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The Masked Rider

The Masked Rider(1941)

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At the Mina de Plata de La Compañia Valdez in Mexico, workers prepare a silver shipment worth $16,000. Jean, co-owner of the mine, worries that the "White Mask" and his gang will steal the shipment again, but her partner, Don Sebastian, refuses to send for help. As Jean and Don Sebastian ride back to their hacienda, Douglas, their mine foreman, orders the mules unpacked, but leaves before the vault can be opened to protect the silver. Two saddle tramps, Larry Prescott and Patches, wander to the mine looking for food just as the White Mask and his gang attack. With the cowboys' help, the outlaws are forced to flee, though Larry does capture one of the gang. Before he can question the outlaw, however, the White Mask kills the man, then rides away. Taken back to the hacienda, Larry recognizes Jean as the daughter of his old captain in the Rangers. She tells him of their problems with the White Mask, and how she and Don Sebastian are about to lose their home because of it. Larry offers to go for help, but Don Sebastian reads a note from the White Mask, threatening to kill any man who does so. Although Don Sebastian refuses to risk his men's lives for his financial interest, José, one of the workers, goes for help anyway. Luke, one of the White Mask's men, tries to kill Larry, but is captured instead. When the White Mask arrives at the mine, however, both he and Luke manage to escape Larry's clutches. Later, during a fiesta, both Larry and Patches find romance. Larry attracts the attentions of Margerita, Don Sebastian's daughter, much to the chagrin of Douglas, her other suitor. Patches, in turn, falls for dancer Carmencita. The fiesta comes to an abrupt end when Jose's dead body is discovered, with a note attached from the White Mask promising more of the same. Larry then comes up with the idea of using two mule trains to ship the silver, one that he will lead which will be empty, and a second secret one with the silver which will be led by Patches. Larry is suspicious of Douglas, and does not tell him of the plan, but Douglas discovers the second mule train anyway. Larry's suspicions turn out to be correct, as Douglas is indeed the White Mask. As his gang is about to attack the first train, Douglas arrives and redirects them to the second. Seeing the outlaws about to attack, Patches sends Jean for Larry. The second train is captured and Patches warns that Larry is on his way, but Douglas is pleased by the thought, seeing it as a chance to settle an old score. At the gang's hideout, Patches and Don Sebastian manage to escape and steal back the silver wagon. Discovering their prisoners and silver gone, Douglas and the gang take off after the wagon, with Larry and his posse in close pursuit. The wagon tips over, forcing Patches and Don Sebastian to shoot it out with Douglas until Larry arrives. Outgunned, the outlaws are captured, and Larry pulls off Douglas' mask, exposing him to all. Back at the hacienda, Don Sebastian offers Douglas' old job to Larry, but he refuses until Margerita offers him some encouragement. Larry agrees to consider the position if Patches approves. A sleeping Patches is then pushed into a pond by Carmencita for refusing to sing to her. Quickly awakened, Patches offers to sing "anything your little heart desires."