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Moment to Moment

Moment to Moment(1966)

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  • Waiting and hoping

    • Cath
    • 1/6/18

    As previous people have said, "Please TCM show this movie, and get it on DVD for all its fans!"

  • Like to see Moment to Moment

    • Frances Symes
    • 10/16/16

    Never forget when I saw this movie with my parents in our living room, I was glued to the television. I remember the doves flying and hearing that beautiful theme song! Like to see TCM show this great movie.

  • A Lot of Suds, But Not a Dud

    • Rick Krueger
    • 4/26/16

    A trifle from the 1960's, this intriguing and well produced soap opera is well worth a rainy afternoons viewing. Just for the sheer enjoyment of watching Jean Seberg and Honor Blackman exchange looks, plot and play this film is enjoyable and pure entertainment. Anyone who loves a good romance-with-a-twist, will enjoy this moody, lovely and elegant little film. The score and the title song by Henry Mancicni has haunted me for years.

  • Remember this movie!

    • Annie
    • 4/3/16

    I have been looking for this movie on DVD for years. I remember watching it years ago and it has stuck in my head all this time. I keep looking for it to be broadcast, and it seems as if everyone has forgotten it exists!! Please TCM show this movie, and get it on DVD for all its fans!

  • Once in a lifetime MOMENT TO MOMENT

    • Marianne McDermott
    • 12/12/15

    After visiting 3 websites of old movies, including TCM, all reviewers were "clamoring" for this film to be released on DVD!!!The reason: It was well written, directed and acted. The script was based on Alec Coppel's novel. In fact, he wrote the screenplay, along with another writer(it's in the credits above). The director, Mervyn Leroy. And the actors - Jean Seberg, Arthur Hill, Honor Blackman and Sean Garrison.The music: Henry Mancini. The music is the capper of this great film, released in January of 1966. This film is only available on VHS(who has a cassette player - when everything is on DVD)! The prices are outrageous on other sites to purchase this film on VHS!!!Enough said about lack of availability of this "gem"! I would give this films 20 stars as I saw it on TV 50 years agoand never forgot it!

  • Moment to Moment

    • Vicky J
    • 10/27/15

    Years ago I saw the Jean Seberg movie, "Moment to Moment". I loved it and purchased it on VHS when we had VHS in our family room. Now I'd love to own it on DVD so I can watch it again. TCM, if you have this movie, please put it in your line up so fans can watch it or record on DVR until it becomes available on DVD. I will be very grateful!Thank you TCM for great entertainment and for all you do. We appreciate TCM!!

  • moment to moment

    • irene gronewald
    • 7/16/15

    i already wrote a lenghty review.but did not see it posted.i have never got this movie out of my head,i only remember seeing it once. i am praying that you will grant us a lon awaited means so mu ch to us that are older as our days mostly contain tcm the weather the mail and aphone call or two.we are on limeted budget ,so this is our life mostly.please give us a treat and show us this movie,it will be as if we had a respite in florida!

  • moment to moment

    • irene grinewald
    • 7/16/15

    rarely, has a movie impressed me over the this one.i only remember seeing it once,and loved so...i often tell people about it and have tried numerous ocassions to obtain it.this is one of life```s great joys. for us who are plder,on fixed incomes .never to go on vacations.etc. we look forward to the "small thigs" which to us are big.i pay a high price for my cable service,and always watch tcm~and the weather.most...everyday.please make alot of us "baby~boomers happy,as we leave this reality of a crazy world behind, and go back intime...god bless you,...tcm.i live 10 minutes from the infamous ferguson where safety and fear can be ever prent for a lot of older folks please offer us a respite in these times,with a movie to waych that is much beloved.

  • moment to moment

    • william Delgado
    • 3/14/15

    Love that. so much. Love Jean seberg and sean garrison. Love to see. One time if its possible. Please TCM your our only hope it was one of my moms best we always. Shaw it together. on the Saturday. Night at the movies. onNBC. in the. 60st

  • Finally!

    • Theresa A Gregory
    • 11/3/14

    I have thought about the movie," Moment To Moment" off and on for years. I saw it back in the 60's when I wasa young girl. I have looked for it many times with no success. Until today, I always thought the actress was Lana Turner and the actor was John Gavin. This explains why I could never find the movie until today. Please TCM, put this movie on. Your audience will love it! I'll be waiting.

  • 1960's Gem

    • Lily Munster
    • 8/21/14

    This is 1 of those movies that a lot of people have never seen or heard of and that might explain why it has not had a proper DVD release. The title for this movie is perfect. We all live our lives from Moment to Moment. The main character is doing just that. A lonely housewife who is happily married unexpectedly finds herself attracted to another man and gets into a situation that changes the story from romance to high drama. I have seen this movie many times over the years and I still want to see it again. This film introduced me to Jean Seberg need I say more. I highly recommend this movie.

  • moment to moment

    • jaime enrique montalvo
    • 8/19/14

    I saw this movie with my mother when i was 13 yrs old and it and its been a part of me since...Jean, the plot...and the song...a great and memorable movie, specially I was with my beautiful mother on a day out to the movies....

  • Moment to Moment

    • Suzy
    • 7/17/14

    I have been searching for this movie for years! It's a must-see in my opinion. I believe TCM should find a way to release this movie for all fans wanting to see it again or to be able to experience this great movie for the first time! It's been years since I saw it but I've never forgotten how much I enjoyed it.Somehow let's get this on DVD!!

  • Moment to Moment

    • Sandi Forman
    • 1/7/14

    I came upon this movie on TV many, many years ago. Thoroughly enjoying it, and about 45 minutes into it, my ex-husband decides we must go out. I never saw the end of this movie and it has haunted me for years. I saw "Airplane" on TCM over the weekend. Seeing Jean Seberg reminded me of "Moment to Moment". Sure hope TCM will show it. Unitl then, I'll cast my vote for the DVD release.

  • Moment to Moment (1966), A Must!

    • Walter
    • 9/22/13

    From my early teens through the years to when I got the VHS tape, this movie has always had an enduring quality; a combination of the intimate plot, the actors, all in singular performances, and the wonderful location (and studio) scenes on the French Riviera. It has been years since I have caught this on TV and it is unfortunately still not available on DVD. It would be great if TCM could show this very special movie.

  • Favorite Movie EVER. Well, Almost!

    • Debbie
    • 8/26/13

    I first saw this movie as a preteen, and have never forgotten it. That is saying something because I can forget movie titles rather easily! I would REALLY LOVE to see this movie again, and better yet I would love to be able to buy it on DVD! Please, PLEASE put this great film in your upcoming lineup, and make it available for us to purchase!

  • Special Moment

    • Linda
    • 4/27/13

    I loved this movie and would love for TCM to show it on TV some time in the near future. Moment to Moment is my very favorite movie in the whole world.

  • Moment to Moment (1966)

    • Gengie
    • 3/26/13

    This is one of the few movies I am unable to forget!! Perhaps it is because of the story of the swallows of San Juan Capistrano - perhaps because it keeps my stomach in knots, wondering if the wife's transgressions will be discovered!!! In any event, I hope TCM will show it sometime and it will become available on DVD.

    • 3/2/13

  • Loved this movie

    • Angela
    • 3/2/13

    This movie was very special to me and I would love for it be shown on TCM. It was where I learned about the swallows of San Juan Capistrano, never forgot it.

  • moment to moment

    • tommy romo
    • 11/29/12

    I saw this movie as a U.S. Marine in 1966 on Tinian AFB on Tiawan gaurding their F-4 Phantom jets forFMFVA-323 from 3rdMarines/3rdMar/Div RVN @ the airbase movie house.It was a is was a big break from conducting combat ops.The food was also great in their messhall. Lots of young MamaSans running around their base.Just 30 days RNR.

  • Moment to Moment

    • Mitzi
    • 11/4/12

    I love this movie. I would like to add my request to the others for TCM to air this movie! A DVD for Christmas would be nice too! The story is one that I have never forgotten. The movie score was perfect and haunting.

  • movie airing

    • Rasheed
    • 8/20/12

    please let me know when you will be airing this movie

  • Moment Yo Moment

    • Linda
    • 8/5/12

    Please show Moment To Moment with Jean Seberg 1966 just love this movie. have not seen it in many years.

  • moment to moment

    • Darryl
    • 7/17/12

    Find this movie and air it soon! Jean Seberg is so beautiful and her performance is first rate. I haven't seen this movie in many, many years. It's one of my all time favorites.

  • Moment to Moment

    • Laurie
    • 7/6/12

    I watch TCM faithfully and would sure appreciate it , if you would air the movie Moment to Moment. It's been a long, long time since you last aired this movie. Don't you think it's about time to show it again? Sounds like it to me, that's there's alot of viewer's besides me, that would really like to watch this movie again. I guess you could say watching this movie "Moment to Moment" is on my "Bucket List"!!! Won't you please retrieve this wonderful film, dust it off, and air it one more time? I sure hope my wish will come true.

  • Moment to Moment

    • Carole
    • 5/25/12

    I saw this movie years ago on TCM, but have yet to see it aired again. I notice there are many people who are asking that it be aired by TCM, and 281 votes that it be released on DVD. Why is TCM not airing it??

  • Moment To Moment

    • Michael
    • 9/16/11

    We were just talking about this moive and how much we really would love to see it. The Bill Kennedy Sunday Theater, would always have us glued to the TV. This movie was really Thrilling and we only saw it once in our life. I have searched Video Warehouse and Blockbuster Video and they both do not carry this video. I would really love to have this movie on DVD. Would TCM please find this movie and play it and better yet, "Let us know how we can get it on DVD. Respectfully, Thank You for showing all the "GREATS."


    • Nancy Santos
    • 9/13/11

    I have tried for decades to see this movie again. I only saw it once, but it has remained my favorite movie of all time. Please add this to your playlist. If anybody knows where I can purchase this movie please let us all know.PLEASE, PLEASE PLAY THIS MOVIES. I can't find it anywhere!

  • Moment to Moment

    • N Rego
    • 8/2/11

    Please show this on TCM. I love this has been a favorite since it came out in the 60's.

  • awesome movie

    • Brenda Logan
    • 7/18/11

    Please show this on TCM and offer as a DVD. Yhis should be a classic that young film students see.

  • Moment to Moment and Rider on the Rain

    • Jan Jones
    • 6/21/11

    These are two very good movies. I have waited for years for TCM to put them on TV. I finally purchased Rider on the Rain (Charles Bronson) and looks like I will have to purchase Moment to Moment. The local library carries this movies and that should let you know how good it is. Please show them both and give us enough advertising to catch the time and date. I would clear my schedule just to be able to watch them.

  • Moment to Moment

    • Jo Logan
    • 1/5/11

    I have been waiting for this movie for decades! Please let us see it on TCM.

  • Moment to Moment (1966)

    • jrd
    • 8/15/10

    Jules04/08/2010 "Okay TCM.....what's it gonna take for you guys to show this wonderful movie?"Ditto.

  • Moment to Moment 1966

    • Jules
    • 4/8/10

    Okay TCM.....what's it gonna take for you guys to show this wonderful movie? If you would re-read all these reviews, check out imdb and other website reviews.......EVERYONE loves this movie and is anxiously waiting for YOU, TCM, to show it !!!! Also....with all the classic movies that have come out on DVD, there is absolutely NO excuse that Moment to Moment isnt out as well !!! The vhs copy isnt that great and we deserve to see a digitally remastered dvd copy - or at least get TCM to show it for us. C'mon !!!!!!!

  • Moment to Moment, 1966

    • Kevin Foster
    • 1/28/10

    This is a great movie with Jean Seberg and Honor Blackman with great theme music by Henri Mancini. It is now apparently only on VHS. It should be made into a DVD and broadcast on TCM. I don't know why this has not been done already. TCM, PLEASE schedule this movie to air in the near future. Thanks.

  • Moment To Moment (1965)

    • Pat
    • 1/26/10

    Such a shame this isn't on DVD. Could it be added to the monthly program list? I saw this movie on TV many decades ago but haven't forgotten it. It has a memorable Henry Mancini musical score. They don't make movies like this anymore. It's a shame that this jewel has been obscure for so long, can it be pulled out of the vault and aired out by a showing? Jean Seberg, the neglected housewife of Arthur Hill, has an affair with a sailor, Sean Garrison. The plot gets thick when an accidental murder takes place and then a surprise ending. Honor Blackman plays the next-door neighbor. James Bond affectionados will remember Jean her from Goldfinger. If you like a tragic love story you will thoroughly enjoy this tear jerker.

  • Moment to Moment

    • Karon C
    • 8/30/09

    My mom and I were just talking about this moive and how much we really would love to see it. That movie was really touching and I only remember seeing it once in my lifetime. I have searched Video Warehouse and Blockbuster Video and they both do not carry this video. I would really love to have that movie in my collection. Would TCM please find this movie and play it? If there is a copy of this movie somewhere, could you let a sista know so she can get it? Thanks. Also, love TCM Classic movies. Could you also play "The Promise"? That was another good love story.

  • "Moment to Moment" YES! I can relate!

    • Rick
    • 7/15/09

    I can relate to every comment made here concerning this film. I to saw this movie many years ago and it left a permenant mark in my memory and I have tried dilegently to find it to purchase. DVD, VHS I don't care. It truly is a wonderful classic if it can hold a firm place is so many peoples memory for so many years. With all due respect for Turner Classic Movies I would think Moment to Moment would be on their playlist.I was checking out Netflix to possibly join and looked into there library of films and no "Moment to Moment". Oh well, they lost a sale. That's how strongly I feel about the entertainment industry bringing this film back and making it available for purchase! Blu-ray Widescreen would be great!

  • Moment to Moment

    • Marion Barnes
    • 6/9/09

    I saw this movie years ago when I was in my late teens. I saw the movie only once on tv. For years I've searched the old movie listings for this movie. This is a wonderful and powerful love story. Please, Please, Please show this movie on TCM!!!! It is one of the best. If it were released on DVD I would buy it for sure. Until I read the other reviews/comments, I thought I was the only one searching for this timeless classic. Please show this movie and release it on DVD.

  • A moment in time

    • Michelle
    • 1/27/09

    I'm still trying to see Moment to Moment or purchase it. A great forgotten film. One of the best. I was sure that by now TCM would have found this beautiful love story and shown it, because it proves that amongst the worst possible trouble in a marriage the best can still come of it and couples remain together. Those gold doves in the raising moon-light can do wonders for romance.

  • Moment To Moment

    • Linda
    • 9/9/08

    This movie must be shown on TCM! It is one of the most powerful love stories ever filmed.

  • Moment to Moment

    • Deborah
    • 7/30/08

    42 years later my memory of the scenes, tension and power of this moving film remain vivid. Then with only the first 6 notes from the magnificant soundtrack: Mancini's "Moment to Moment" play and I guarantee chills that will last another 42 years. The notes played hauntingly connecting you to the characters thoughts/memory- where dialog would only interfere. This emotional film so intertwined with its musical counterpart pulls you right into their world for an extrodinary ride:The kind that you find yourself forgetting to breath if you weren't sobbing so hard. Powerful. I have looked for this film on TCM and on DVD for a long time now to no avail and I do so hope this is released on DVD and added to TCM channel very soon.

  • Moment to Moment

    • Barbara
    • 7/28/08

    I saw this film as a young girl, 42 years ago. What an emotional film; I had tears rolling down my face. I saw Sean Garrison on an episode of the Big Valley. It brought back memories of seeing him in Moment to Moment, playing the role of a handsome navy officer who had an affair. I've searched for this movie at Columbia House, although unsuccessful. Please make it available on DVD and add it to the fine collections of films played on TCM. I have an Affair to Remember and owning Moment to Moment completes my favorite all-time love stories. It's truly a classic and I loved it. I prefer DVD (in case I miss it on TCM).

  • Review Moment to Moment

    • Deborah
    • 6/26/08

    I saw this film as a young girl and loved it. The emotional complexities and the scene with the doves fluttering in the wind against the sun was just beautiful. Why isn't it available on DVD or being played on TCM?

  • True Love

    • Feroza
    • 4/5/08

    This is a classic love story of an neglected wife straying from her marriage. It is a movie about betrayal and forgiveness, with a happy ending.

  • Moment to Moment is a classic film.

    • swaybee
    • 1/27/08

    Moment to Moment is a classic film and is one of my very favorites. I could watch it over and over again. I'd also love to own a copy on DVD, I hope it becomes available soon. Please bring it to TCM screens soon.

  • show this classic

    • Michelle P
    • 10/19/07

    Moment to Moment is still one of my all time favorites. please bring it to the screen again. I was younger and don't remember all of it but I remember enough to want to see it ot can I get it. AMC won't help so how about TMC

  • Moment to Moment would be right at home on TCM!

    • carmine finamore
    • 7/25/07

    I have but only 3-Jean Seberg films on vhs.''The mouse that roared''(1959),''Let noman write my epitaph''(1960) and ''Momentto Moment''(1966). And i'm still waitingfor a widescreen release on dvd. A filmlike Moment to Moment would be right at home on TCM. This movie could be shown onsay Valentine's day with ''Strangers whenwe meet''(1960),''World of suzie wong''(1960),''Another time,Another place''(1958),''Falling in love''(1984) etc.

  • Show it soon,please!

    • del
    • 6/28/07

    I have 2,000 plus movies, and this wouldcomplete my film noir collection! Del

  • Fantastic

    • Jeanette
    • 6/22/07

    This was a fantastic movie. Another forgotten and great classical movie. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. Nothing like the 1950 and 1960's movies to bring back great memories of your youth!

  • Thank God for the Classics!

    • Jeanne Green
    • 6/17/07

    Yes!! you do have a record of this movie.Mystery and Intrigue, this movie has it all. PLEASE show this movie on TCM. I would be forever grateful. Is it possible for you to notify me as to when it might be shown? LOVE, Turner Classic Movies! Keep upt the good work, Thanks...Jeanne

  • I had been looking for this movie !!!

    • Robin
    • 6/11/07

    I could not remember the title of this movie only certain scenes. I had posted emails on the internet asking anybody to help me with the title of this movie.Then one day I came across a movie titled 'Moment BY Moment' with John Travolta and Lily Tomlin. I knew that was not the same movie but it just sounded so familiar so I researched it by 'Moment to Moment' and found my movie. I was so excited,I finally knew the title. I just can't find it anywhere.I really want to see this movie again. I think it is a very good love story.

  • Anyone else remember this movie??

    • Gengie
    • 4/20/07

    I saw this movie forty years ago. I have always remembered it because I remember there is a scene at the end where Neil and a shopkeeper have an encounter where they discuss a piece of a puzzle. Some how that missing piece of a puzzle tells Neil that Mark had seen his wife Kay- but Neil knows Kay really loves him and didn't love Mark.Thanks why I REALLY want to see the movie again before I die!!!!

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