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  • Outstanding

    • Larry
    • 5/14/18

    This is one of Alfred Hicthcock's best thrillers. Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman are wonderful together. Ms. Bergman always made actings em so easy, so natural. This film is rich with some of the most beautiful acting voices in Hollywood's golden age: Ms Bergman's gentle, almost musical Swedish accent; Mr. Grant's dignified English accent and Claude Rains deep, always elegant intonations. The movie is suspense filled and the final ten minutes are outstanding. Ms Bergman's scenes with Claude Rains are every bit as electric as her scenes with Mr. Grant. This is, in part, because Mr. Rains portrays a tormented bad guy--a Nazi hiding in Brazil after the War who has been carrying a torch for Ms Bergman's character (her father in the film was a German spy during the War). This is one of Mr. Hitchcock's best suspense stories. He knew how to find the best possible cast. Five stars.

  • Baloneyous

    • H.A.C.
    • 7/16/17

    Almost any 12- year old could predict the nature of each surface character & their outcome after watching this movie! The time-honored politically correct bad guy nazis are foiled by the sexually active, party girl heroine & her easy to get agent boyfriend that any fan of Hogan's Heroes could immediately figure out suspenselessly!

  • Notorious (1946)

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 10/23/14

    Like sands through the hourglass, so are the scenes of this film. There is nowhere near enough "suspense" to hold up this slow-moving melodrama. Its "climax" is nothing more than a sloooooow walk down a loooooong staircase, with Grant looking shifty-eyed and Bergman looking asleep. Which is nearly what I was after 100 minutes of this. Can you imagine if this film was over two hours long?! It would have been marketed as a sure-fire insomnia cure! All that aside, Cary Grant, Claude Rains, and Louis Calhern are all great actors. I just wish this film hadn't been so plodding.

  • Nazi cabal afoot!

    • RedRain
    • 3/23/14

    There is a problem with nearly every film Claude Rains is in and that is he is so much better than nearly every famous actor or actress who is supposed to be the "star." (The only film I can recall where this doesn't happen is "Robin Hood" with Errol Flynn!) Rains is so darned good at acting that he dwarfs those who act alongside him and he is no exception here. Grant and Bergman, as good as they are, just can't hold a candle to Rains when he is oiling his way through this film as the ultimate villain - and earning himself an Academy Award nomination in the process! The cinematography is well worth noting, as you will seldom see the shots of shadows and light used so effectively, heightening the tension as it did in "In Cold Blood." Special mention should be made of the Austrian actress, Leopoldine Konstantin, who portrays Mrs. Sebastian, Rains' mother. She is as evil, if not more so, than he is and Konstantin gives this, her only American film role, the gravitas needed in this ensemble cast. For those who have seen this superb film, I have a question: Can you even imagine Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable as the two stars of this film? THAT is who David O. Selznick originally wanted cast! It's laughable!

  • Notorious

    • Eric A
    • 3/16/14

    **** One of Hitchcock's best.

  • Claude Rains Doesn't Get the Girl--Again

    • Delia
    • 3/5/14

    He is one of my absolute faves--Claude Rains--but he doesn't get the girl. Again. Ingrid Bergman is gorgeous as the daughter of a reputed bad guy/good guy who is recruited by Cary Grant to bust Claude's Nazi crew. This is real job dedication--she marries Claude to find out the inner-workings of his operation. Everything would probably have worked out okay except for the giant snag of Bergman's character being madly in love with Grant. It's hard to live with Claude when you're always thinking of Cary. Anyhow, just when she makes an important discovery in the wine cellar with Cary, Claude comes along unexpectedly. Cary's idea for the cover-up? Kiss Claude's wife, of course. Bad idea. Now Claude knows his marriage is a rouse and he must eliminate his wife to get out of it. Great film that spun-off the let's-slowly-poison-her-to-death genre that followed, but none could match this beauty. Actress who plays Claude's scheming mother is electric evil. Another homerun for Hitch.

  • One of Hitchcock's finest films

    • Judy
    • 2/8/14

    Timeless Hitchcock film - Great chemistry between Mr. Grant & Ms. Bergman; great directing by the 'Master of Suspense'; and a great, great performance by Mr. Claude Rains. One of Mr. Hitchcock's finest films. Always try to send myself a TCM reminder whenever it is shown.

  • Superb

    • Alexx
    • 2/5/14

    I watch this film every time I get the chance. Perfect cast, great pacing and suspense, and a powerful ending. A true classic.

  • Don't Miss This One!

    • Natacha
    • 9/28/13

    One of the best Hitchcock films--in fact, one of the best films, period. Romantic thriller with a fantastic ending. Like "Casablanca", we have passionate love between the male and female leads with palpable screen chemistry, misunderstanding of the true facts that causes a rift between them, Claude Rains, Ingrid Bergman and Nazis to hate. The kissing scene between Bergman and Grant makes the film worth seeing just for this reason alone. Bergman plays a woman whose father was convicted of espionage for Germany, but she is a patriotic American. She agrees to go undercover in Brazil to help the US Government figure out what the Nazis are up to down there. She has a "notorious" reputation for being a "party girl"--in 1940's parlance, meaning, she drinks and parties a lot and is sexually loose. Grant recruits her to help the US, but also falls in love with her. However, her notorious reputation gets in the way and he can't seem to stop reminding her that she's not a lady, which truly hurts her feelings because she has fallen in love with him. To infiltrate the Nazi group, she agrees to marry Rains, who is in love with her, but she has to keep arranging meetings with Grant to report what she has observed, and it enrages Rains when Grant keeps popping up everywhere they go. She learns that there is a big secret in the wine cellar, so they have to figure out a way to get the key from Rains and go down there to investigate. Rains figures out that she has learned the secret of the wine cellar, so he recruits his evil mother to help dispose of Bergman. The actress portraying his mother will chill you to the bone. Because Hitchcock wanted the background and foregoing to all be in focus for a scene in which Bergman is served coffee by dear old Mom, he used a cup that was huge. Look for this--it's not an optical illusion. I won't give away the rest, but the ending is also chilling--it's great when Nazis turn on their own. Don't miss this one!

  • Notorious

    • Goetan
    • 8/12/13

    A romantic spy thriller from the Master of Suspense. A loose woman is pimped by an agent to discover the activities of her Nazi husband. Grant and Bergman give solid work, while Rains received his final Oscar nomination as a sympathetic Nazi with a monstrous mother. Hitchcock uses Hecht's complex screenplay to alter the audience's sympathises and to create well-paced tension and romance. An exceptional film from Hitchcock's '40's period. I give it a 5/5.

  • Notorious

    • John
    • 8/2/13

    Overall-3 1/2 out of 5Lead Performers-4/5Supporting Cast-3/5Director-5/5Score-4/5Titles-2/5Screenplay-3/5Cinematography-4/5Importance-3/5Recommendation for fans of the genre-3/5

  • Wonderful cast and my favorite Hitchcock movie

    • Sylvia Elwyn
    • 3/23/13

    "Notorious" has always been my favorite Hitchcock movie because of the incredible cast. The chemistry between Cary Grant and Ingrid is amazing. Claude Rains is magnificent and a true sympathetic villain, and the rest are superb as well. I agree that it is one of the more timeless of the Hitchcock classics because of the Nazi theme.

  • Hitchcock at his most romantic

    • ggtx785
    • 2/15/13

    Of the many love stories found across the Hitchcock film catalogue, the pairing of Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman feels the most personal, warm, and other words, it's as good as Hitchcock gets when it comes to romance. (I think it beats the Stewart-Novak pairing in "Vertigo" any day.) Claude Rains, too, shines in his turn as the Nazi taken completely by Bergman's charms; you feel sympathy for this villain by the time he meets his demise. An excellent must-have for your Hitchcock collection.

  • Notorious

    • I_Fortuna
    • 2/12/13

    Great cast and Hitchcock, it doesn't get any better in my humble opinion.

  • Schedule

    • Sam
    • 9/1/12

    We've been waiting, seems like forever, to see this come back to TCM.

  • Who Could Ask For More?

    • Beata
    • 10/3/10

    An intelligent, sexy, suspenseful, and psychologically complex film. Bergman and Grant are both gorgeous and their chemistry is electric. "The kiss" is so full of passion - it's unforgettable! Fabulous supporting cast. A film I have seen many times, yet I never tire of it.

  • notorios

    • gerald fox jr
    • 5/26/10

    My all time favorite movie. It has everything you could want in a movie, suspence, espionage, intrige, romance. The script is phenominal and the acting superb. Alfred Hitchcock is at his best, directing one of the most talented cast ever assembled. The love and bitterness between Grant and Bergman is unbelievable, and the insecurity that Raines displays almost makes you feel sorry for him. He fears his wife's contempt and his constant worry of her loving another man leaves him in a twenty-four hour a day panic. His always looking for approval from his dominating mother, and dispite being surrounded by people everyday, he is a very lonely and sad man. The scene at the race track when Sebastian finds Alicia talking to Devlin, and Sebastian wants to be convinced that she loves him and only him, may be one of my favorite scenes.When Sebastian's mother is made aware the her daughter-in-law is a spy, and she sits up in bed and lights her cigarette first thing in the morning, I began to wonder what kind of childhood her son must of had. Grant's facial expressions and the angles and shadows Hitchcock uses while Bergman is on camera are classic. Not one flaw in the movie!!!

  • Notoriously Good

    • GenevieveRose
    • 2/10/10

    This is my absolute favorite Cary Grant film. Ingrid Bergman and Claude Rains also add to the brilliance of this work. Who could ask for a better cast?

  • One of the best movies made!

    • Lee
    • 1/10/10

    This is one of the best movies made, Cary Grant is great always, Hitchcock before his time. This is one of my all time favorite.

  • Hitchcock's Intriguing Post-War Drama.

    • Frank Harris Horn
    • 1/4/10

    Cary Grant makes his second film collaboration with Alfred Hitchcock, when he stars in this top-notch espionage drama based on Ben Hecht's novel set after the end of World War II. Grant plays a suave U.S. Intelligence agent, who recruits Ingrid Bergman as the daughter of a convicted Nazi spy to accompany him to Rio de Janiero to help him trap Claude Rains as a Nazi mastermind, only she winds up marrying him, thus, putting her life in jeopardy! Frank, tense, well-acted, with amazingly suspenseful climax (and one memorably passionate love scene). With Louis Calhern, Leopoldine Konstantin, Reinhold Schunzel, Moroni Olsen, Ivan Triesault, Alex Minotis, Wally Brown, Ricardo Costa, Fay Baker & Sir Charles Mendl.

  • A must see, must own DVD

    • Carol
    • 8/26/09

    This is probably my favorite movie of all time. I feel like it gets overlooked and am not sure why. To me it stands up to time and tells a captivating story. I believe it to be Ingrid Bergman, Cary Grant, Claude Rains and Alfred Hitchcock's best work.

  • Hitchcock's Best Film

    • Marilyn Young
    • 8/3/09

    I have always loved this film classic and is Hitchcock at his most playful. The sensuality and grownup interaction between Grant and Bergman is especially delightful especially the scene where they are pecking at each other and talking about food is very sexy. Actually Hitchcock used this maniplative action on his audience for his leading actors in both Rear Window, and especially in North by Northwest as well as To Catch a Thief, This film is great fun to see with an audience but not for younger kids. This is very much for grownups.Sincerely Marilyn Young Vancouver, B.C. Canada

  • Who Is "Notorious"?

    • Bruce Reber
    • 6/29/09

    To whom does "Notorious" refer to? Alicia Hubermann (Ingrid Bergman), the daughter of a traitor, or Alex Sebastian (Claude Rains), who with his clique of fellow Nazis are aiming to create a new Third Reich? I guess it would be Sebastian, since Alicia is trying to atone for her father by helping agent Devlin (Cary Grant) and his associates bust Sebastian's gang. Grant and Bergman make a great screen team, and there is real chemistry between them in "Notorious". Madame Konstantin is totally creepy as Sebastian's mother, and she almost steals the show. The ending could have been a little better, showing Alicia and Devlin (with his arm around her) driving away after he saves her from being fatally poisoned as the final scene, instead of Sebastian being left to face certain death from his fellow Nazis.

  • Gripping

    • Rick
    • 3/23/09

    In my opinion this is one of the greatest romantic stories ever filmed right up there like Casablanca

  • One of Hitchcock's finest

    • Patricia
    • 1/7/09

    "Notorious" is one of Hitchcock's very best and that is mostly thanks to Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman, along with Hitchcock's own genius, of course. In their every scene together, Grant and Bergman have a chemistry that is off the charts. What's more, each of them is playing a different sort of character than they usually did. Grant wasn't playing the debonair sophisticate he's best known for, and Bergman was anything but the scrubbed-clean innocent she often played in those days. I love Cary Grant as this more complicated, sometimes embittered and tormented character. And he is so good in the role! The supporting cast is also superlative, especially Claude Rains, Madame Konstantin (as one of the great villainous mothers of all time), and Louis Calhern. In terms of cast, style, plot, dialogue, "Notorious" has it all. This is an absolute ESSENTIAL!

  • Finally, it's here!

    • Mayra
    • 10/13/08

    The DVD has finally arrived, and I only hope it's here to stay. In my opinion, this is Hitchcock's greatest work. Talented and compatible leads and supporters, spot-on directing, a wonderful script... this movie lacks absolutely NOTHING.


    • crystelle
    • 5/4/08

    WAKE UP HAYLE & ASA! This DVD was discontinued by Criterion, & is not availble by any other studio. There are some leftover copies that people are hawking on ebay & Amazon for big bucks! Please check your references before you commit to writing your comments. Thank you.


    • Hayle
    • 4/29/08

    Hello!! This movie is so on DVD. My mom has like owned it for 2 years. Stop wasting your votes on something that's on DVD, and start voting for something that matters, aka SMALL TOWN GIRL!!! AWESOME MOVIE!! ROBERT TAYLOR ROCKS THAT MOVIE!!

  • DVD available

    • Asa
    • 4/12/08

    Nortorious has been on DVD for a long time...check out the Criterion Collection of DVDs. Great flick !

  • my favorite movie

    • michelle
    • 3/31/08

    This is my all time favorite movie. Cary Grant rocks in this movie!

  • Cary Grant's best movie

    • Sina
    • 3/30/08

    I have yet to see a movie that displays Grant's greatness as this movie does. I like him a little dark. His and Ingrid Bergman's chemistry is off the charts. Sadly Hollywood tried to remake it with Mission Impossible 2 but alas, Tom Cruise is no Cary Grant. And may I add neither is George Clooney though many would like to give him that title.

  • A Masterpiece!

    • Emily
    • 3/20/08

    If I was stranded on an island and I could only choose one movie to have with me this would be the one. Grant & Bergman sizzle and leave you wanting more. Hitchcock's finest!


    • Paul
    • 2/12/08

    Yes, this title is currently out of print from the Criterion Collection. I am fortunate enough to own a copy but you can find used copies on such sites as Amazon or Ebay...although be prepared to pay upwards of $250.

  • Sophisticated movie fare

    • Ann Kin
    • 12/8/07

    This is Hitchcock at his best. Even the minor characters are well-drawn. The motif that was present in another Hitchcock classic, Rebecca,( that of a sinsiter woman lighting a cigarette which is symbolic of the fact that she is ultimately up to no good,) makes an appearance in Notorious as Alex's evil mother lights up coldly and mechanically while wondering how to do away with Alicia. Many of his innovative camera angles, the reflection of racing horses in Bergman's sunglasses, the spiffy dialogue; all very glamorous and consuming. Truly worth your while to view and own as well.

  • Excellent film BUT SADLY IT IS OUT OF PRINT.

    • John Mitt
    • 12/3/07

    This film is one of Grant's finest (not to mention Bergman's) According to one of the posts here (Michael's) it is available. Well I went to that site and found on the web page he listed, that it's out of print. Apparently he missed that which is too bad because I would love to have it.

  • Great Film that is available!

    • Michael
    • 10/30/07

    I love this film! The chemistry between Grant and Bergman is fantastic. Claude Rains also gives his usual best. As others have noted, this film is actually available despite what TCM's records indicate. It's part of the criterion collection. Check

  • Great!!

    • jack
    • 10/12/07

    This is a great movie

  • Outstanding!!!

    • jonn smith
    • 10/12/07

    the perfomancs that the actors and actresses give in this film are some of the best that i have ever seen.


    • sally mckee
    • 9/3/07

    I have this movies on VHS and would like to have it on DVD.

  • Great film!

    • Steven
    • 9/2/07

    Looking forward to seeing this again on Turner. This movie is not available on DVD and has not been for seven years. I would really like to see it return.

  • Not on DVD?

    • Durga Maat
    • 8/23/07

    Even though this listing says that 'Notorious' isn't available on DVD, I know that it is because I just borrowed it from my library on DVD last week! The catalogue says that it was distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment in 1999, and so there are copies out there, I've just been watching one of them! Though I'm sure no one would object to a new DVD with more stuff, it is not unavailable for home video, for those who really want to see it.

  • just plain great

    • Angeline
    • 7/20/07

    I definetly admire hitchcock's direction in this movie and bergman+grant's performances are very convincing. The plot just keeps me on the edge of my seat and you can't help but yell "look out!" at the screen.

  • Wonderful movie by Hitchcock!

    • Carianne
    • 3/16/07

    I love this movie and I can hardly believe you can't get it on DVD! Hopefully it will be released soon.

  • My absolute favorite movie!

    • Gina
    • 3/1/07

    I absolutely love this film! For me, the players just nail giving the viewer the same feelings of apprehention, fear, love, regret, every emotion that the writers intended for the viewer to feel. I cannot wait until TCM shows the movie again!

  • Must be re-released on DVD soon!

    • Dorothy
    • 2/27/07

    I have been watching for this film to be available on DVD for a long time. It is great, with one of the legendary directors (well-deserved recognition), and each cast member is perfectly cast (I will refrain from gushing over the most perfect of all, Cary Grant). Anyone who appreciates clever dialogue, suspense, and romance: this is a must-see! Thank you TCM for showing this--will you do it again soon?


    • Tammie
    • 11/29/06

    I am eagerly awaiting the DVD release of this film. Hitchcock is one of my favorite directors, and this is by far his very best.

  • Not on DVD

    • Meagan
    • 10/13/06

    Notorious was available through Criterion on DVD, however it's now gone out of print. It should be re-released as soon as possible. One of Hitchcock's best.

  • great hitchcock

    • michael york
    • 9/29/06

    i believe this film is on dvd as part of the criterion collection

  • My Favorite Hitchcock

    • B. Feakins
    • 9/24/06

    I love this film! Why isn't available on DVD? TCM doesn't show it very often, either. I see it's not on the schedule for Hitchcock night this week. This my absolute favorite film by Hitchcok and my favorite drama starring Cary Grant. Bergman is wonderful, too, but Casablanca is still her crowning achievement, in my opinion. PLAY IT, TCM!Notorius, that is.

  • One of Hitchcock's Best

    • Bob Galvin-Oliphant
    • 2/21/06

    Great Hitchcock film with the wonderful actors Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman.

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