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The Missourians

The Missourians(1950)

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When a notorious Missouri outlaw known as "Stash" reads a newspaper article crediting Marshal Bill Blades with the exceptionally low crime rate in Dorado, Texas, his partner, Polish American Nick Kovacs, mentions that his mother and brother Steve live there. The outlaws decide to visit Dorado, where they meet a shopkeeper, who tells Bill, a lawyer named John X. Finn, and one of Kovacs's henchmen, that Steve has recently stolen some goods from his shop. When Mayor McDowell suggests that Steve return to his native Poland, John defends Steve's rights as an American. Later, the gang goes to the Kovacs' cabin and pressures Steve to join them. The gang learns that the town has raised ten thousand dollars toward a new church, and Kovacs forces Steve to reveal which road he thinks the wagons carrying the church building supplies will take into town. The gang rides out to the road, and when Steve tries to warn the wagon train of the impending attack, Kovacs knocks him unconscious. Bill interrupts the robbery, but before escaping, the gang shoots his horse so that he cannot follow them. After Bill meets Lucius Paul Valentine, one of Kovacs' henchmen who claims to be the director of a Shakespeare company, he notices a dazed Steve wandering nearby. When Steve is questioned, he refuses to incriminate his brother, which prompts the mayor to demand his arrest. Later, John and Bill stuff the town's money into a shoe box, which they mail immediately for fear of being caught with the money. At the post office, they send the package to Bill's home via registered mail and are given a receipt in exchange. As they are leaving, however, Kovacs and the gang steal the receipt from them. A few days later, Postmaster Walt Williams attempts to deliver the package to Bill's home. There Bill's friend Peg has received a visit from Valentine, ostensibly to promote his company. When Valentine and Peg explain that Bill is out, Walt decides to wait for him. Kovacs and Valentine eventually knock out Walt, stealing both the package and a poster announcing Kovacs's fugitive status. Walt says he is sure Steve was behind the attack, as he saw the assailant wearing Steve's distinctive plaid shirt. Later, Kovacs, who stole Steve's shirt in order to frame him, forces his brother to confess publicly. While an angry lynch mob gathers outside, Bill and John find the remains of the poster, which has been burnt, and make out Kovacs's name on it. Suddenly, Kovacs and Valentine break into the jail, shoot the mayor and then escape. Valentine then lures Steve into the mayor's office, where Peg is treating the mayor's wounds. Through the window, Kovacs sees Steve enter the office, and after firing a shot at the mayor, drops the gun into the room to implicate Steve. Upon Bill's request, Steve reingratiates himself with the gang, to see what he can discover about them. Later, Steve tells Valentine that he has just learned about a shipment of gold to be made from a previously dormant mine. At the mine, however, the wagon is loaded with empty boxes, and when the gang attacks, Bill is poised to arrest them. The citizens build their church, and on the next Sunday morning, they gather for worship.