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No Highway in the Sky

No Highway in the Sky(1951)

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  • Celebrating Jimmy Stewart (JS)

    • Will Fox
    • 11/16/17

    On the 40th Anniversary of D-Day (6/6/1944), WW2's finale liberating fascist Europe, retired US Air Force General Jimmy Stewart (patriotic bomber pilot) and beloved bride for decades made an unpublicized pilgrimage to Cambridge, England and Maddeningly Cemetery, quietly commemorating Americans' ultimate sacrifice for freedom. (Thnx TCM 4 travel clips on anniversaries.) As the Chief of Contingency Plan, SAC, USAF @RAF Mildenhall, I drove to Maddeningly to thank him for extraordinary courage vs Nazis' high fatality fire. Gen. JS's legendary heroism is unique, still standing tall, 70 years on, well above Hollywood hypocrites now. In 1987 as civilian, Cambridge International Film Festival host, I enjoyed dinner with the top-award-winning director from Romania, still suffering socialism's communists, Cold War Reign of Terror. We proclaimed JS's iconic film legacy, fighting for freedom. "In Anatomy of a Murder" modest, small-town lawyer, JS defends a Korean War veteran against smug, group-thinking, pompous prosecutors and a many-times convicted, conspiring jail rat. (Think Democrats.) In "No Highway in the Sky" JS saves many innocent lives, just as he did in real life. See also "Destry Rides Again" (1939), "Mortal Storm," "Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" and "Shenandoah" (1965) for decades of JS's exemplary leadership vs. brutal bullies. Thanks TCM for this month-long celebration of a truly unique, American champion's life and for multiplying audiences' opportunities on Watch TCM, to learn about humble, honest hero, Jimmy Stewart.

  • A rarely seen film that predicted the future

    • mack dennard
    • 6/3/17

    Now in retrospect this film was ahead of its time. It clearly paralleled the fate of the real british commercial plane the Dehavilland Comet that also was proven to have metal fatique. Too bad there was not a real Theodore Honey on the job then. Wonderful hold your interest film, and there is always the great Marlene and Glynis to support great James Stewart. Did you know Janette Scott , who portrayed Mr. Honey's daughter in the film, was later married to Mel Torme?

  • Two Women Sweet on Theodore?

    • Tom
    • 7/23/15

    Is it just me? I thought I sensed that Marlene was interested in Theodore after the flight. After Marlene's visit to his home and witnessing Marjorie's concern for his welfare, she abandons her efforts and leaves the door open to Marjorie.

  • No Highway in the Sky

    • Don Howell
    • 2/13/12

    I found this to be very informative about the things that people in the aircraft business experience with the many flights of the aircraft that fly today and in yester-year. Thanks for showing this movie on your TCM channel. I rate this a five because I spent 44 years in the industry and I guess I'm a little biased.

  • Softly compelling

    • Swiftbosox
    • 8/13/11

    An endless array of engaging characters intertwined by a researcher that believes in scientific proof over any other value. Marlene is beauteous, and Stewart wraps himself into his research and beliefs as any possessed PHD. He is not as unique as you may think. Hawkins, and the young daughter are also perfectly cast. A truly enjoyable tale for those whom enjoy both integrity and intellectual lifestyles . ..romance softly interjects also. So glad TCM played this forgotten gem ;-)

  • Quirky but fascinating to watch

    • Eduardo
    • 5/7/11

    The British air industry was among the best at the time this movie was made, and this has some fascinating glimpses of British life in general after WWII. The performances are all fine, especially Ms. Johns, although the idea of James Stewart being an aeronautical engineer seems as far-fetched as the interior of the plane. Not to mention the idea that a movie star as portrayed by Dietrich would fall in love with an engineer...Still, it's fun to see flying portrayed as a glamorous and potentially dangerous thing, when there was plenty of legroom and people smoked and drank as they made their way to the fueling stop at Gander.

  • Crisp Direction of Metal Fatigue

    • J. R. Horne
    • 1/4/11

    Very glad to see this forgotten gem on the TCM schedule. James Stewart in his brief "fubsy" period as Theodore Honey, an eccentric but brilliant aeronautical scientist, who has discovered a fatal flaw in the design of a new aircraft that will lead to catastrophe. Honey is a man shut-down after the death of his wife in the war, living by intellect only, with his only emotional attachement his 12 year old daughter poignantly played by Janette Scott in a very complementary performance. Glynis Johns as an air hostess/nurse answers all calls of the script and shows why this reviewer has always loved her. Marlene Dietrich plays, well, Marlene Dietrich and smokes her way through scenes as a character that is an odd latter-day comment on contemporary celebrity patronesses. A plethora of first-rate British actors likeJack Hawkins add heft to the cast and director Henry Koster, who worked with Stewart several times, creates a white-knuckled flight of suspense. A very satisfying movie.

  • Classic Jimmy Stewart

    • Jeff Boston
    • 1/3/11

    I liked "No Highway in the Sky." Jack Hawkins is solid (I also liked him in "The Bridge on the River Kwai" and loved him in "Lawrence of Arabia"). I enjoyed Marlene Dietrich. who plays a pampered movie actress the viewer suspects to be aloof, astride her pedestal, but soon finds she plays a relatively down-to-earth celebrity willing to help a fellow human being. Jimmy Stewart makes the film - it is his showpiece. He and the director worked together on the smash "Harvey" the year prior, and just as "Harvey" is a classic family film, "No Highway in the Sky" is for adults. Look past the simple story. The film is classic Stewart: the underestimated individual who gradually comes out of his shell to stand up for what's right, complete with "the speech" and great, ultrarealistic mannerisms we've all loved from Stewart throughout his awesome movie career. Critic consensus have him as the #2 male actor of all time, behind Bogart. He's my #2 as well, behind Grant, but as a man, he's #1. In this movie he selflessly brings down the Reindeer line, saving innocent lives, while in real life he selflessly helped bring down a Reign of Terror in WW2, saving innocent lives.


    • 1/2/11

    Did Marlena avoid a romantic connection in this movie with Jimmy Stewart for professional or cinematic reasons ?

  • no highway in the sky

    • paul b
    • 7/20/10

    Great black and white movie ,seen years ago on tv. glyniss johns is great acting in her usual smooth way and jimmy stewart in his usual acting way ;time it was brought back

  • A Masterpiece

    • Bridget
    • 4/24/10

    I had never heard of this movie....until today. What an amazing movie! It is as relevant today as it was in 1951 when this movie was released. The performance by Jimmy Stewart is nothing short of brilliant. I loved the look of the inside of the plane, the Reindeer. Too bad we can't fly this elegantly on the airlines of today! The scenes in this film give us a glimpse of flying "first class" over the Atlantic and what it must have been like to be able to afford this type of air travel. Those were the days! What a delight to watch Jimmy Stewart and Marlene Dietrich in their luxuary seats and sitting in the lounge area in the back of the plane. For those of us who love studying the way people lived "back in the hey-day of flying," this movie is a true gem. The acting is superb by everyone in the cast....even the preteen daughter! You will not want to miss this movie when it is aired. A not to be missed film.

  • Unexpected Surprise

    • Cecil
    • 3/12/10

    I had never heard of this movie and found it while searching for info on another movie. I have seen it twice in the last week. Could not find it in any stores to buy. While obviously the atmosphere is dated, the acting was first rate. I didn't even know who Glynis Johns was and pulled for Jimmy Stewart to fall for her the whole movie. I would have married her myself. I had never seen a Marlene Dietrich movie so was interested to see what she would bring to the movie. Addictive movie and would recommend it to anyone who likes good acting and storytelling. Prophetic to boot!

  • Powerful tale

    • Ollie
    • 12/1/07

    Jimmy Stewart delivers one of his most impressive soliloquoys as he's being fired, and shows a determination to do the right thing that more than matches his MR SMITH GOES TO WASH performance. And Marlene Dietrich, too. Hubba hubba.


    • 8/11/07

    A black & white classic that not too many people are aware of today- never-the-less a good story with a strong supporting cast with characters that are believable and human. Jimmy Stewart loved aviation and some of this shows through in his protrayal of an slightly absent mindedbut brillant aeronautical engineer trying to warn the world of possible dangers in their shiny new machines. Marlene Dietrichbasically plays herself as the fictional film star Monica Teasdale. But besides adding a touch of glamour to the movie, Marlene is -captivating- and almost steals the show. Glynis Johns providesa sweet but strong role in the movie.The look and the feel of this black and white film is important too, one moment you are in Jimmy Stewarts thead-bare apartment and the next you are hurtling across the sky on a midnight transatlantic flight in an elegant almost futuristic airliner, complete with moonlit skies and turboprop engines roaring in the background. A must for allwho love aviation and a good movie.

  • Great Film with a Bizarre Coincidence

    • Chris Petit
    • 7/10/06

    Jimmy Stewart at his best as a sweet, disorganized engineer barely able to function in the real world. The film doesn't follow a standard story line and is a bit quirky, but worth watching.The spooky coincidence is that the movie was made just a couple of years before the world's first jetliner made by DeHavilland began experiencing catastrophic structural failures very similar to those documented in the film. Let's not even mention the other coincidence. The plane in the film is named the Reindeer. DeHavilland's aircraft was the of Santa's eight.

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