • 2/10/13

    The most that can be said of this film, is that it had major actors inserted into a rather ground breaking novel, that at the time was considered more pornographic than a literary work. Speaking for myself, as a 15 year old, it was the first book that I read, and thought it would be wise, to hide it from my parents. Our family DID not see this film, and it was years that I saw it on TV. That was after it became a Series.My memory of the book was fading, however, I recall I was disappointed in the casting of Mike Rossi, who probably been cast by Robert DeNiro had the film been made later. This is one of my favorite Lana Turner film. George Kennedy plays a dlightfully evil step father. I think the idea of the book/film was to reveal the "bigotry" of social morals of New England, as well as the economic bigotry. The problem with the book and the film, and probably why the TV series was made, is the production is basically a cliche, even for 1957. I dislike this film, for the same reason I do not like "Rebel without a cause" with James Dean. I was a teen at the time, and I was more of a rebel, for more reasons than what Dean faced. The same could be said of this film. In a way, the moral and social expose would have fitted better a centrury ago, when the Puritan leaders of New England still had a political and social influence. Banned in Boston by the time this film was made, was more of a marketing tool, than an accurate picture of New England. The prhase was the gratuitious sex, language and vilolence of today.

  • Beautifully filmed but meh to everything else!

    • RedRain
    • 11/6/12

    One of the problems I've always had with this film is the use of cast members who were in their 20s (and looked it!) but portraying high school students. It simply doesn't work for me! I was in high school in the 50s and none of us looked like this! I also didn't like the narration throughout the film. It doesn't work for a melodrama and it was annoying. Just like everyone else back then, I read the book and couldn't wait for the film to come out. Being in high school then, we all thought it was just "dreamy" but, all these years later, it isn't quite so. Yes, the film is beautiful to see, particularly the countryside filmed in Maine and Canada. As is evidenced by today's television series on teen pregnancy, the trials and tribulations of kids back then are no different than those today. The difference is the shame factor and there is none of that today. Viewed in context of the times, you see a snapshot of small town life in the '40s, as well as the mores of the times. I do want to point to the performance of Lana Turner here. She is superb as the ice queen mother who projects her past on her daughter and tries to "save her" from what she experienced as a young girl. Just as it didn't work back then, it doesn't work now either! It's a good film but not a terrific one. Two stars from me...

  • Rises Above It's Source Material

    • Michael L.
    • 10/15/12

    This movie is worth watching just for the cinematography and musical score alone. William C. Mellor's opening sequence paints a picture of New England as a dreamy, wistful and idyllic wonderland (filmed on location in Camden, Maine). Franz Waxman's children say this score was his favorite and clearly his best work. It is hauntingly beautiful. Hope Lange, Diane Varsi, Arthur Kennedy, Russ Tamblyn, Betty Field and Lana Turner all turn in excellent performances. The story moves along briskly and credibly - until the last 20 minuutes. The final courtroom scenes with Lorne Greene and Lloyd Nolan are too hokey, preachy and totally unrealistic. By then it doesn't matter because you have already enjoyed a beautiful ride through a classic Hollywood 1950's soap.

  • Peyton Place

    • Dashiell Barnes
    • 4/30/12

    An excellently made & frequently underated melodrama. The film is filled with powerhouse performances, with Turner, Kennedy, Lange, Tamblyn & Varsi recieving Academy Award nominations. Mark Robson directs the cast of Grace Metalious's novel with sensitivity, taking us on a personal journey of many flawed people. A great drama that should be re- evaluated. I give it a 4.5/5.

  • Lana Turner

    • Adventure
    • 1/2/12

    Jerry Wald of 20th Century Fox approached Lana Turner to play the mother Role in Peyton Place and Lana threw Wald out of her house. Good for us that Lana Turner reconsidered for Ms. Turner is splendid in this film which could have veered off into a pedestrian soap opera but stays on a high keel due to Lana Turner and the fine production directed by Mark Robson.

  • i live in and around peyton place.

    • jon watts
    • 9/20/11

    this for me is unique and fun becuase i am familiar with all the locations the arch with the name peyton place is still there,but with the true name of camden on. it the town is exactly the same.the fox movie deep waters was filmed here also.

  • Your place or mine?

    • DougieB
    • 2/9/11

    This movie got kind of a bad rap for having diluted some of the more "out there" elements of the scandalous book on which it was based. The truth is that the film IMPROVED the material by creating a strong story line, which was woefully lacking in the book . Grace Metalious, bless her, loved to pile on the back story and her storytelling meandered, to say the least. This movie managed to wrangle the major elements into a cohesive plot and wrapped it all up in a pretty darn goodlooking package. Bravo, I say. I had the opportunity to reread the novel recently, after many years of having been exposed to the movie only, and it was the book which disappointed me, not the film. Hollywood is quite capable of ruining books in the process of turning them into movies. We've all seen plenty of examples of that. Here's a great example of Hollywood getting it right big-time. It's a classic of its kind, with an engaing cast and strong production values (if not "family values")

  • Peyton Place (1957)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 7/12/09

    The ultimate melodramatic tearjerker from it's era (along with Imitation of Life) The controversial novel gets a bit of a tame treatment here, but with the outstanding production and a terrific cast, it still packs a dramatic punch. Always interesting, Lana Turner gives one of her best performances and Hope Lange shines in a supporting role.

  • Peyton Place

    • craig
    • 10/3/08

    Many dont realize the exterior shots were done in Rockland, Maine and Camden , Maine.

  • Wonderful

    • Lisa
    • 10/8/07

    This is an incredible film that deals with some of the most important subjects of any day and age. I was amazed at this film and I didn't want it to end. That is the mark of a great film. It should be recognized more.

  • A Beautiful Locale

    • Adman
    • 8/27/07

    A beautiful film told told with a wink towards the scandulous. Exellent performaces from Turner, Dunuck, Kennedy, Tamblyn and Lange. Photography exquisite matched by a score created by Franz Waxman...remians one the best movie scores and themes of cinema. Scenes with Lana fun to watch especially the kitchen scene.

  • Peyton Place

    • Craig
    • 3/9/07

    Many dont know exterior shots were shot in Rockland , Maine. Also the cort trial was shot in the Knox County court house in Rockland. Many Mainers still remember when Hollywood came to coastal maine.

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