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Meet Me After the Show

Meet Me After the Show(1951)

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Meet Me After the Show The star of a Broadway show... MORE > $14.91
Regularly $19.98
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Broadway star Delilah Lee deeply loves her husband, producer-director Jeffrey Ames, but is tired of the widely circulated story that Jeff discovered her in a seedy Miami nightclub and transformed her into a classy entertainer. Jeff, who is so busy that he neglects his beautiful wife, disparages her superstitious reliance upon her "lucky" garter and declares that she is a success because he made her one. Delilah, whom Jeff calls "Sheba" in private, is still being romantically pursued by singer Chris Leeds, whom she met in Miami one month before she met Jeff, but she gently discourages his attentions. Delilah is infuriated to learn that Jeff lied to her about the backer of their current show, and that the real backer is sexy Gloria Carstairs. When Delilah catches Gloria giving Jeff a steamy kiss, she files for divorce, and Jeff is served with the papers during a performance. Jeff complains to his lawyer and friend, Timothy Wayne, who advises him to apologize. Protesting his innocence, Jeff refuses, and later, Delilah tells Tim that she and Jeff have drifted apart, and that Jeff was obsessed with changing her. Tim urges Delilah to rediscover the things that made her and Jeff fall in love, and tells her about an amnesiac who fell in love with him. With neither Jeff nor Delilah willing to apologize, their case is brought to court, where the judge awards Delilah $2,500 a month in maintenance. The irate Jeff is further antagonized when Delilah, hoping to get him to capitulate, arranges for a doctor's excuse to get her out of her contract with the show. With Delilah not performing, the show loses money and Jeff falls behind in his alimony. Hoping to prove that Delilah is not ill and can return to work, Jeff takes her out to a nightclub and tricks her into singing. Delilah, who had been hoping for a reconciliation, is crushed when she uncovers Jeff's ruse and has him arrested for failing to pay the alimony. Tim bails Jeff out of jail, and Jeff bitterly declares that he will engineer a marriage between Delilah and Chris to end his alimony payments. Jeff assures Chris that he is going to divorce Delilah, but as they are talking, they learn that Delilah has been injured in a car accident. They race to the doctor's office and learn that Delilah suffered a concussion and might have amnesia. Delilah has fled, however, and when Jeff goes to her apartment, he learns that she did not recognize her maid Tillie and then left town. Jeff and Chris discover that under her original name, Kitty Lee, Delilah has gone to Miami, and they follow on the next plane. After a long search, they find Delilah singing in her old nightclub and acting as if she has no memory of the previous seven years. Delilah does remember Chris but Jeff is upset when she does not remember him and ignores him. Suspecting that Delilah is faking, Jeff keeps a close eye on her and is annoyed when she dates David Hemingway, a good-looking but unambitious yachtsman. The next night, Jeff apologizes to Delilah for his earlier behavior, but when she is baffled by his pronouncement, he is convinced that her amnesia is genuine. Delilah then accepts Davey's marriage proposal, and Jeff, desperate to forestall the wedding, promises to get her a job at Miami's biggest hotel. Delilah agrees to postpone the wedding, and her opening night at the hotel is a smash. Delilah's exuberant performance makes Jeff realize that her stardom is the result of her talent, not his, and that she would have been a star regardless of his help. Determined to win her back, Jeff is horrified when Delilah announces that she is leaving with Davey in the morning, and that she wants him and Chris to accompany them to give her away. In the morning, the trio board Davey's tiny "yacht," and when Jeff ridicules the boat, Delilah finally slips up and reveals that she has been faking her amnesia. Davey tries to sock Jeff for insulting Delilah but winds up in the water, and when Jeff dives in to rescue him, Delilah accidentally hits him on the head with an oar. Later, at the hospital, Delilah and Chris learn that Jeff is suffering from a real case of amnesia. Delilah is grief-stricken, and over the next few weeks, lovingly tends to Jeff while his memory slowly returns. On the night that the show re-opens, Delilah wishes that Jeff would once again call her Sheba, and he watches from the wings as she performs. When the finale is over, Jeff embraces Delilah and calls her Sheba, and with his health restored, happily joins her onstage for a curtain call.