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So's Your Aunt Emma

So's Your Aunt Emma(1942)

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Elderly spinster "Aunt" Emma Bates shocks her unmarried sisters when she takes a train to New York to watch a boxing match featuring her former sweetheart's son, Mickey O'Banion. On the day of the match, reporter Terry Connors is demoted to sports writer by his editor, Evans, for failing to get the scoop on the kidnapping of criminal lawyer Rex Crenshaw. Terry's fiancée Maris then breaks off their engagement for failing to meet her at the marriage license bureau because he was trying to get the story on Crenshaw. When he goes to the arena that night to report on the boxing match, Terry gives his spare ticket to Aunt Emma, who is unable to get in because the match is sold out. Terry is surprised to see Gus Hammond, Mickey's manager, as he suspects him of kidnapping Crenshaw because he represents gangster Flower Henderson, who was about to reveal some major evidence against Hammond to a grand jury. Hammond's thugs, Joe and Duke, see Terry talking to Aunt Emma and assume that she is the notorious old gun moll Ma Parker. Henderson, meanwhile, orders his thugs to get rid of Duke and Joe, and tells his girl friend Zelda to become friendly with Mickey. Mickey wins the fight, and, unaware that it was fixed, Aunt Emma goes to his dressing room and urges him to train with her out in the country. Duke and Joe then force her into a room and, still under the impression that she is Ma Parker, insist that she stay out of their business. Aunt Emma is unafraid, but after she leaves the room, Henderson's men shoot the thugs, and Aunt Emma is sought for their murder. Unaware of the double murder, Aunt Emma and Terry go to Henderson's nightclub, and Terry becomes upset because Maris is now performing there. Zelda flirts with Mickey, then secretly calls Gus to tell him that Mickey is double-crossing him. At the same time, Henderson's gunman, Blackie Hale, is making a deal with Mickey to throw the next fight. Terry becomes suspicious when he sees Blackie with Mickey and takes an envelope intended for Henderson that Blackie asks a hat check girl to deliver. When Terry tries to phone in the story, Evans fires him for missing the double murder at the arena. Terry gives the envelope to Aunt Emma for safekeeping, and warns her that Henderson is trying to frame Mickey. Blackie captures Terry and beats him to get the envelope, while Gus comes to the club to confront Mickey. Gus shoots Mickey, and later claims self-defense. While Mickey is recuperating in the hospital, Aunt Emma gives Maris a stern talk and she and Terry reunite. After Mickey is kidnapped from the hospital, Terry and Aunt Emma hatch a plan to rescue him, for which she impersonates Ma Parker and infiltrates Henderson's gang. Aunt Emma claims that she can locate Crenshaw, and although Zelda is suspicious, Henderson is taken in by Aunt Emma's tough act. Just as Aunt Emma has gained Henderson's confidence, Hammond bursts into the room, shoots Henderson and kidnaps Maris and Aunt Emma. They are followed by Terry and investigating detective Miller, who break into the hideout. A gunfight erupts, during which Hammond is captured, and Crenshaw, Mickey, Aunt Emma and Maris are freed. When Terry calls Evans with his scoop on Hammond's capture, he negotiates a promotion, pay raise, and two weeks honeymoon leave before he agrees to give Evans the story. Aunt Emma brings Mickey home to her shocked sisters. Using her newfound tough talk, Aunt Emma insists that because they prevented her from marrying Mickey's father, she now demands that they allow Mickey to live with them while she trains him.