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Alternate Versions

According to co-director Cammell in a 90's documentary 'The Real Donald Cammell' the film originally featured roughly half an hour more of the otherwise short opening (london gangster) section of the film. The idea being that the film would show how the worlds of Chas,(Fox) and Turner,(Jagger) were linked by the idea of performance. It is alleged by Cammell that these scenes were cut at the 'suggestion' of infamous London Gangsters the Kray brothers, Ronnie and Reggie, for whom the scenes were too true to their London underworld 'Firm' to be shown. This footage is also referred to, as are many other lost, cut or 'alternative' scenes, in the numerous books either on or concerning the film.

The Warner 'Maverick Directors' Widescreen PAL-VHS edition of 'Performance' features many shots not featured in previous releases. Most notably the scene where Chas(Fox), shoots Joey Maddox(Valentine), who is then seen, unlike in previous versions, to rise from the bed and mutter something at Chas's feet to which he replies 'You're dead Joey'. In the same scene, after the above, Fox has an extra line in which he tells the remaining hood to 'Get out of my flat'. Other shots and cuts go some way to further emphasise the homosexual tendancies of the London gangsters. One can see more clearly, due to the aspect ratio (the Maverick edition being the only widescreen version available), the word 'Poof' written in paint/blood on the wall of Chas's flat. This makes more sense of the intercutting of Turner(Jagger), spray-painting a wall. While Chas is being whipped by former lover Joey in the above scene, the Maverick edition shows a sort of revery while Chas looses consciousness. This is a montage of shots of boxers. Boxing/Bodybuilding magazines are now seen, in this edition, on the desk of 'Firm' Boss Harry Flowers(Shannon). A picture of a semi-nude boy is also seen to be examined by gangster Rosebloom(Meadows), in Tony's(Colley) flat. All of the above have not been present in previous releases.

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