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Magnificent Obsession

Magnificent Obsession(1954)

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  • this movie

    • TCM fan
    • 11/27/17

    The first time I watched this movie, I enjoyed it even though it was totally unbelievable. It is entertainment, and even has a good message. After reading the other reviews here, I doubt I could ever enjoy watching it again. The main distraction is Jane Wyman's hair - internet photos of her without rigid bangs and also as a blonde show her as the gorgeous woman she was. Her hairstylist should have been fired. The color photo shows her as a red head - why did 50's Hollywood want every female star to be a red head? Even Rita Hayworth, a natural brunette was made into a red head.

  • Superior Stupid Soap Opera Schmaltz

    • Tawny
    • 6/26/17

    Rock Hudson plays the ultimate heel/cad/whiny rich guy whose carelessness causes the death of a prominent physician. He then stalks the physician's wife (Jane Wyman) to apologize with a check for 25 grand. She's not buying his monetary platitudes and makes it plain that she wants nothing to do with him. He chases her into a cab that she hails, she exits the street side to escape him and BAM--she gets hit by an oncoming car. And goes blind. He secretly pays for her experimental treatment in Switzerland, but it doesn't work. He goes on a drunk drive and runs off the road. He goes up to a house to borrow a phone, falls into a drunken sleep, and wakes up to have a spiritual encounter with the homeowner--who happens to be a friend of the dead physician. If that's not bad enough, he keeps stalking her after she goes blind so he can befriend her at the beach under a pseudonym. Now how she didn't recognize his voice is just stupid, since it was positively distinctive. In the midst of stalking her, he decides to go back to med school and become a doctor. But wait--when he finally reveals his true persona, she tells him SHE KNEW IT WAS HIM ALL ALONG. And they're in love. Yes, you CAN make this stuff up. And YES, he saves her life in the end. Some of the stupidest stuff ever, with zero chemistry between Hudson and Wyman who had already morphed into the helmet-hair Falcon Crest matriarch type.

  • Oy!

    • Gary
    • 1/27/17

    This movie starts weak, gets worse, and then . . . gets even worse. An implausible plot, along with jaw-dropping "spiritual" nonsense, makes this a movie worth missing.


    • Pat
    • 9/7/16

    Great movie to just sit back and enjoy the screen chemistry and acting skills of these wonderful actors. If Rock Hudson was nervous during filming, it doesn't show but he's so gorgeous that who would care anyway. He's believable and sensitive in this role. As good as this movie is, I like their second outing even better "All that Heaven Allows". I just wish these 2 great stars did a 3rd movie together.

  • Perfect

    • Bosco
    • 6/15/15

    The absolutely corniness gives way to a "Magnificent" rainy day what am I going to do today movie. The description of the the burning witch is priceless the operation sequence utterly enjoyable. If you can get into it it will make a drink transcendent. They don't make them this way any more for a good reason but golly gee you've got to give it time and 101 proof Wild-Turkey. Pure fun all the way. Bravo.

  • Sirk's EYE for BEAUTY

    • el debbo
    • 4/27/15

    I read that he was fascinated by the perfection of upper-class America; the visual perfection, the landscapes, their use of color. This movie is positively painterly in a midcentury sort of way and I loved viewing it. The jadeite green of the cars. The merlot tones always around Rock Hudson... his ties, his car. And I could look at Agnes Moorehead for hours! Why doesn't anyone look like that anymore? She was MADE for Technicolor! Anyhoo, I agree with another reviewer, the storyline didn't matter as much as the ideology. Anonymous giving could connect one to The Source, whatever you think that might be, and it could very well lead you to your destiny. Although Jane Wyman's husband left them penniless, she ended up wealthy in every way by the end of the movie, because of Rock's magnificent obsession. Something to try...

  • From bad boy to saint-Rock's great metamorphosis

    • Mari Karhula
    • 10/13/13

    Some people may think that this movie is silly and oversentimental,but I think that they are just old miserable cynics.I don't love this as much as I love All That Heaven Allows,but this is a wonderful old tear-jerker,anyway.Jane and Rock are lovely couple in this,too,as handsome but spoiled and selfish rich playboy Bob Merrick,who accidentally first causes her husbands death(in their six-month anniversary,of course...)and then blindes her.and as Helen Phillips,a beautiful widow whom he falls in love with and tries to be a better person because of her.She falls in love with him too(when he is pretending to be somebody else)and then forgives him,because he is not the same anymore,but will they have their happy ending?Sure they will,and he becomes both good doctor and good,caring,responsible human being.And he even saves her life and gives her her eyesight back."Yes,my darling,you are going to see." Wow.

  • Magnificent Obsession

    • Goetan
    • 7/31/13

    The melodrama that made Director Sirk and star Hudson major players in Hollywood. Hudson is a playboy who tries to atone to the blind widow he hurt, Wyman in her final Oscar-nominated performance. The story is full of stereotypical and corny twists and trials, but is also done with style and filled with references to Jesus. In short, this is film began the working relationship between Sirk, Hudson and many angst-filled story's. I give it a 3.5/5.

  • Schlock!

    • RedRain
    • 7/31/13

    Cornball tear-jerker! Rock Hudson's first big role and he got stuck with this! Yuck! It's a remake of the film by the same name but the 1835 version starring Irene Dunne and Robert Taylor was a lot less preachy! 1/2 star for this one and only that because of the cinematography.

  • Best movie ever!!!

    • mamahill
    • 11/13/12

    So many folks miss the true point of this movie... the story around it is pointless... the real point is the philosophy of life decreed that people can access their source of power, and thus live out their true destinies, only by performing works of great generosity in private and without compensation.... Is the one life lesson that is lost on folks today...

  • A Superior Sudser

    • Michael
    • 8/19/12

    Magnificent Obsession is one in a long line of melodramas churned out by Universal and director Douglas Sirk in the 1950s. Strong performances accelerate this soap opera beyond the sappy, silly storyline of spiritual redemption. Sirk was one of Hollywood's finest directors and this film showcases all of Sirk's famous touches, with a meaningful mise en scene and stunning Technicolor. Rock Hudson plays a reckless playboy who devotes his life to medicine after blinding a widow (Jane Wyman) and falling in love with her. A strong supporting cast all around solidifes this film. Yes, the Chopin-set score is a bit overbearing, but is a trademark of Sirk's most successful soaps. This is not Sirk's strongest film, but is the one that set his career into high gear.

  • Recomendado para todos

    • Sonia
    • 11/1/10

    Este filme excelente e a Jane Wyman est tima no filme. Um filme lindo. Eu adoro.

  • magnificant obsession

    • linda
    • 4/17/10

    I am glad to see there are still channels that play movies that don't have to have bad language, guts and gore. This is a refreshing movie.

  • Magnificent Obsession (1954)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 10/4/09

    It's certainly high on melodrama and tends to by a bit cornball and over the top, but it certainly is well produced and well acted by Jane Wyman and Agnes Moorehead . Rock Hudson however is poor. First rate cinematography, art direction and costumes. The score is a little overbearing.

  • Please resuscitate this film!!

    • Reesus A. Tator
    • 7/19/08

    Truly one of Rock's greatest comedies. Without Doris, Rock's comedic roles need resuscitation. But with The Resuscitator at his side, he comes out as one of film's greatest comedians of all time. I am surprised other reviewers negate to role of The Resuscitator by choosing to ignore it all together. The Resuscitator is named no fewer than 12 times in the first 8 minutes of the film alone! Without The Resuscitator, Jane's husband would not die, she would not be blinded or ever meet and fall in love with Rock. Indeed, there would be no story to tell! Shamefully, The Resuscitator is also denied proper credit by the very film makers who use these great role to their advantage. Even Rock's character, Bob Merrick, ignores all The Resuscitator does for him: saving his life and making a widow of his future soul mate. For there can be only one Resuscitator and unlike true love, the highest bidder wins!

  • Rock and Jane together

    • kitty
    • 6/11/08

    Please, please, get someone to produce a DVD on this film, it is a must have for anyone who is moved by true love stories. These kind of triumphs,should be targeted more in this messed up world we are subjected to be a part of today!Thankyou!

  • Magnificent Obsession

    • Brenda Aguilar
    • 11/23/07

    This movie is the best I've ever seen. I have been looking for it for about 5 years, and when I clicked on this website I found it. I couldn't believe it. Please put it on DVD so that I can buy it. Thank you, Brenda

  • One of the greatest movies of never giving up hope

    • Sarah
    • 6/23/07

    This movie tells the heart of what some are really made of. It stood the test of time, pain and suffering. However, the outcome was inspirational and what makes us go on in life. (hope)

  • Moving movie

    • Joyce Thomas
    • 3/10/06

    I only recently realized that Rock Hudson made this movie a few years back and I was deeply moved by his presence. I also like the other movie that he made with Jane Wyman being the older woman who was snobbed by everyone because he was younger and unpretentious. Even though I love Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back with Doris Day the most , This is a side of him that was meant for him with Jane Wyman. All of these movies should be on DVD.

  • A magnificent Movie...

    • FrankieCee
    • 3/2/06

    What a encouraging, inspirational movie. Of course having "millions" behind you definitiely accelerates the process of your noble transformation though. This tear-jerker is one you will remember, for once you have witnessed the mysterious force of the "power" at work, you too will become obsessed and will find yourself wanting to see more. In fact it will become a "magnificent obsession"

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