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My Foolish Heart

My Foolish Heart(1950)

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  • My Foolish Heart, Aches!

    • Sharon
    • 8/20/17

    It's amazing how often I desire, when I turn on my TV, to see, have a yearning to see and expecting that I will, the incredible acting by some of the most incredible actors and actresses of a bygone era, ones who are no longer here to share their wonderful talents.Why in the world won't you at TCM show some of the "truer" classic films such as "My Foolish Heart" starring the incomparable, pretty, Susan Hayward and Dana Andrews i.e, ("Desert Fury" with Lizabeth Scott, Mary Astor, Burt Lancaster, "The Furies" with Barbara Stanwyck and Walter Houston, or even "Mississippi Gambler" starring Tyrone Powers and Piper Laurie? Just to name a (select) few.In addition to the "baby-boomer" demographic, there's an entire generation watching TCM who needs to see the richness, skill and technique used by some of the best actors (ever!) in the industry. So. Please. Won't you go ahead and show "My Foolish Heart" ...soon.

  • what happened?

    • Richard
    • 6/19/17

    the monthly guide indicates that 'my foolish heart' will air on the 30th of june, 9a.m. pacific time....but now it has been replaced with 'ada'....what happened? it is a great movie with the great susan hayward, based on another great---a salinger story.....will the film be rescheduled?

  • My Foolish Heart

    • Rochelle Ales
    • 9/8/15

    I love this movie with Dana Andrews and Susan Hayward. Why is it not shown on TCM? You show many of the movies these fine actors appeared in but for some reason this movie is never included. It's such a beautiful love story. Please include in your lineup. Thank you.

  • What happened?

    • Carol Henderson
    • 9/8/15

    My Foolish Heart was supposed at the beginning of the month, but it never did. I've been waiting years for this movie to come back to TCM and I was very disappointed when it didn't air. I hope you plan on airing it again, real soon. It's one of my favorite movies of Susan Hayward.

  • My Foolish Heart

    • Katherine
    • 9/4/15

    Heartfelt beautiful love story with score to match. Am disappointed that it is not showing as per my monthly guide and also not for sale as my monthly guide also says Shop Now but can't as it's not available. Ms Hayward was nominated for her 2nd Oscar for this movie. Shame on you TCM for this double let-down!

  • It's scheduled

    • Barbara
    • 9/1/15

    Sept 4 at 5 a.m. Eastern time!

  • Not on TCM??

    • Mindy Newell
    • 8/31/15

    September will be featuring Susan Hayward, and you're not showing MY FOOLISH HEART?C'mon, TCM!!!!!!Just do it!

  • My Favorite Susan Hayward Movie

    • Patrick M. Luci
    • 1/26/15

    I love this movie. Please show it on TCM. Is it available on DVD.Also a Big Dana Andres fan, together with Susan, he's perfect.


    • 5/21/14

    Such a romantic movie. Love the actors. Wish TCM would either play it or make a DVD. Although I would prefer to stream it rather than a DVD. Hollywood just dont make such romantic movies such as this any more. Please TCM play it again for us all. Thanks

  • My Foolish Heart

    • Margaret
    • 1/1/14

    I'd love to see this on TV. I had my first holiday romance as a 17 yr old - met at Prestatyn Holiday Camp, and he was called David and lived in Birmingham. I often wonder whether he remembers me as I remember him.

  • My Foolish Heart

    • Ron S.
    • 2/8/13

    The kind of romantic drama Hollywood has forgotten how to make. Beautiful cast, involving story, touching and appealing on all levels.

  • So Romantic

    • Yvonne King
    • 9/6/11

    I loved this film the stars Dana Andrews & Lovely Susan Hayward were perfect in the parts they played no embarrassing love scenes just Pure Romance. Ooh the good old days I am 82 now but remember it so well & the theme song is still one of my favourite songs.Yvonne King

  • my foolish heart

    • brendan kinsella
    • 9/4/11

    the movie my foolish heart is still my favourite film and i often still sing the song i think that movie was under rated by the so called know all;s

  • A Wonderful Romantic Movie

    • Shari
    • 1/18/11

    Thank you TCM for scheduling this movie. I think it is one of the most romantic movies with two superb actors, Dana Andrews and Susan Hayward. Robert Keith, who plays Eloise's father is a joy.There are serious issues in the movie, but the movie handles them well. One of my favorites.

  • Fabulous Susan Hayward!

    • Jo-Ena
    • 1/2/11

    As a young girl I was awed by Susan Hayward's performances. I've not seen this film in many years and have postedd requests to TCM many times. Someone IS reading these requests. Thanks TCM. New audiences to this film will root for Hayward and Dana Andrews. Those who are skeptical about romantic films will find themselves drawn into the characters and the ago-old story of a woman dealing with an out-of-wedlock pregnancy. The title song, "My Foolish Heart" has the same impact that "Laura" had for that film. TCM, please show more of Ms. Hayward's films. She deserves to be rediscovered. "Backstreet" is such a worthy find. I think audiences will compare Hayward to Bette Davis. Thank you again, TCM!

  • My Foolish Heart

    • gypsywind
    • 12/23/10

    This has been a favorite film of mine since the first time I saw it....way back in the 70's. It may seem dated, but there is something timeless and touching. "I could have been the girl in the brown and white dress. Anyone could have."

  • Talentosa Susan

    • Sonia
    • 10/28/10

    Este filme timo. A susan Hayward est fascinante, talentosa e linda neste filme.

  • My Foolish Heart

    • BrooklynGirl
    • 5/20/10

    2 tissue boxes are required

  • Generation morality gap

    • dennis sculimbrene
    • 5/14/10

    Thanks to someone making a tape of this film, I was able to enjoy an old film that otherwise is not available on DVD. It should be, but its dated morality makes this film hard to understand by most people born in the 60's. When I went to college, there were separate dorms. Today the sexes are on the same floors. Having a child out of wedlock, as my generation called Susan Hayward's condition, was a real problem with parents, let alone society. Aborton, so obvious a solution today, was probably not mentioned due to censorship codes of the time. The best thing for anyone wanting to see this terrific love story, is to request that it be played on TCM. Hayward's performance as a country girl from Boise, Idaho attending college in NYC is perfect. She meets a perfectly charming Dana Andrews, who plays a man who could be from any generation. He's looking for pretty girls for the same obvious reasons from any generation. What makes the story great is the way the romance developes. Hayward's character is swept off her feet, while Andrews is less willing to commit. Here is where the generational gap occurs. Sex without love is accepted. When this film was made, the idea of sex outside of mariage was not socially acceptable, however widely spread that it was in my generation. This circumstance gives the plot and love story its momentum. Andrews gradually comes to understand that he loves Hayward. This all happens during WWII, and Andrews is conveniently killed in an aircraft crash as he departs for combat.Hayward's character is left a problem-she is pregnant, and unmarried. To solve her 1945 problem, she gets a former beaux to marry her. What makes this flic great is the film begins with Hayward's appearance as a lush, terrible parent and unloving and decietful wife. But the flashback to when Hayward first meets Andrews and events leading up to the film's begining make this a great film.

  • Why is this not on home video???

    • Rita
    • 2/14/10

    I'll never understand the decision making process re releasing classic films on video, especially a gem like this. While it can be argued that both Hayward and Andrews were too old for the parts, they were such good actors that you soon forget the questionable casting. Back in the day when contract players HAD to do any role assigned to them, it made them work hard at their craft unlike today's pale cadre of so-called "stars."I wish TCM would show this more often.

  • my foolish heart

    • ellyn
    • 12/25/09

    A true tearjerker with superb cast!!! Susan Heyward and Dana Andrews in a sweet and poignant love story that leaves you heartbroken and crying. What a great movie!!! They just don't make them like this anymore. You MUST see!!!!!

  • Great Movie

    • Karen
    • 11/24/09

    I saw this movie many years ago when I was a teenager at a friend's home. Her mother was watching it and I watched and fell in love with Dana Andrews and Susan Heyward. I have only seen it once more as an adult and am saddened that it is not on DVD for purchase. This is the best love story, revenge and sacrifice movie I have ever seen. Susan Heyward was outstanding. Everything was perfect for the movie, the actors, the music, everything.

  • I loved this movie!!!

    • Lil Allie
    • 8/30/09

    I am still crying from the last time I saw this movie. What a love story. Please, please put this on DVD.

  • Ultimiate Sacrific-First Love Always

    • Cathy Gerardi
    • 1/21/09

    I saw this movie twice and still can not get it out of my head. The love between two people, the war, the friends and sacrifices each make and the loneliness of a woman's secret had my tears strimming down my face. I get an "ache" in my heart when I think of Susan and Dana. You must see this to experience the love and passion they shared. All of this comes to you in Black & White. One of the best love story ever!

  • This was one of my favorite mpovies

    • janet ravnell
    • 7/10/08

    I saw This very early on a rainy saturdaymorning ,in 1990 ,in new jersy,i have never forgotten this movie.i kept on hoping that i would see this one more time ,i would buy the Dvd ,and guard it with my life.

  • Best Movie

    • Rosalie Russello
    • 5/14/08

    I have been trying to see this movie for ages. It was one of her best.

  • the tenderest of unrequited love stories!

    • ellyn
    • 12/12/07

    Susan Hayward and Dana Andrews in one of my favorite movies of that generation!! It is a sweet and poignant love story of two people who fall in love, but life gets in the way. It touches your heart and is definitely a tearjerker!!! It has been many years since I have seen this movie, and I would love to see it again and again!!It would be so nice for others to discover this movie and its sweet story. They just don't make them like this anymore!


    • sylvia
    • 5/21/07


  • "My Foolish Heart"

    • Denise
    • 4/23/07

    My Aunt Gloria is waiting and waiting for TCM to show this movie - it is her favorite.

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