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A Millionaire for Christy

A Millionaire for Christy(1951)


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A Millionaire for Christy A woman sets her hat for a man... MORE > $14.36 Regularly $17.99 Buy Now


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A Millionaire for Christy A woman sets her hat for a man... MORE > $14.36
Regularly $17.99
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Legal secretary Christabel Sloane, who works in the San Francisco office of lawyer J. C. Thompson, complains about her desperate financial state to her pal, fellow secretary Patsy Clifford. When Thompson orders Christy to go to Los Angeles and inform Peter Ulysses Lockwood that his uncle in Argentina has died and left him twenty-four millon pesos, which equals two million dollars, the pragmatic Patsy advises her to romance Peter before telling him that he is a millionaire. Christy protests that she cannot become a gold digger, but Patsy's words ring in her ears as she makes the journey. Unknown to Christy, Peter is the host of the Golden State Philosopher radio show, on which he offers homilies and moral tales about sharing good fortune. On the day that Christy arrives, Peter is pre-recording ten shows, as he is about to be married to heiress June Chandler. When Christy knocks on Peter's door, she is surprised by the handsome radio host and follows Patsy's advice to swoon in his arms. Peter, who is dressed only in his tuxedo shirt and boxer shorts, is baffled by the mysterious woman's appearance and carries her to his bed. Christy "awakens" and acts seductively, but Peter, who believes that she is mentally unstable, is impervious. Just then, psychiatrist Roland Cook, who is to be Peter's best man at the wedding, despite his bitterness over losing June to Peter, enters the apartment and assumes that notorious lothario Peter is having one last fling before his marriage. While Peter is in the living room trying to explain to Cook, Christy, unaware that Peter is not listening, is in the bathroom explaining his inheritance. Peter and Cook then leave without Christy, although she follows them to the Chandler mansion. There, Cook refuses to be part of the wedding, and a bewildered Christy inadvertently gives the impression that she is Peter's girl friend, whom he has abandoned for June. Christy's erratic behavior and insistence that Peter has inherited a fortune in pesos convince everyone that she is unbalanced, and June calls off the wedding until Peter can clear himself. Peter takes Christy and dashes off in pursuit of Cook, who is heading to his clinic in La Jolla. Fog rolls in during the trip, and Peter drives into the ocean. The weary couple are found by a group of Mexican railroad workers, who, mistaking them for newlyweds, welcome them into their boxcar home. After enjoying a night of dancing and drinking tequila, Peter and Christy stand in the moonlight and kiss. In the morning, Peter denies his attraction to Christy and takes her to Cook, who realizes that Christy is in love with Peter. Hoping to regain June for himself, Cook conspires with Christy to perpetuate her "illness" and force Peter to humor her in order to effect a cure. After installing Christy and Peter in a nearby hotel, Cook summons June, who is enraged when Peter again succumbs to Christy's charms and kisses her passionately. Peter persuades June that he was following Cook's advice, however, and soon after, the glum Cook and Christy get drunk together in the hotel bar. Cook, who now knows the truth about Peter's inheritance, bemoans the fact that his clinic is facing financial ruin, and he and Christy approach Peter and June with a bottle of tequila and a handful of community charity pledge cards. After imbibing several drinks, Peter, still believing that he is humoring Christy, pledges his two million dollars to various La Jolla charities, including Cook's clinic. The next morning, a hungover Peter is awakened by a stream of well-wishers, all congratulating him on his generosity. Upon learning that he really did inherit the two million dollars he has given away, Peter is dumbfounded, and June angrily upbraids him. Believing that he owes Christy an apology for thinking that she was crazy, Peter follows her to a train station, where he smokes her out by throwing burning papers into the ladies room in which she is hiding. Peter declares his love for her, and the happy couple then escapes the pursuing police and reporters by jumping aboard a traincar carrying their Mexican friends.