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A Man to Remember

A Man to Remember(1938)

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  • Amazed!!

    • Alice
    • 11/4/17

    I stand utterly amazed that this film, with the number of excellent comments about it from the folks who viewed it, has taken since 2012 to be shown again. There are so many films, as good as they are, are shown sometimes twice in a single month. While true u classics like this one, takes 5 years before it is shown again. That is not to say the other films are not great. The point is that films like " A Man to Remember", remains in the vault.Please, reconsider your cheduling practices, and take a little motor time as you decide which films you will air, how often you air them, and include lost gems like this film at least once or twice a year. Thank you.

  • Lost Credits

    • Victoria Bergesen
    • 4/23/12

    I have seen this movie several times now. The Flemish subtitles are now explained, but I still don't understand why the paperwork shown is all in Flemish. Did they actually reshoot movie scenes to put papers in different languages? This would be interesting to know.I also think it is important to note that Dalton Trumbo is the screenwriter.

  • Eat Your Heart Out Ayn Rand!

    • Classylady
    • 4/21/11

    Please let us know when this 5 star 1938 film, "Remember This Man," will be shown again. Thanks!

  • Eat Your Heart Out Ayn Rand!

    • Classylady
    • 4/20/11

    This 5 Star 1938 black and white Hollywood film has much to say about those times and about our times too. It's a gem, a treasure, a classic. "Doc" John Abbot, played by Edward Ellis, shows us how with a lot of personal dignity he made a difference in his little world inspite of difficult circumstances. "Doc" Abbot goes about his professional career tending to his community of 4000, especially the poor who can't pay him and the rich who ignore him or, worse, refuse to pay him well for his services rendered. It's an emotionally rich film echoing the effects of the Great Depression where the poor are really poor and the rich live separately from them even in a tiny town like "Doc" Abbot's. As a medical doctor, John Abbot could have lived well if he hadn't decided to take care of all those unwashed poor folks from the wrong side of town. But "Doc" Abbot struggled like Jimmy Stewart, never getting rich and constantly having to do battle against not just one greedy, heartless Mr. Potter, but against three! How he fought and won his battles against them was portrayed in a way so un-Hollywood that seeing Dutch subtitles in this classic film seemed somehow very appropriate. May this film find large audiences at holiday times and on TMC late at night so people like me can finally record it from start to finish. As for me, it has become my cherished companion film along side Jimmy Stewart's film, "It's a Wonderful Life!" It is a 5 star movie to cherish and see with your family and friends again and again.

  • Why this was lost?

    • Teddy
    • 4/20/11

    I watched this movie last night and was at first confused about the Dutch subtitles. Then as I'm watching the scene when Dick comes home and kisses Jean and realizes she is not his biological sister, but adopted sister, and they are suddenly romantically attracted- I'm thinking, was this why this movie was "lost"- Did this offend enough to take it out of circulation? I've read more since then and found nothing about this part of the story offensive. Just curious if anyone else thought this.

  • A man to remember

    • W. Wijnberg
    • 11/25/10

    I turned on TCM after the start of the movie so did not see the introduction. I was quite surprised to see the Dutch subtitles (I am Dutch!). When I later checked the web to find out about the subtitles I found it was the only copy left, found in a Dutch movie museum.Interesting is not just the fact that the subtitles were in Dutch, but that the snippets of text in the movie were also in Dutch. That showed some extraordinary effort to make the movie acceptable for the Dutch in those early years, when not that many ordinary Dutchmen understood English.More extraordinary considering that the Dutch speaking public is but a tiny part of the Western world!I liked the movie. It reminded me of our own family physician who would come to our house on his bicycle when we had an illness!

  • A Man To Remember

    • Craig A Washington
    • 11/17/10

    First of all, let me thank TCM for airing this wonderful and heartwarming movie. The movies of today can't hold a candle to classics like these. No profanity, no gratuitous violence AND no sex??!! A movie that promotes character over greed and selfishness? A movie that expounds good morals with an excellent plot as well? I say BRING IT ON!!! I simply love the doctor and his devoted assistant. They show such genuine care and empathy to the less fortunate without thought of rewards that it nearly brings tears to my eyes. I also love how the doctor takes a stand to help the community without leaving them in the cold. Even his son is eventually won over by his father's gentle and caring ways. This movie made such a profound impression on me that I have never forgotten it. TCM, you have a fan for life!! Please continue airing movies like these. God Bless You!!

  • The subtitles

    • Jarrod McDonald
    • 9/2/09

    For those who commented about the subtitles...there is an explanation given before the film starts. It says that this film was believed to be lost, and a nitrate print was discovered in a European museum. They restored the original print, which is in English but had the subtitles put on it for international distribution. It's a small price for us to pay so that the whole world can continue to see and enjoy this important piece of American cinema.

  • Wonderful

    • Dianne
    • 10/15/08

    This was a very nice movie. I've never seen it before. So many movies of this age are so much better than the modern movies of today. It had a plot and a wonderful cast. I was entertained and didn't have to sit through the gratuitous violence and sex scenes that are in so much of today's 'entertainment'. Many times, I am watching a movie and there is a nude sex scene for no reason whatsoever other than to sell tickets. Bravo to Turner for showing good movies I can feel safe allowing my family to see. However,I do wish Turner would give a clue why it had the subtitles. They were no way distracting, just curious.

  • Lesson for today !

    • Ann Colby
    • 6/2/08

    What a wonderful movie. Reminds me of values that I was taught (through example, not lectures) by my parents.I grew up in the fifties and my father was a doctor (osteopath). We weren't by any means rich - we lived in an older section of Kansas City, Missouri and my father must have treated all the poor people of that section (all colors, nationalities, ages). And many times he never got paid - or accepted payment through an exchange of work, food, or simply received a "thank you!" Many a time, patients would knock on our door or my dad would leave at any time to go for a "house call." We also usually had an elderly person living with us (not just a relative) -"Billy" was a man we took in because his family was moving and he didn't want to go into a nursing home. I remember him till this day and he died over 50 years ago. This movie brought me back to my youth & reminds me of how luckY I was and am!

  • Bless you, TCM

    • james duncan
    • 6/2/08

    I came on this film half-way through and was startled by the German (?) subtitles accompanying the English dialogue at first, but was soon caught up in this very warm and human story. This is just the type of film that makes your service invaluable and I commend and thank you and urge you to continue to acquire such "lost" movies. P.S, If only it were required viewing for the medical profession

  • practice of medicine

    • tom wilwson
    • 3/7/08

    this movie exemplifies what the pracitice of medicine is all about, or should be about. There semed to be alot of doctors like this years ago - part of the greatest generation. They are disappearing fast. This should be shown to all medical students.

  • An Emotional Journey

    • Felix DeMott
    • 3/6/08

    I loved this movie! It should have wider distribution or should be repeated by TCM.I explained it to my wife and she wants to see it.Selfless devotion to ones' fellow man is a message that our young children need to see. They need to see this movie!Since they have no heroes, only sports heroes, and many of them are so weak and are sending wrong messages of greed, a me first attitude, and the love of the almighty dollar. A great, moving, movie!!

  • A real tear jerker

    • Mark
    • 3/3/08

    This film is a great testament to the country doctor. We seem to forget that in the early part of the last centurydoctors existed because of a will to heal and help. I knew such a doctor in the 60's. I wish he could have seen this film. It is a small redemption for a lifetime of sacrifice.Well acted a great score and a hopeful message

  • Hidden Gem

    • Scott
    • 5/28/07

    I caught this movie over Memorial Day weekend, and I was riveted from the start.

  • Great Movie

    • annette
    • 4/13/07

    While the movie moved in kind of a "choppy manner";the script is just infinitely interesting in the number of social issues that are raised that are still relevent today-I want to buy this movie so that I can watch it again,and really absorb the profound issues that this movie examines-Annette Cooper

  • What An Unexpected Pleasure

    • Ralph
    • 4/12/07

    I missed the first three or four minutes of the movie, and was therefore confused by the "Dutch" captions. But I was riveted to the film from the beginning. I was happy to be able to read all the information about it on the website. The story is rich and rewarding, and the acting superb. Nice job. Please re-run it soon!

  • A Pre-"It's A Wonderful Life"

    • Sharon Clonts
    • 4/12/07

    Thanks to TCM for brining to us these "lost & found" movies. I have especially enjoyed 4 or should I say 2 because 2 were remakes of the other 2. That is, of course "Rafter Romance" and "Living on Love" both charming movies. But especially I would like to comment on your showing of the 2: "One Man's Journey" and "A Man to Remember" I felt they were a prequeal to "It's A Wonderful Life" Truly inspiring. Interestingly the 2 also took place in a small town with a theme of making money vs. real service to others. Thank you TCM for hunting them up and showing them.

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