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One More Spring

One More Spring(1935)

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After holding a bankruptcy auction at his failed New York antique store, the now-broke proprietor, Otkar, offers the remaining food he has to an out-of-work violinist, Morris Rosenberg. Because they are now both homeless, they transport Otkar's large bed, which he failed to sell even though he claimed that Napoleon had slept in it, to the park, where they sleep. Elizabeth Cheney, an actress who has not been able to find work in the seven months that she has been in New York, sleeps in the subway. In the morning, as Otkar looks for a new place for the bed, Elizabeth passes Morris, who is practicing his violin, and offers to pass the hat for him. Insulted that she thinks he is a beggar, he lashes out and she leaves. However, a crowd soon gathers and applauds Morris' "performance." When Michael Sweeney, a park maintenance man, asks Morris to teach him to play his favorite song, "Macushla," Otkar strikes a deal with Sweeney to trade violin lessons for permission to set up the bed in the stables where Sweeney keeps his tools. At night in the rain, Otkar and Elizabeth meet as they both attempt to steal a chicken from the window of a fancy restaurant. When the cook and others chase them, they hide under his umbrella and pose as lovers. Elizabeth then implores Otkar to let her stay in the stables, and Otkar agrees, but Morris, recognizing her, objects. When she collapses from hunger, however, he fixes tea, which Sweeney has brought, for her. Although Elizabeth begins the evening sleeping in the manger, by the morning she has joined the men in bed because of the cold. After Otkar steals some meat from the zoo that was supposed to be fed to the lions, they borrow a stew pan from Mrs. Sweeney and have a feast. Meanwhile, Mr. Sheridan, the president of the bank where Mrs. Sweeney works as an elevator operator, worries that the bank will fail and that people like Mrs. Sweeney will lose their savings. As Christmas approaches, Morris meets a flutist playing near the subway entrance and gives him his fur-collared coat to borrow so that he will look like a professional when he goes to ask for relief from the musicians' bureau. When the bank fails, the Sweeneys take comfort that they still have their health. Sheridan, however, attempts to jump from a bridge in the park, but ends up stuck in the mud. Otkar helps him out and brings him to the stable, where Sheridan asks to stay. After an argument with Otkar, Elizabeth leaves, but she returns later with a blanket, medicine and food. She then angrily refuses to answer Otkar's inquiries about where she got the money to buy the items, but she brightens when he says that the two hours he searched for her were the most miserable he has ever spent. The week before Easter, Otkar and Elizabeth talk Sheridan into returning to his bank and facing his depositors. On Easter, Morris leaves, as the man to whom he lent his coat has gotten him a job in the symphony orchestra in Oswego. Otkar and Elizabeth realize that they can no longer share the stable alone, and after offering her the bed, Otkar plans to travel South. She then reveals that she borrowed the blanket and money from Mrs. Sweeney. Sheridan visits and tells them that the government has given aid to the bank and that the depositors will not lose a penny. Sheridan also tells Otkar that he has plans for him and wants to buy the bed. Otkar and Elizabeth then argue about who owns the bed, and without thinking, he calls her "darling." Realizing that they are in love, they decide to wait and take the trip South together, on their honeymoon.