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Our Hearts Were Growing Up

Our Hearts Were Growing Up(1946)


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The girls of Lowell College in Boston take a bus to a Boston theater for a night out. During the play, seventeen-year-old Cornelia Otis Skinner sneaks out to meet her Princeton boyfriend, Avery Moore, a football player. Despite her friend Emily Kimbrough's warnings to be back before the play ends, Cornelia and Avery's cab arrives too late, and they are caught kissing by Miss Dill, Lowell's martinet dean. When actress Suzanne Carter, who appeared in the play, sees Avery outside the theater, she insists that he take her out for a drink, and Emily stays behind to eavesdrop. She learns that Suzanne is planning a party for Avery after the Princeton-Harvard game, and Avery insists that Cornelia and Emily and her boyfriend, Dr. Tom Newhall, also be invited. When Tom is late meeting the girls at Penn Station, they ask bootlegger Tony Minnetti to pose as Emily's "Uncle Eddie" so that Miss Dill will think they have a chaperone. Tony and his partner, Peanuts Schultz, use the girls to get two suitcases of champagne past federal agents. Once they arrive in Princeton, however, they are separated, and the girls find themselves with "Uncle Eddie's" bootlegged liquor. In a panic, Emily pours the liquor down the drain. Meanwhile, Suzanne's mother, Mrs. Southworth, waits for Tony to deliver the champagne for Suzanne's party. Princeton loses the game, and at the post-game party, to impress Avery and annoy Suzanne, Cornelia boasts that she can provide champagne for Suzanne's dance, unaware that Emily has thrown it away. The girls fill the bottles with a drugstore tonic, but after the first toast, Tony announces that they have been drinking poisonous wood alcohol. Tom prescribes an antidote of vinegar, eggs and milk, and when Suzanne threatens to call the police on Tony, Cornelia and Emily confess that they filled the bottles with tonic. Furious at the humiliation, Tom and Avery break up with the girls, and Avery begins dating Suzanne. To win Avery back, Cornelia rents a Greenwich Village an artist's flat with Emily in the hopes of becoming an actress over her school break. Roland Du Frere, a hungry Bohemian who is prone to histrionics, invites the girls to meet a brilliant theatrical producer named Bubchenko, and promises Cornelia a role in his new play. After an expensive meal, the men leave the girls with the check. Avery, meanwhile, is being coached by Suzanne to appear in the Princeton Triangle variety show. Tony uses his influence to get Cornelia one line in a play, then hosts a party for her on opening night. Schultz shanghais the boys into coming to the party, but they escape. Suzanne, angry for being stood up by Avery, calls the police on Tony, and the boys go to the girls' rescue. When the police raid Tony's flat for serving liquor to minors, Tom and Avery carry the girls out on a stretcher. Later, at the train station, Cornelia and Emily kiss their boyfriends goodbye, and Tony is asked by a college girl to be her chaperone.