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North to Alaska

North to Alaska(1960)

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North to Alaska Two prospectors cope with... MORE > $7.46
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After partners Sam McCord and George Pratt strike it rich with their Nome, Alaska gold mine, George's only wish is to marry his French fiancée Jenny, who has been patiently waiting for him for three years in Seattle. While George stays behind to build a honeymoon cabin and guard against claim jumpers with his rambunctious younger brother Billy, Sam, a womanizing, confirmed bachelor, sails to Seattle to purchase some needed machinery and to collect Jenny for George. Before sailing, Sam is approached by conman Frankie Canon, who asks for a loan, offering his "priceless" diamond pinky ring as collateral. When the diamond is smashed to smithereens by an errant whiskey bottle, Sam realizes he has been swindled and slugs Frankie. In Seattle, Sam discovers that Jenny has married a lowly butler, and when Jenny hears that the man she jilted is now a millionaire, she faints. Reluctant to break the bad news to George, Sam goes to drown his sorrows at a dance hall called the Henhouse. There he meets Michelle Bonet, known as "Angel," an attractive French hostess, and hits upon the idea of offering her to George as a substitute for Jenny. When Sam offers Michelle Jenny's trousseau and half a gold mine to travel to Alaska with him, she eagerly accepts. Afterward, Lars Norquist, Sam's old logging boss, comes to the Henhouse to invite Sam to the loggers' picnic. At the picnic, a drunken logger makes unwanted advances toward Michelle, who is moved when Sam slugs the mauler. By the time the evening ends, Sam passes out drunk and Michelle is beginning to fall in love with him. Michelle helps Sam onto the boat, and when he awakens, they are on their way to Alaska. Michelle, who believed that Sam wanted her as his companion, is heartbroken when he informs her that he has recruited her for George. After angrily locking herself in her cabin, Michelle reconsiders and agrees to make George happy, but Sam, who is now falling in love with Michelle, vetoes the idea and books her passage back to Seattle. When the boat docks in Nome, however, Michelle disembarks and follows him. Dreading his meeting with George, Sam is relieved to learn that his partner is embroiled in helping Arnie, a neighboring miner, fend off some claim jumpers. Sam then arranges a room for Michelle at the Palace, the hotel that Frankie has recently won in a crooked card game. After Sam leaves, Frankie, who had known Michelle in New Orleans where he jilted her after an intense affair, propositions her, but she rebuffs him. On his way out of town, Sam hesitates in front of Michelle's hotel room window, and when she sees him, she pretends that she is being attacked, sending Sam rushing up the stairs to her rescue. After Sam loads Michelle and her luggage into his wagon, Frankie enlists Peter Boggs, the drunken hotel porter who once lived on the land owned by Sam, in a scheme to stake a fake claim on the mine. Upon reaching the mine, Sam leaves Michelle in Billy's care while he rides off to help George. Billy, wide-eyed and amorous, tries to romance Michelle over dinner, but passes out drunk. At Arnie's mine, Sam crashes from the hills in an out-of-control rail wagon, sending the claim jumpers scurrying. When George learns that Jenny is married, he rushes off before Sam can mention Michelle. Galloping back to the cabin, Sam finds Michelle asleep in the honeymoon bed and Billy passed out on the cabin floor. Bent on ensnaring Sam, Michelle awakens and asks him to button her blouse, and when George enters the house, he finds her in a state of undress and accuses her of being a tramp. When Sam stammers that he brought Michelle to console him, George, smitten by her French accent, asks her to stay. After Michelle refuses and asks to be taken to town, George realizes that she is in love with Sam and he with her. Determined to bring the love birds together, George tries to make Sam jealous by whiling away the evening alone with Michelle in the honeymoon cabin. As romantic tunes waft through the night air, Sam charges into the cabin, slaps George and calls Michelle a floozy. The next day, a band of soldiers arrives to notify Sam and George that their claim has been cross-filed. When Sam insists on taking his share of the gold and leaving, the soldiers arrest him and take him to town and Michelle asks if she can ride along. There, she learns that the boat is to sail at midnight and accepts Frankie's offer to wait in his hotel room. When Frankie mentions that he has been expecting her, she realizes that he must be behind the plot to seize the mine. When the commissioner informs Sam that Boggs is challenging his claim, Sam barges into Frankie's room in search of the porter. Finding Michelle there, he accuses her of a double-cross and she apprises him of Frankie's role in Boggs's claim. After finding the drunken Boggs locked in a room, Sam is about to drag him to the commissioner's office when Frankie pulls up in front of the hotel, sparking a raucous fight in the mud-clogged streets. After Sam douses Frankie in the mud, the boarding call is sounded for Michelle's boat. As Michelle heads for the docks, Sam forbids her to go, and when she asks why, he finally shouts that he loves her, after which she jumps into his arms