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Over the Border

Over the Border(1950)

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Three outlaws, Duke Winslow, Jeff Grant and Bart Calhoun, ambush a Wells Fargo stagecoach carrying a thirty thousand dollar payload, but Wells Fargo courier Johnny Mack Brown scares them off and chases down the runaway stage. In town, Johnny brings the recovered payroll to banker Rand Malloy, who tells Johnny that his daughter Tess is running his ranch with the help of foreman Wade Sheldon, and that he is teaching his business to his nephew, Bart, so he can retire. Rand introduces Johnny to Bart, who has supposedly spent the day at the doctor's office, noting that Bart is the only other person who knew about the payroll. Soon after, Johnny sees a panting horse, which the stable groom identifies as Bart's. Meanwhile, Bart plots with his boss, Grant, to steal the payroll out of Rand's safe. That night, Bart visits Rand and, when his uncle opens the safe, gestures to the waiting Duke to burst in and steal the money at gunpoint. Bart shoots Rand as Duke grabs the money and runs, but when Johnny and Dr. Jonathan Foster hear the shot and run in, Bart claims he was knocked unconscious by robbers. Dr. Foster tells Johnny, who is suspicious of Bart, that Bart has a reputation for drinking and causing trouble in town, and that his story about spending the day at the doctor's is a lie. The next day, Grant eavesdrops as Johnny learns that Rand had Bart's watch charm clutched in his fist when he died, and later, as Grant tells Tess about her father's death, he also whispers to Bart about the watch charm and warns him to hide out at his cabin. At that moment, Johnny arrives at the ranch, but Grant distracts him long enough for Bart to escape. Later, Wade, who loves Tess, and Johnny discuss the fact that Bart obviously has a partner, and they agree to work together to uncover his identity. They ride into the hills, where they happen to meet Grant, who rushes to the cabin to tell Bart to hide in the secret tunnel built into the back wall. When Johnny and Wade come in, henchman Jud Mason claims the cabin is his. In town later, Grant secretly masterminds a shootout against Johnny, from which the agent escapes, and then tells him that Bart has been spotted in the town of Crawford. Johnny, mistrusting Grant, allows him to think he will go to Crawford. Soon after, at the hideout, Bart pulls a gun on Grant and demands his share of the money, and Mason kills him. Grant's workers arrive and begin transporting a cache of silver across the border, but as they send light signals to one another in the hills, Johnny, with Wade and Tess, spots them and captures Mason. After sending Tess for the sheriff, Johnny tracks Grant back to the cabin. As he hides outside, the sheriff's posse arrives, prompting Grant to run into the tunnel. Johnny, on his horse, cuts Grant off at the end of the tunnel and beats him up. When the sheriff arrests Grant and asks Johnny when he will leave town, he answers that he will stay until Wade and Tess' wedding.