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My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady(1964)

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  • A Jack Warner Project

    • J. D. Jitters
    • 3/5/19

    I remember even while the film was being made, pamphlets were being sent out by US mail as far as the progress of the picture. I waited with bated breath for it's release but boy was it a let down. Maybe, it's because I do not like live shows, such as Broadway produces, but I can remember almost dozing off as I watched this film for the first time. Back then I compared it to a political speech. I did my best to stay awake but in the end I lost out to a pleasant nap.

  • Movie is better than the idiot commentator

    • AL
    • 12/12/18

    Leonard Maltin made a total fool of himself tonight as the host for the showing of MY FAIR LADY. His ignorance was on display as he blabbed on about the movie, with many misstatements. His biggest whopper: claiming that Marni Nixon dubbed Julie Andrews in SOUND OF MUSIC! The guy is an idiot--and an embarrassment to TCM as well as an insult to TCM's intelligent and knowledgable viewers. MY FAIR LADY is a superb film, outstanding in every regard. 10 stars!! But Matlin deserves only 1 star for doing a really bad job tonight.

  • Loverly!

    • May
    • 3/2/18

    Thank you, TCM, for showing this masterpiece last night! I think it's the best musical ever, and in my top 5 of best movies ever made. Just perfection! Beautiful in every way, with memorable songs, gorgeous costumes, brilliant acting, witty and literate dialogue. More than 50 years have passed, and it is as delightful as it was when I first saw the movie as a child. A wonderful combination of beauty and wit that is sadly lacking in contemporary film.

  • nuff said

    • a.morris
    • 3/1/18

    there were 3 Beverly hills cop movies.. two anchorman movies .. two grownups movies..4 lethal weapon movies and way too many movies about robots changing into cars. once ..when it is great is enough. this movie is enough.

  • The Hepburn/Andrews controversy!

    • Elise Lang
    • 2/24/18

    I personally love the movie 'My Fair Lady' and Audrey Hepburn in it.I understand many Julie Andrews fans complain that Andrews was robbed of her role as Eliza Doolittle.Andrews had a powerful supporter, Walt Disney. If you remember, it was mostly through Disney's influence thatJulie Andrews won an Oscar for Best Actress for Mary Poppins in 1964. (Best Actress for Mary Poppins!)Audrey Hepburn was not even nominated that year!If it makes them (Disney, et al) happy, it is OK with me.I still love to see Audrey Hepburn playing Eliza!I look forward to watching My Fair Lady next time it is aired on TCM!

  • Perfection!

    • Hannah
    • 9/13/17

    MY FAIR LADY is the best movie musical ever made. It is perfection. Lerner and Lowe were brilliant, and this is the best of their musicals, all of which were outstanding. The cast was outstanding as well, as were the gorgeous costumes. Witty and beautiful songs. Perfection! Please show this magnificent movie more often on TCM!

  • My Fair Lady

    • 6/20/17

    I'll start with the only negative if there is one. Audrey Hepburn does not "knock me out", here. She is good or very good but the remainder of the film is splendid. Rex Harrison embodies the entire piece he is both stern and humorous, his vocals in both song and word are alive and nothing less than "perfect". Also, Stanley Holloway adds a great deal, and on second and third views becomes so very comic and musical, that you actually find yourself "looking forward" to his appearances . I like to believe I've heard all types of songwriting and Lerner And Lowe have created a work that is so wonderful, so timeless, so brilliant that it can only be rated five stars. Compare the beauty, intelligence and variety of the songs in this work to any other like it. It is a "landmark" !

  • A favorite.

    • Carolag
    • 6/3/17

    First time I saw this was with some friends at our local "art house" Little Theater. Seeing it for the first time on the big screen was such a delight. This is one of the classic 60ies musicals that proves they don't make 'em like that anymore. I read the other reviews and while some have merit, how can anyone dish this fantastic movie?! It's like saying you don't like popcorn at the movies! Iconic! Freddie singing "On the street where you live" is one of my favorite sheer movie magic moments, even if Jeremy Brett isn't doing his own singing...I don't care! I love it! The costumes, the songs, Miss Hepburn, all of it makes me look forward to each time TCM airs it. Thank you!

  • My Fair Lady

    • Michael Whitty
    • 3/11/17

    The story of the flower girl and the speech master. "My Fair Lady" was big on the New York stage with Julie Andrews but when Warner Brothers bought the property for $5 million Jack Warner picked Audrey Hepburn to be his Eliza Dolittle. "My Fair Lady" did great things and 8 Academy Awards but Julie Andrews did...greater winning Best Actress for "Mary Poppins" and later "The Sound Of Music" fame and other big films. But "My Fair Lady" was as good as can be as it was filmed in 70mm and had good songs to go with an interesting storyline of a London flower girl wanting to improve her speech from speech expert Henry Higgins. Rex Harrison, who was also on the New York stage with Julie Andrews, played a perfect Henry Higgins to Oscar perfection. The Lerner and Lowe songs were there..."I Could Have Danced All Night", "The Rain In Spain", "On The Street Where You Live", "Show Me" etc. This was a classic musical that has endured the test of time.

  • An Exquisite Film

    • Christina
    • 10/20/15

    Last nite, I took my two grand-daughters to see the TCM 50th anniversary screening . What a treat! The girls absolutely fell in love with Audrey, the gorgeous music and the breathtaking costumes. I hadn't seen this movie on the big screen since it was released 50 years ago and I can hardly put into words how wonderful it was....I actually got goosebumps! Thank you TCM for making this available to all of us movie musical lovers!

  • Lovely Audrey- truly a "Fair LAdy"!

    • Alan
    • 1/3/15

    I am pretty P.O'd with Robert Osborne at the moment.. I am So TIRED of people STILL commenting about the Lovely, Luminous Audrey Hepburn being cast as Eliza Doolittle. It's now 50 years ago-GET OVER IT! As you haven't Mr Osborne let's address it. Rita Hayworth's singing in her entire musical films was always all dubbed! Deborah Kerr in "the King & I" -dubbed! Natalie Wood and Rita Moreno in "West Side Story"-dubbed! Harry Belafonte in "Porgy and Bess"-dubbed! Sophia Loren in "Aida"- dubbed! Dorothy Dandridge in "Carmen Jones"-dubbed! Just a few examples. Why pick on Audrey, who incidentally proves she had a fair voice in the excerpts of her singing "All I want is a Room somewhere..." and who can forget her touching rendition of "Moon River" in "Breakfast at Tiffany's"- still the best version. Audrey was a known Box office Attraction at the time. MS Andrews was not. Let's discuss "The Sound of Music", did she originate that part on stage? No, it was Mary Martin, why nor caustic observations about that she should have been given the part instead of Julie Andrews, at 30 playing a 22 year old Austrian postulant nun? You say that Audrey was miscast in the first part of "My Fair Lady"-- er NO, she wasn't, she is quite enchanting. I shouldn't be instructing you in your profession, but do you really think that a film going audience in 1964 was ready for a real cockney? I very much doubt it. IT WAS A MUSICAL! It's not meant to be REAL! Did Julie Andrews keep her part of Guinevere in the film of "Camelot"?-no it went to The lovely Vanessa Redgrave. Sorry, but I don't think Julie Andrews would have been well cast as a woman who provoked the love affair that ended with Arthur's death. Julie was well cast as a nanny in "Mary Poppins", and a postulant in "The Sound of Music", but I can't imagine on film as A lovely transformed Eliza.

  • My Fair Lady "Forever Essential and Fair"

    • Hollywood 101 Show
    • 12/13/14

    My Fair Lady is an ESSENTIAL FILM that is EXACTLY why it's on "The Essentials" With Divine Drew Barrymore and TCM's Robert Osborne...... So I Have To ASK.... Why Have A Beautiful Movie Bashed.... While Being Introduced to New Fans and People Seeing it for the FIRST Time...HOW COUNTER PRODUCTIVE and Wrong in Every Way..... BAD COPY for Mr. Osborne,,,, He Needs A NEW fact He Needs ....A NEW EVERYTHING.... Everyone in Hollywood is Well Aware that Julie Andrews Got Robbed When My Fair Lady was Cast. Everyone Also Knows The Film Was Lovely as Was Audrey ...The Score The Costumes and The Cast...The Flowers and SEXY REXY.... ALL PERFECT....Marni Nixon's Singing A Perfect Choice for Audrey......My Fair Lady....A Perfect Film.... Hollywood 101 Show and Damian Miles Showman....

  • Exquisite Achievement

    • Paul Ort
    • 11/23/14

    This wonderfully cast musical adaptation of Pygmalion is an extremely entertaining mirror of early 20th Century realities in Britain. A so-called "gutter snipe" flower girl is passed off as a duchess at an embassy ball after months of speech training. Audrey Hepburn talks her way from Cockney to approval by the Queen of Transylvania, and in so doing much of the message is presented with the lyrics of better than average "musical" songs by Lerner and Loewe. Many chuckles are provided by Doolittle, her father, Professor Higgins (Rex Harrison) the instructor and Colonel Pickering, another linguist and house guest in addition to many others. The production is enhanced by natural singing that doesn't disrupt the flow of the plot. This is a keeper.

  • Trouble

    • Jackie
    • 7/7/14

    I had trouble watching this film the first time and never did see it all the way through----I didn't like it!

  • Not so great

    • el debbo
    • 3/11/14

    I had high hopes for the film "Can Can" and Shirley MacLaine's screeching ruined it. Same here -- Hepburn's exaggerated Cockney and frequent "Awwww..." screeches are annoying to say the least. I was disappointed in the sets, too. Except for the Higgins abode, they were so flat and one-dimensional. Costumes wonderful. Supporting actors wonderful. But overall, this interpretation is overly long and sometimes quite dull.

  • Very good, but not great

    • Michael Lindsey
    • 1/26/14

    This movie would have been excellent if Julie Andrews has been cast as Eliza. Miss Hepburn's singing was not sufficient for the job, so her singing was dubbed. Sadly, no one ever told her they were doing it until the movie's premiere. Still worth watching

  • Perfectly loverly

    • TCM Fan
    • 3/20/13

    This is one of my favorite movies ever. It was the first time I'd ever seen Audrey Hepburn or Rex Harrison, and I loved their acting instantly. This is a movie I could watch again and again. The musical scores and singing is so wonderfully done. The plot is beautiful, and I so enjoyed watching the progress of a phonetics master take on the biggest challenge of his life, by converting a poor girl right off the streets of London into a lady of society. I'll always recall the names of Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins (much more fondly called 'enry 'iggins!) forever, fondly.

  • My Fair Lady

    • Dashiell B.
    • 2/19/13

    A beautifully-staged musical adaptation of George Bernard Shaw's "Pygmalion." Grumpy linguistics professor Henry Higgins accepts a bet that he can pass street urchin Eliza Doolittle as a lady. Harrison won the Best Actor Oscar, Hepburn was nominated for a Golden Globe and Holloway & Cooper were nominated as the leads respective parents. This magnificent musical won an additional seven Academy Awards including Best Picture, Cukor's only win for Best Director, as well as awards for art direction, costume design, cinematography, score & sound. An outstanding musical that's an unforgettable experience with irresistible songs. I give it a 5/5.

  • Fair but not so Good

    • Aleks
    • 1/1/13

    I find this movie hard to watch (it's on right now). A lot of screeching and shouting by the beautiful Audrey Hepburn and smug overacting by Rex Harrison.Sure it's over the top as far as production goes, but it seems dated and tired and predictably staged. Yes of course the storyline is a classic and the music is charming, but that's not enough to sit through this clunker.

  • Perfection!

    • RedRain
    • 12/10/12

    I guess I'm one of the few people still alive who actually saw the play and the film. While the play was spectacular, and Rex Harrison was nothing less than incredible, Julie Andrews was not the beauty that Audrey Hepburn was. Andrews had the voice, no doubt about that, but Hepburn had the presence AND the beauty. There is so much more you can do on film that you cannot do in a play and you can use so many more extras to enhance scenes like the Ascot races and the Embassy Ball. This film, with George Cukor directing and the incomparable Lerner & Lowe score, could not be more perfect. I would only add that this film is in the process of being remade by Columbia Pictures and I consider that a great travesty. There are no two actors alive that could improve on this film and the very thought of anyone doing so gives me shudders!

  • Audrey above Julie.

    • Brian
    • 12/10/12

    I liked Audrey in My Fair Lady because I like the underdog. Audrey in life and in most of her films is a diamond in the rough till the second act. Then she shines. I like Audrey because I'd have liked to have known her.

  • Audrey Hepburn Tied in With Julie Andrews

    • megatlantica
    • 10/26/12

    Overall, My Fair Lady is one of the best musical film ever made. As in 1964, personally, I like this movie and also Mary Poppins. Had Julie Andrews played the same role as Eliza Doolittle in both musical stage and film, it'd have been her glorious achievement. Taking over the role as Eliza Doolittle from Andrews, Hepburn proved that she's the best. Her acting, esp when she'd to talk using cockney accent, is done very well. When she had to sing, she also did it beautifully, although almost of the song she sang were dubbed by Marni Nixon. What I like most from this movie is that the story itself which is very different and unique, exploiting the cultural things, the language, esp. how it should be practically done in a good manner. This story is maybe rather unorthodox, but yet, it's the good plot.The reason why I say Hepburn Tied with Andrews is that both of them can prove that they're good, or even the best when singing in musical film. Audrey Hepburn had practiced so many times to prepare her role as Eliza Doolittle. If only she hadn't be dubbed, She could've proved her singing is the best. Unfortunately, she's dubbed. Julie Andrews, in the other hand, really have a natural singing talent and golden voice. She proved it when she sung in Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music. Nobody denies her talent. As in Musical Film, singing is the essential thing, so actually, no dubbed is necessary, except the actress/the actors can't really sing at all. Audrey Hepburn had tried her best here, both for her acting and her singing, and so had Julie Andrews. That's made her quite tie with Andrews, although the latter still slightly above her.


    • 2/4/12

    ^This is a fantastic movie for anyone who loves musicals. It is set in England. The scenary is beautiful, the clothing, the people and it has great songs. You get to see the better and not so better parts of London which pull the it together. It has a cast of top rated actors, beautiful clothing and a great story line. One of the best musicals ever made.

  • My Fair Lady (1964)

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 11/13/11

    Overly long film with a somewhat less-than-convincing Cockney accent by Hepburn. Watch for Jeremy Brett as her smitten courter.

  • leah's review

    • leah l
    • 6/21/11

    it has a little bit of everything and the music fits the leading lady and the others, even thought there is no cinema history, its worth seeing it. go and rent it its worth it.

  • Miss Hepburn a

    • David Atkins
    • 8/7/10

    Audrey Hepburn, so wonderful when alive, so dearly missed in this chaotic world of today was a perfect choice for Eliza. Much carping has been done on her casting: Why? An International Movie Star, Academy Award Winner was surefire box office for J L Warner's great gamble of $5 Million for the movie rights to the classic play. Warner wanted Cary Grant and James Cagney as well and when two two great stars declined their roles, WB had to go with Hepburn as a box office magnet. Directed by George Cukor and art direction by a genius George Hopkins, this is a great movie too often maligned because Julie Andrews did not play Eliza. This movie filmed at WB in Burbank has a great authentic feel to it and the Ascot sequence brilliantly done. Warner had Cecil Beaton do the costumes and did not stint at all on the production. The Picture, Harrison, Cukor all deservedly won Oscars, the snub of Ms Hepburn in retrospect seems unfair at the very least.

  • Magnificent film version of the stage musical.

    • Greg Pasqua
    • 4/14/10

    Magnificent film version of the stage musical. Rex Harrison as Henry Higgins is perfect in every way. Audrey Hepburn is beguiling as the flower girl turned duchess and brings a vulnerable charm and strength to the character of Eliza. Stanley Holloway plays Eliza's father and steals every scene he is in. The rest of the film is perfectly cast. The production design and costumes are elegant and colorful and look great (especially when projected in 70 MM) But the Lerner and Lowe score's the thing and it's wonderful all the way through. Director George Cukor did a great job bringing the stage show to the screen. My only wish would be to have more of Audrey Hepburn's singing voice restored to her songs. She did a wonderful job with "Wouldn't it Be Loverly" (on the DVD) but in the film it is Marni Nixon who handles that song. Marni is fine for "I Could Have Danced All Night" but she lacks the subtle nuance Audrey brings to the role especially in the song "Without You". Audrey and Rex make a great romantic and comic pair. Film definitely deserved the 8 Oscars it won. See it.

  • My Fair Lady (1964)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 9/3/09

    This is a splashy as musicals get, and it's not bad at all. How could you go wrong with the "Pygmalion" story? Sumptuous production, outstanding art direction and costumes. Technically superb. The songs are fine, well acted but Audrey Hepburn wasn't the best choice for the lead role. And, as so often with musicals, it is seriously overlong.


    • MARK
    • 10/9/08


  • Good Movie

    • Joan
    • 6/18/08

    Too bad Andrews didn't play Liza!

  • WTF Is with the Hats!!!!

    • CJ
    • 6/1/08

    DANG!! Check out the size of the hats some of the women in this musical were wearing! I swear some of those were the size of Buicks! I wonder if any of them got Carpaltunnels Syndrome from those ENOURMUS hats!PS: The movie was alright.

  • Dumbest mistake in film history.

    • Dan
    • 10/20/07

    Of course - it should have been Julie Andrews ! Why assemble nearly the entire Broadway cast, and then hand the lead role to a walking talking mannequin? Hepburn was beautiful, and all of that. But the producers of the film My Fair Lady made the dumbest, saddest mistake in film history. They chose Hepburn, and not the great Julie Andrews, and thereby squandered an historic opportunity to recapture the greatest ensemble in the greatest musical, for all to cherish and remember. What a pity.

  • Audrey Shines

    • ADMAN
    • 9/12/07

    Time has been good to the performace of Audrey Hepburn. It is full,nunanced and touching. And of course, Audrey costumes beautifully. The only disappoinment is the dubbing that did not follow the extent of care that was exhibited in "The King and I." Glorious music conducted with passion by Andre Previn; the title sequence prpares you for the special treat that the viewer will enjoy.

  • Best Movie Ever

    • Emily
    • 7/13/07

    My Fair Lady- with it's wonderful songs and amazing story line, I think My Fair Lady is definately the best movie of the 20th Century!

  • Absolutely the Best

    • Jeff
    • 5/12/07

    This is the most entertaining musical there is. With great music and lyricsand a terrific story as it's base itis a joy to watch. The cast is great anddoes justice to the great material theyhave to work with. Sit down and enjoy it sometime.

  • awesome movie

    • Melissa
    • 5/12/07

    I got the taped version of the sound of music and before the movie came on they have previews and My Fair Lady was one of them. I watch the Sound of Music a lot so i saw the preview many times and said that i would like to see the movie so it was on t.v and i watched part of it and then went to the libraryto get the tape so that i could watch all of it and from then on it has become one of my favorite movies i like it a lot

  • Great movie.

    • Carol
    • 4/3/07

    I admit that I'm a sucker for musicals anyway but this is one of the best. Great story, great actors, great costumes and fabulous music. Letting Audrey sing her own songs as she wished would have been a plus but the trade off is 'ear candy'. Rex told them upfront he couldn't sing but they wisely found a way around that and it worked 100%. No one could have done a better job as that pompous but lovable Prof. Higgins.Too bad the era is over. Thank goodness for TCM keeping the faith.

  • My Fair Lady, a great movie

    • Claudia
    • 3/4/07

    This is my favorite movie. Just how it is acted and how the people sing. It also has a great story to it and I think it also teaches a valuable lesson in love.

  • "My Fair Lady" - A Poor excuse for a "Musical"

    • Bruce Peterson
    • 2/16/06

    Three times this month I had to switch the channel to avoid watching "My Fair Lady" on TCM. After seeing this film once before, I cannot even fathom what the big hype about it is, or why Robert Osborne is so orgasmic over it, or how it could ever have won eight Oscars. Giving it the token benefit of the doubt, I will say that Audrey Hepburn plays a decent acting role in her speaking parts. That is all I can say in favor of this farce of a "musical". This movie was released at a time in history when musicals were seriously considered for and often awarded the Oscar. Shame of it is, this is not even a serious musical. Rex Harrison speaks his lyrics, rather than sing them; Hepburn lip-syncs hers to the dubbed vocals of Marni Nixon, yet Osborne raves over these actors who are completely devoid of any means to fulfill their musical functions. Only a few years ago, Millie Vanellie's careers came to a screeching halt when the industry discovered that they lip-synced their songs, but Audrey wins an Oscar. I can't say, however that standards have improved since 1964, considering that Millie Vanellie, like Rex Harrison, should never have been allowed on stage to begin with. The saddest and most pathetic fact is, Harrison won his best actor award against Peter Sellers who played President Muffley, Capt. Mandrake and Dr. Strangelove with creativity and versatility, and no one had to bail him out for not having the capacity to perform in every aspect at true Oscar caliber, and then some. Maybe it is that an Oscar can be given for only one role, and the Academy members just couldn't make up their feeble minds as to which of Sellers' roles was best. Or maybe giving one Oscar for one role was less difficult for them than counting three Oscars for three roles. One Oscar, three Oscars, whatever; I say TWO THUMBS DOWN for "My Fair Lady", a real stinker and a mockery of all the otherwise great musicals of cinema.

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