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The Mississippi Gambler

The Mississippi Gambler(1953)

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  • Finally available on DVD

    • AJ
    • 6/5/14

    The Mississippi Gambler, with Tyrone Power and Piper Laurie, is currently @ 6/ 4/14 being offered for sale on DVD through Finally! Such a good movie.

  • Riverboat Adventure and Romance

    • Fangirl
    • 5/21/14

    Mississippi Gambler is one of Tyrone Power's most enjoyable movies. He and his costars John McIntyre, Piper Laurie, and beautiful Julie Adams give great performances and are terrifically picturesque. The story is a pretty simple one about a hard won love, with some nice twists and turns to keep things visually and emotionally interesting. Beautiful production values render Mississippi Gambler very easy to enjoy. As many have stated, this popular movie is a real beauty that's rarely seen and deserves to be aired on TCM and issued on DVD. Let's hope someone opens the vault and lets this movie gem out sometime soon.

  • Love this movie

    • Mara Scanlon
    • 5/10/14

    I can't believe this movie is not out on DVD when there's so many others not worth two cents which are.

  • mississippi gambler

    • Rashid Uddin
    • 3/14/14

    I do not know why this movie is not available on DVD, there have been a lot of requests, there mustbe a reason, but I don't know why

  • mississippi gambler

    • Douglas Graetz
    • 3/3/14

    My favorite movie of all times. the year ,I was born and it had the best cast ever..wish it was on dvd

  • mississippi gambler

    • marg
    • 2/9/14

    love this movie is it ever going to be on tcm channel????

  • Lovely Romantic Story

    • dcb
    • 8/17/13

    The movie has beautiful costumes, senery and a good story with lots of romantic tension. Tyrone Power as gambler/fencer Mark Fallon is as always, a handsome, dashing and charismatic leading man who elevates the film through his presence in it. Piper Laurie is fiesty and beautiful as the too proud southern bell he loves. The nostalgic 'Old South along the river' atmosphere is a perfect setting for this pretty love story. Good support by the rest of the cast keeps things moving along briskly. Rare, hard to find on DVD, it would be great if TCM would consider showing sometime

  • Fantastic

    • Tom Elsass
    • 3/31/13

    One of the best Tyronne Power movies ever. Please get this on DVD ASAP.

  • TYRONE Power Mississippi Gambler

    • Georgia Webster
    • 2/9/13

    This movie is one of his best movie ever it is so sad that it has not yet been released on dvd with close caption for the hearing impaired, so lets get to work and see that this amazing movie get out there!


    • RON
    • 10/30/12


  • Mississippi Gambler

    • Jsturges
    • 8/26/12

    One of Tyrone Power's best movies. Please put this on DVD. Thank you.

  • The Mississippi Gambler

    • Ellen T.
    • 8/25/12

    This is one of Tyrone Power's best movies. Please, please put this out on dvd.

  • the mississippi gambler

    • robert evans
    • 8/4/12


  • The Mississippi Gambler

    • John T Hughes
    • 3/28/12

    This is a great entertaining film----It should be on DVD. An authentic piece of Pre-Civil War Americana, steamboats, costumes, manners, gallantry, period sets, romance and actors who are handsome, beautiful and can act. a very good score (love the banjo in the opening credits). It was made in an the last era of optimism in America. Tyrone Power was a great actor and this is one of his best!John T Hughes

  • The Mississippi Gambler

    • Mary Williams
    • 1/8/12

    Love this movie. Classic love story with such a fine actor in the lead Tyrone Power!

  • Mississippi Gambler

    • janis Farrar
    • 12/7/11

    When will TCM be showing some of Tyrone Power Movies. I hope that "The Mississippi Gambler" be one of the movies.

  • Mississippi Gambler

    • Ron
    • 8/12/11

    I have been trying to find the movie on DVD. Is it available ? If so, who has it ?

  • mississippi gambler

    • irene corbett
    • 8/11/11

    I am an avid watcher of TCM and froth at the mouth when watching thise great movies,but I can get quite disturbed when you highlight or showcase an actor or actress, and show the same movies over and over, when there as so many other great movies that these actors have done and you haven't showed them or even mention them. In particular, Tyrone Power, what a great actor. He's made such great movies like the Mississippi Gambler, with Piper Laurie, Julie Adams, etc. Such a great story. The riverboat scenes were enchanting to say the least. There are other movies this man starred in that were tremendous stories like Prince of Foxes and The Black Rose with Orson Welles, The Son of Fury, Captain of Castile, and I could go on. It's just too bad that an actor whose screen image and versatility in various roles is chained in some dungeon.

  • The Mississippi Gambler

    • Ellen T
    • 6/6/11

    This is one of the better Tyrone Power Movies. I have been searching for it for a long time but have not beenable to find it on dvd. It would make a great addition to any movie library. Too bad it can not be made available for purchase.

  • The Mississippi Gambler

    • Brenda Adams
    • 4/1/11

    I love this movie above all Tyrone Power movies. This movie is by for one of his best romantic movie in his life time. I can,t wait until it comes out on DVD. I hope they put it on DVD soon. Thanks

  • Mississippi Gambler

    • Drew
    • 12/31/10

    I love this movie. Tyrone Power and Piper Laurie did a beautifuljob of acting. You need to put on DVD so as every one maytake advantage by seeing

  • The Mississippi Gambler

    • Sharon
    • 7/2/10

    I love this movie. I love watching the passion between Tyrone Power and Piper Laurie, the old-fashioned romance, the dance of her ambivalent attraction, and his knowing that the love he has for her will conquer all. The dialog throughout this film is absolutely wonderful! There is one scene in particular between Mark and Mr. Dureaux where they are engaged in a candid man-to-man conversation about [women] the chasteness of Anjelique due to her mother having died in childbirth. I thought it was just priceless! (-:The Mississippi Gambler has it all, cameras, action sequences, melodrama, ...ROLL IT! SOON?! (-:

  • Mississippi Gambler

    • JF
    • 6/28/10

    This movie is as good as it gets for old fashioned romance. It is my favorite even over "Gone With The Wind" Tyrone Power is handsome and authoritive. Piper Laurie and Julie Adams and all the supporting cast are great. Please play it once a year even if only to honor one of the stars. Also could we have it on DVD Soon. It is wonderful entertainment. Better that the movies of today.

  • I Love Old Movies!

    • Williams
    • 6/13/09

    I would love to add this movie to my collection of old movies.Thanks

  • "The Mississippi Gambler" A fantastic love story.

    • Marlene Andrew
    • 4/17/09

    I remember when "The Mississippi Gambler" first came out I was a young woman. I am now 70 years old and not much time left. Please release this movie SOON!Let us not forget Julie Adams, she was outstanding also.

  • Tyrone Power & Piper Larie smoke up the screen.

    • Tvonne DeWitt
    • 12/24/08

    I saw this movie on T.V. about 18 years ago and have been trying to get a copy ever since. The story steams up the screen. Tyrone Power and Piper Lorie are electric together. I loved the whole movie. A classic! I wish TCM would show it once in a while. I had me routing for the people involved. A movie I could watch over again.....

  • One of Tyrone's Best Movie.

    • Ellen Carter
    • 9/16/08

    I love this movie so much. I would like to own this movie one day. I love Tyrone Power. He is a excellent actor. Why do you sometimes have a tribute to him and show all of his movies except this one? I love a good romance book and a good romance movie.

  • Mississippi Gambler - What a waste not to air.

    • Bob and Jenny
    • 9/12/08

    1953 with Tyrone Power and Piper Laurie. All kinds of reasons to air...photograhy,excellent period piece, will give present viewers a look at PLaurie the way she was (not in later films), excellent fencing scenes, etc. etc. AND it's UNAVAILABLE to readily buy or rent. Good singular promo opportunity.

  • fans in wanting

    • a.hubbard
    • 8/8/08

    I have been looking all over for this movie, and I am not a big fan of buying movies unless I feel they are truly worth buying. Why is this movie not on disc? Maybe 8 or 9 years I've been searching and I just want to give up. We younger generation still like to look at good quality movies- whether they are black and white or color. Please put Mr.Powers entire collection of movies out on disc. It is unfair and extremely frustrating to his fans to only have some of his movies and not all. It's almost like coming to a resolution to not buy any if you can't have them all. Please make the Mississippi Gambler available.

  • The Missippi Gambler

    • Linda LaNGLINAIS
    • 4/24/08

    Wonder why this excellent, romantic movie has not been released on DVD as yet. My husband and I and several of our family and friends are most interested in adding this film to our collection of classics to hear. We would be ever so grateful if this wonderful movie could be made available.Hopeing to hear something soon.Linda Lnglinais.

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