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Madame X

Madame X(1966)

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  • Madame X

    • Cecily
    • 3/21/15

    I'm dying to see Madame X, Lana Turner version, again. Along with Portrait in Black. When will it be shown?

  • Madame X with Lana Turner

    • Phylllis Cammarata
    • 3/25/14

    I would to like to know when TCM will air Madame X with Lana Turner. Its been a long time sinceTCM aired this movie. I would appreciate if you people could show this movie in the future Thank you Phyllis CammarataP.S. I watch TCM daily and every evening.

  • Madame X with lana turner

    • lovie marshall
    • 2/18/14

    would like very much to see this on TCM PLEASE!

  • Madame Turner.

    • 11/15/12

    My first exposure to this masterpiece was hearing the story retold to me, with hilarious embellishments, by a friend back in the early 1970's. I'd never heard of it and assumed nothing could be that outrageous. Needless to say, it went on my most wanted list, but it was years before I actually was able to see it. I wasn't disappointed when I finally watched it, or on the many occasions I've watched it since, thanks to VHS and DVD. It's as demented as I was promised it would be, yet so earnestly and capably done that it excels as entertainment. With apologies to all who take this movie (too) seriously, this is one hot mess, but the good kind, the kind that becomes a beloved classic.

  • Madame X

    • Tracey
    • 5/18/11

    "I love this movie when is it coming back on TCM". This is one of my all time favorite movies, two thumbs up for Ms Lana Turner!

  • Madame X

    • Michael
    • 12/3/10

    One of the best tear jerkers of the 60's. Up there with Bette Davis' movies and the other great actress of yester-year. Great story lines....

  • Lana Turner Magnificent i

    • David Atkins
    • 7/22/10

    Lana Turner was a very good actress with a solid body of workPostman Always Rings Twice, The Bad And The Beautiful,Imitation of Life and surely this film Madame X.Lana Turner was party girl extraordinaire in Hollywood and her Eight marriages and as her daughter once wrote "Lana's caravan of lovers" really distracted critics from Lana's very fine screen work. I find it hard to believe that Lana was not nominated for her work in this film ...and it had to be because of the harsh feelings towards Lana due the the sordid Stompanato murder by Academy voters. Connie Bennett in her last role, John Forsyth, Keir Dullea give fine support but for sure it is Lana's movie all the way and she is magnificent.

  • Madam X

    • Jean
    • 7/18/10

    I love Madam X with Lana Turner and John ForsytheYou see the love she had for her husbands career and the love for her son.It is the best movie ever.I just wish TCM would play Madam X more.

  • madame x

    • gerald fox jr
    • 5/31/10

    For all of you who are hating on this movie, stop! This is by far the best of the three made. It has all you could want. Lana Turner shows more range than ever, and as far as this being so far fetched that this could never happen, remember its just a movie.But a great movie! Anyone who didn't cry or at least have a lump in their at the end in the cell scene is just emotionally void of any feeling at all! Please TCM show this movie more. Especially for those who haven't seen it and even for those who just love it.

  • Madame X---Lana Turner

    • Maryann
    • 4/12/10

    First off I would like to say I love the Essentials this year Mr Osborne and Mr. Baldwin are so enteresting and knowledgable. I would really like to see Madame X with Lana Turner. My all time favorite movie. I used to request this every month, but got a bit mad [aggrevated] that such a wonderful drama and tear-jerker is never shown, If you nave an empty Saturday that you have no movie slated for- Madame X may just fit!!! Thank you so much for your time. Maryann Brown

  • Madame X (1966)

    • James Higgins
    • 1/11/10

    What melodrama! This is the third version, it was filmed in 1929 and 1937 before this version. Lana Turner is at her suffering best. The story was, and is way over the top, but then again, it is part of the appeal of stories like this. Glossy production, and it's great to see Constance Bennett in one of her few roles at this time.

  • Sumptuous Melodrama

    • Herbert
    • 8/31/09

    I remember seeing this film as a child. I remember identifying with the main character --a person who was pretending to be something other than she was, and seeming to know that she was an "outsider" in her own home--. The costumes, the music, the voluptuous sets and scenery, the overwrought sentiment, all add that touch of extravagance that made me love this movie at a time when I did not understand why. I understand it now: the film has a strong gay camp sensibility that appealed to me as a person who was forced to pretend to be something other than he was, and who knew he was an "outsider."

  • Identity theft on a grand scale!

    • DougieB
    • 3/30/09

    Lots of twists and turns in this one, but it starts simply enough, with working girl (!!) Lana being brought home by new hubby John Forsythe to meet his mother, who appears to be in roughly the same age bracket as Lana. (We're not supposed to notice.) Lana is welcomed through gritted teeth, and all settle into a semblance of domesticity. Hubby's political career takes off, leaving Lana with time on her hands and eager Ricardo Montalban to fill it. Lana pulls back from the brink of infidelity, but Ricardo falls to an accidental death in the process. Mom figures it out, and blackmails Lana into faking her death and getting out of her son's (and now grandson"s) life. The real journey now begins, with poor Lana as a kind of platinum-haired Candide wandering from life lesson to life lesson. Seeing children about the age hers would be triggers reactions in Lana like those in "Marnie" when she sees red. On one such occasion, Lana tearfully collapses into a snowbamk, only to be rescued by a passing limousine, showing the precise level of lunacy we should expect from this movie. She's nursed back to health in a castle by her titled good samaritan, but is so haunted by her tainted past that she flees, after he offers to make an honest woman of her. Her despair leads her to absinthe addiction in a fleabag hotel in Mexico and, even more telling of her destitution, BRUNETTE HAIR. A drunken confession to con man Burgess Meredith leads him to drag her back to the States to extort money from her (now looking presidential) family. She kills him to protect them, and will only identify herself as Madame X when charged with the crime. I won't be a spoiler and reveal the final twists that make this such a supreme tearjerker; I'll only say the ending doesn't disappoint after the over-the-top events leading up to it. This was the final major film of Lana's career, one littered with melodramas both large and small, and it's a fitting capper.

  • Schlock

    • Lana
    • 7/9/08

    Lana goes from upper crust Ct to the drones of Mexico and absence addiction.The clothes for the first part of the film are great and then Lana starts looking haggard as she decents into loneliness and booze.Lana Turner quite good in this melodrama!


    • gabe
    • 2/19/08

    As of 2-12-08, "Madame X" is available on DVD with "Portrait In Black"(1960), as DVD Double Feature. Please stop voting. Thank you.

  • Looked for years!....

    • Diane
    • 1/19/08

    I was just barely a teenager when this came out. I only saw it once, but it had such an impact on me. Was a very emotional movie. I remembered the name all these years more so than the actors/actresses. I have looked for years for it and hope amongst hope that you will turn it into a DVD. Please!

  • Madame X

    • marilyn hall
    • 12/23/07

    Please release this movie on a DVD. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I tell everyone that is ineterested in classic movies about this film with Lana Turner. They all want to see it. Please, Please release this on a DVDThank you,Mairlyn

  • Obsessed with Madame X

    • Francis
    • 11/29/07

    Ok listen people, If you want to see the best movie ever made watch MADAME X. Out of all the million dollar movies I watched as a little girl, Madame X is by far the one that has stuck with me. I have thought about and talked about this movie for so long my kids want to kill me! Please put this on DVD so my kids can talk about this movie to their kids. Okay, what can I say, they don't make them like this anymore!

  • Madame X - Lana Turner (1966)

    • Ylenia Stna.
    • 11/27/07

    Hola, quisiera encontrar esta pelicula en dvd, pero es imposible. Me podeis ayudar?, me gusta mucho esta pelicula.GraciasYlenia

  • Madame X

    • Marilyj
    • 11/1/07

    This is one of my favourite movies of all time. I remember the first time I watched it. By the end of the movie I think I had used a whole box of kleenex. This is one of the best tear jerkers of all time. Consequently, every time I have watched it, I have kept a box of kleenex at my side. Lana Turner gives commanding performance. I would love for TCM to please put it on for the viewers.

  • A Real classic movie

    • Kris Duncan
    • 8/17/07

    I remeber watching this movie several times along with the movie Immitation of Life and never get tired of watching them I would love to be able to buy them both for my classic collection of movies.

  • love to add to my classic collection

    • leslie c rome
    • 5/14/07

    madame x is one of my favorite movies.i remember watching this movie as a childwith my mother, and i feel it is the most well acted movie i have ever watched please put it on dvd,thankyou.

  • Need to add to my classic collection : )

    • Angela
    • 4/9/07

    This is one of my favorite movies, and it's so frustrating you can't get it on dvd. I've been checking for a couple of years now, and it to my collection. I can't believe with all the other older movies that have been released to dvd, that this is one that has not. It's such a touching classic movie. I think Lana Turner was such a beautiful actress, and I love her in The Imitation of Life. Thank you

  • One of the most Phenominal movies of all time.

    • Laurence Uyeda
    • 1/29/07

    An emotional, heart-wrenching, true-love movie classic with all the style, glitz, glamour, high society profiles that create an abundance of twists and turns.Lana Turner and John Forsythe are incredible...coupled with an all-star cast that truly can't be matched. A real tear-jerker!

  • Best Movie Ever Seen

    • Mariette Holland
    • 1/9/07

    I don't know why we can't get this incolor, or even in B/W. This is one of thebest movies I have ever seen - story linewas fantastic, although I cried my eyesout. Does that tell you how good LanaTurner acted in it, she was Supberb.............Please make itavailable for us to buy. Your moviesthat I get (DVD's) - Old Classics thatyou tweak are just wonderful to look atas I have a huge screen to look at them and they are tweaked and look like theywere just put out yesterday or a week ago. I order a lot and they have all been fantastic. Keep them coming, themovies that are out now are not worthcollecting like the Old Classics on DVD.Thank you reading my comments. Rita. H.

  • The Best of the Best !!!!

    • Molly Dunning
    • 12/6/06

    Words cannot express the magnificent and most emotional suspense ever seen In a movie. Back then there were no special effects.

  • Madame X

    • Millie
    • 11/23/06

    I watched this and cried my eyes out. I love this movie.... I am now on a search to find it in DVD so I can watch it again and again...

  • Carolyn

    • Carolyn D. Dunlap
    • 10/5/06

    I cried from the beginning to the end. They don't make movies like this anymore.

  • Madame X

    • Lisa
    • 9/12/06

    They sure don't make movies like they used to and Madame X is one of them. It has the characteristics of glamour, class, sophistication and the drama of the banished, long suffering woman played so well by Lana Turner, who could never forgive herself. Constance Bennett played the society matron to the hilt without ever being coarse or vulgar. Talk about the mother-in-law from hell!Really makes you think about life, family, and death.How many people become alcoholics due having to leave their children? More than we care to know.Great flick and tear jerker.

  • Top of Lana Turner

    • Tom
    • 8/16/06

    If you do not tear up to this movie, you are in a coma, or dead. This movie has all the earmarks of a great movie. Others have critized it as "campy"...please watch "Batman," instead.

  • Madam x

    • LindaBennett
    • 8/15/06

    I watched this movie an tmc for the first time recently. It is now my all time favorite movie.

  • Decent but hardly a DVD priority!

    • Chris
    • 8/15/06

    Why so many votes for this movie to be released on DVD? The script's emotionally manipulative in a heavy-handed, campy way. Madame X is an over-the-top soap opera with an implausible story & lotsa plot contrivances. Laughable cheesy dialogue & scenes of romantic ardour crack me up! Practically every man Lana meets falls instantly in obsessive love with her and will. not. let. her. go! Plus, see Lana downward spiral into a drunken slut phase. Fun! Constance Bennett provides more campy fun as the Evil Mother-In-Law who schemes to get rid of Lower-Class-Lana, deemed not good enough for her son. I'm not a big Lana Turner fan but she's ok here. I suppose at this point in her life she'd suffered enough that she could draw on those experiences & give an emotional performance.

  • Madame X

    • Yetta
    • 6/27/06

    This movie is a true classic. The 1966 version, in my opinion is the best. I have been searching for this movie to add to my DVD collection. I hope it becomes available soon.

  • Madame X

    • Lisa
    • 6/27/06

    This movie is truly poignant and makes you wonder how many women have literally died from a broken heart by the choices they had make and have been trapped in a powerless situation. Her mother-in-law had the money and power and Holly was outnumbered.That mother-in-law was something else. An excellent movie, but was hard to take emotionally.Lana Turner gave an excellent performance as usual. One of my favorites.

  • madame x

    • pam
    • 5/8/06

    lana turner and cast are excelent ....

  • What a Sacrafice

    • Jo Alice Rodgers
    • 3/2/06

    It is amazing what a mother will do to protect her child. There should be a lesson in it for every woman that has beared a child.

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