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Mark of the Lash

Mark of the Lash(1948)

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U.S. Marshal "Lash" La Rue and his pal "Fuzzy" have been asked by storekeeper Lem Kimberly to help bring law and order to his town. Saloon owner Lance Taggert, who has plans to take over the valley, has just hanged the last lawman on trumped-up charges. Colt Jackson, Taggert's henchman, reports the news of Lash's impending arrival, and Taggert sends Jackson, Ace and Jeff to intercept Lash and kill him. However, they mistake another man, territorial land representative Bill Gunnerson, for Lash and attack him. Lash rides to help Gunnerson but arrives too late to save him. On his body, Lash finds a letter, addressed to rancher Danny Phillips from his uncle Dave, which indicates that Gunnerson will be able to prove Danny's claim to water rights at Stone Canyon Springs. Danny goes with his sister Mary to town and challenges Taggert. When Jackson tries to start a fistfight with Danny, Lash intervenes, and during the ensuing fight, Taggert finds the letter to Danny after it falls from Lash's pocket. Taggert assumes that Lash is Gunnerson, and Lash decides to impersonate Gunnerson with Danny and Mary as well. They invite Lash and Fuzzy to stay at their ranch and explain that Taggert, in trying to take over all water rights, has fenced in the only spring and dammed up the outlet, which has caused numerous ranchers to abandon their land. The next day, Taggert and his men come to the ranch and demand payment for watering cattle which have managed to get into the spring. Ace picks a fight with Danny, then draws a gun and shoots at him, but Lash shoots and kills Ace. Taggert has appointed himself sheriff and gives Lash until midnight to give himself up, or be declared an outlaw. After Danny blows up the dam, Taggert lures him into an ambush, but Lash and Fuzzy come to his rescue. That night, Kimberly comes to the ranch to tell them that Taggert is holding a trial in his saloon and will doubtlessly find them guilty, enabling his gunmen to shoot them legally on sight. At the saloon, after Taggert tries to frame Danny for killing the man he thought was Lash, Lash reveals his true identity and points out that Danny cannot be guilty as he is very much alive. Although Lash and Danny are told to leave town by midnight, they decide to stay, and in a gunfight with Taggert and his men, Lem and Danny are injured while Lash and Fuzzy continue the battle. Lash shoots one gunman after another until Jackson gets the drop on him. After Jackson is then surprised by Fuzzy, Lash challenges him to see who is quicker on the draw and wins. Later, Lash bluffs Taggert by saying he knows he is wanted by the U.S. Marshal's office, and Taggert rides off. After a long chase, Lash knocks Taggert off his horse with his whip, and a fistfight ensues. Lem, Danny and Mary thank Lash and Fuzzy for their help.