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The Old Homestead

The Old Homestead(1935)

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On a farm in Missouri, Nancy Abbott tries to convince her boyfriend, Bob Shackleforth, to pursue a singing career. Bob lacks ambition, however, and prefers to remain on the farm, where he harmonizes with his friend Lem and four other of his uncle Jed's hired hands. Nancy secretly contacts radio station owner Wertheimer, who comes to hear the boys sing. Wertheimer hires Bob, Lem and the boys, and agrees to let Uncle Jed act as their announcer. Nancy travels with the men to New York City, where "Uncle Jed and His Six Country Chaps" soon make their first broadcast on "The Old Homestead Program." In attendance are famed bandleader Rudy Nash and his singer, Elsie Wilson, who is angered by the attention Rudy pays to Nancy. After the broadcast, Bob and the others leave while Nancy listens to Rudy's show. Lem and the boys sneak out for a night on the town and go to a nightclub managed by a woman named Peggy. The boys are a hit when they sing at the club, and Nancy, who has arrived with Rudy, negotiates a deal with the owner, Mr. Lamar, for the group to perform there. Nancy then returns to the hotel, where she is met by a jealous Bob. The couple argue and do not speak to each other the next morning when Lamar arrives with the contract for the group. Nancy also arranges for the services of J. Wilberforce Platt, Rudy's press agent, and Platt's endeavors soon turn Bob into a celebrity. The sudden fame goes to Bob's head, especially once he is given his own radio program. Meanwhile, Lem and the boys tire of city life, and after three weeks, they wish they could go home. They also worry about Jed, who has been dating Peggy. The boys fear that Peggy is a gold digger, but when they confront Jed with their concerns, he assures them that he does not care if his pleasant times with her cost a little money. Wertheimer complains to Nancy about Bob, who has been repeatedly late for his broadcasts due to his new egotism and partying with Elsie. Rudy asks Nancy to marry him, but she gently turns him down, while Jed has his own romantic difficulties when Peggy mistakes a birthday present he gives her for an engagement ring. Nancy tells Peggy that Jed is not serious about her, and Peggy returns the ring even though she does love Jed. Nancy must then rescue Bob as he is confronted by Elsie's husband, about whom Bob did not know. Bob is late again for his broadcast, and after he is fired, Nancy castigates him for his laxity and ingratitude. Later, Jed and Peggy arrive at the nightclub and happily announce that they have been married. Wertheimer agrees to let the group broadcast from their farm, and they return home, even though Bob has disappeared. During their first broadcast from home, the group is singing Bob's theme song, when he suddenly appears. Bob joins in the singing and then embraces Nancy.