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A Night in Casablanca

A Night in Casablanca(1946)

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After the third manager of the Hotel Casablanca dies mysteriously, Lieutenant Pierre Delbar tells the police his theory: During the war, Pierre was forced by the Nazis to fly an airplane filled with stolen French treasures to South American and purposely crashed the plane in Casablanca, where the treasure disappeared. Pierre is convinced that the missing loot is hidden somewhere in the hotel, which was under Nazi control at the time, and that the deaths are somehow related. If the treasure is recovered, it will prove that he was not a Nazi collaborator. Meanwhile, at the hotel, former Nazi Heinrich Stubel, using the pseudonym Count Max Pefferman, plots with singer Beatrice Reiner and Kurt, who is posing as a waiter, to become the hotel's new manager. Max's plans are foiled when his mute valet Rusty accidentally sucks his toupee into the vacuum cleaner. Afraid to leave his room without his disguise, Max fails to meet Governor Galloux and prefect of police, Capt. Brizzard, who then offer the position to Ronald Kornblow. While Corbaccio, the owner of the Yellow Camel Company, greets Kornblow, Rusty and Kurt duel with swords in Max's room. Although Rusty knows nothing about fencing, his bizarre behavior so confuses his opponent that he wins. Later Annette, Pierre's girl friend, finds the toupee, which is marked inside with Stubel's name. Pierre suggests that she place it in the hotel lost-and-found and watch to see who claims it. To help Max, Beatrice flirtatiously asks Kornblow to check the lost-and-found for her missing diamonds and thus is able to retrieve Max's toupee without revealing its owner. Max instructs Kurt to arrange a fatal accident for Kornblow. When the attempt fails, Max plots with Beatrice to entrap Kornblow so that Max, pretending to be her jealous fiancé, can kill him. Rusty overhears the scheme, and he and Corbaccio decide to protect Kornblow. First, they offer to taste Kornblow's food for poison and manage to eat his entire lunch. Then, in the elevator on the way to Beatrice's room, Rusty and Kornblow get stuck between floors. Rusty climbs out to look for help and instead finds the missing treasure. Finally, Beatrice and Kornblow get together, but Corbaccio keeps them moving from room to room so that Max never finds them. After Rusty and Corbaccio break the hotel bank playing roulette, Max accuses Kornblow of colluding with them. The three are sent to jail, and Max is given the manager's job. Pierre is also arrested and put in jail to wait for deportation to France. When Corbaccio and Kornblow learn that Rusty has discovered the hidden treasure, they break out of jail and return to the hotel. In the meantime, Beatrice becomes disillusioned with Max and changes sides. When Kornblow, Rusty and Corbaccio sneak into Max's room, she hides in an empty trunk. The men start to search the room, but must hide when Max enters unexpectedly. Hoping to delay Max's departure, all three move his clothes from the trunks to the closet and back again while Max tries to pack. Finally, however, all the trunks, with everyone still inside, are loaded in a truck headed for the airport. There, in an effort to stop Max from leaving, the men jump on his plane which crashes into the jail. With Beatrice's help, they struggle with Max and Kurt, and in the process, Max's toupee is torn off. His real identity revealed, Max is arrested. Pierre and Annette kiss, and Kornblow, Rusty and Corbaccio chase after Beatrice.