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Moon over Burma

Moon over Burma(1940)

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Chuck Lane, an American working on Arnold Renner's struggling teakwood plantation in Burma, discovers stranded entertainer Arla Dean of Flatbush, Brooklyn, singing in a Rangoon dive and offers her refuge at the plantation. There Arla meets Bill Gordon, who manages the land for the blind Renner. By pretending Arla is his bride, Chuck gets Arnold's permission to let her stay. Arla's presence transforms Chuck from a shiftless young man with a propensity for alcohol to a sober young man in love. When Bill's fiancée, Cynthia Harmon, visits, Bill realizes that he, too, has fallen in love with Arla. Their rivalry is postponed when Cynthia's banker father Stephen, from whom Bill has borrowed money for the plantation, tries to procure Renner's land by sending Art Bryan to infiltrate the Renner plantation. After Bill hires Bryan without suspicion, Bryan scares the native workers into believing there are ghost tigers in the lumber camp, then makes the Renner elephants sick. Chuck and Bill hide their troubles from Arnold, who befriends Arla. When Arla saves Arnold from a cobra, he confesses he was blinded by a cobra while saving Bill's life. In addition to fighting a shortage of funds for wages and provisions, Chick and Bill must overcome Harmon's schemes to prevent the logs from moving down the river. When Bryan sets fire to the forest, Arla helps Bill and Chuck put it out. Arla, now in love with Bill, announces her engagement to Chuck when she sees Bill's flagrant display of love for Cynthia. Cynthia, however, tells Bill that he and Arla are in love, and they admit their feelings while Chuck watches. When Arla learns that Bill and Chuck made a bet over her, however, she becomes angry, until Renner is told about the Harmon conspiracy and asks Arla for help. She retrieves Bryan for Renner, but only after Bryan has blocked the river gorge and caused a log jam. Chuck and Bill risk their lives dynamiting the gorge in a rain storm in order to free the logs. When Bill is hit in the head with a log, Chuck saves him. Arla then embraces Bill, and Chuck admits he lost the bet.