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One Way Street

One Way Street(1950)

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After a bank robbery, Dr. Frank Matson waits with gangster John Wheeler, Wheeler's lover Laura and his henchmen, for the rest of the gang to arrive. Wheeler sends Laura to ask Matson for medication for his headache, and after giving Wheeler some pills, Matson calmly picks up the medical bag containing the proceeds of the robbery and starts to leave. Laura asks to come along, and Matson tells Wheeler that the pills he swallowed contained poison. After promising to telephone him with the antidote, Matson and Laura drive away. They are surprised by Arnie, one of the gang, who is hiding in the back seat of the car, having overheard Matson's conversation with Wheeler, and now demands the money. While Laura drives, Matson wrestles with Arnie and kills him. He then reveals that the pills he gave to Wheeler were harmless, and an upset Laura crashes the car. When the police arrive, Matson claims that Arnie was a hitchhiker and was killed during the accident. Later, they buy a used car and continue toward Mexico. Laura tells Matson that she loves him, but Matson makes it clear that he is not interested in love. Meanwhile, Wheeler learns about the automobile accident and plans to track down Matson and Laura. Once past the Mexican border, Matson and Laura hire a plane, which breaks down near a small village. They are approached by Father Moreno, a priest, who offers them food and then scares off bandit brothers Francisco and Antonio Morales. Later, Capt. Rodriguez arrives with his men and offers to take the pilot to a town where he can buy the necessary parts to fix the plane. After Moreno takes Laura and Matson to the village, he explains that a small girl is sick and asks Matson to help her. Matson reluctantly agrees, sparking a fight with medicine woman Catalina, but it is too late, as the girl is already dead. He then tells Laura that he had once unsuccessfully tried to save the life of a woman he loved. Learning from the girl's brother Santiago that the village horse is sick, Matson volunteers to help. That evening, Laura tells Matson she wishes to stay in the village, not travel on to Mexico City as he intends. The ailing horse recovers and when the plane arrives, Matson bows to the pressure of Laura and the village children and stays behind. Later, Ollie, one of Wheeler's men, questions the pilot, who tells him that Laura and Matson went to Mexico City. After several weeks, Rodriguez and Moreno arrive with supplies for the hospital that Matson has set up in the village. The Morales brothers also arrive and interrupt an operation. When Santiago intervenes, one of the brothers shoots him, and is shot in turn by the soldiers. After Moreno privately reveals that Wheeler is still looking for him, Matson decides to return the money and settle things with him. He then promises to allow Moreno to conduct a private marriage ceremony when he returns to the village. Together Laura and Matson travel to California. Before he meets with Wheeler, Matson tells Laura how much he loves her and adds that even if he dies, knowing her has made his life worthwhile. When Matson arrives at Wheeler's apartment, he learns that Ollie killed Wheeler during a quarrel over money and now intends to kill Matson. Matson reaches into his bag to get the money for Ollie, and shoots him through the bag with a gun he had hidden there. He then returns to Laura, who is waiting across the street. She hurries to his side, but as he leaves to phone the airlines, he is hit by a car and killed.