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Master Minds

Master Minds(1949)

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Horace Debussy "Sach" Jones is reading Famous Predictions of Nostradamus in Louie Dumbrowsky's sweet shop when his Bowery cohort, Slip Mahoney, gets mad at him and hits him on the head with his hat. Sach then complains of a toothache and goes into a trance during which he predicts that their friend, Gabe Moreno, will walk through the door. Although Slip tells him that Gabe has just got a job and therefore would not be visiting Louie's, Sach replies that Gabe has already lost the job. Unconvinced, Slip is about to return the book to the library when Gabe walks in. Slip realizes that Sach has predicted the future and, after another demonstration of his abilities, decides to turn Sach into a carnival sideshow attraction. As "Ali Ben Sachmo, The Bowery Prophet," Sach is able to predict the future as long as he is in a toothache-induced trance. To ensure his continued success, the boys force-feed him candy. Meanwhile, at the Forsythe Mansion, the crazed Dr. Druzik is injecting serum from human lymphatic glands into Atlas, his monster patient, in order to give him more human characteristics and turn him into the strongest man in the world. Atlas lacks a brain, but when Druzik sees a newspaper account of Sach's amazing mind he decides to transplant Sach's brain into his monster. Druzik and his assistant Otto attend one of Sach's shows and kidnap him. Sach wakes up in Druzik's laboratory and is introduced to Atlas while Druzik talks with his other assistant, Nancy Marlowe, whom he is blackmailing, about the master race he will create to do his bidding. Meanwhile, Slip thinks that Sach has gone to have his toothache cured and sends the boys to check all the local dentists. At the laboratory, Druzik transfers Sach's brain into Atlas' body by using electrical currents. After the procedure, Sach can only growl while Atlas has acquired Sach's voice and mannerisms. Atlas escapes and goes to the sweet shop where he terrorizes the boys, who eventually persuade him to take them to Sach. Meanwhile, Sach has been imprisoned in a cage but, by bending the bars, he escapes then suddenly becomes himself again. Atlas, too, reverts to his former being and attacks the boys as they are entering the mansion. After Druzik and his men find Atlas and Sach, he performs another "treatment" so they once more assume each other's characteristics. Gabe has arrived at the mansion but Whitey, one of the gang, mistakenly hits him on the head. He is soon discovered by Nancy, who agrees to help him, explaining that she is being blackmailed by Druzik about a patient's death, even though she was not responsible. Louie has tried to persuade the county constable to accompany him to the mansion but, as he believes it to be haunted, the officer refuses and Louie goes alone. Slip and the others are captured and forced to watch as Druzik begins a final, permanent transformation on Sach. However, Louie, dressed in a suit of armor, crashes into the operating room and destroys the equipment. Sach, in his Atlas persona, breaks loose from the table and attacks Louie, while Atlas tries to stop him. After Sach reverts to his usual self, he locks Atlas in a cage. The constable has decided to come after all, and arrests Druzik and his associates. Back at the carnival, Slip and the others feed Sach the usual candies, but discover that he has swallowed the tooth that induced the trance, thereby putting an end to his career as a prophet.