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Lucky Cisco Kid

Lucky Cisco Kid(1940)

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The Cisco Kid and his pal Gordito attempt to board a stagecoach but are stopped by a group of drunken passengers. Even the driver, Tex, refuses to let Cisco and Gordito on, but the pair of jovial bandits soon hijack the coach. Pursued by soldiers led by Sergeant Dunn, they abandon the vehicle before arriving in a small Arizona town. Cisco and Gordito split up, and while Cisco makes the acquaintance of Dunn's girl friend, saloon singer Lola, Gordito sings with a religious group to avoid detection. After Gordito and Cisco meet in a saloon, they listen to leading citizen Judge McQuade proclaim that the soldiers are useless and that the town needs a vigilante committee to catch the dreaded Cisco Kid. As the outlaw's crimes are listed, Cisco realizes that someone is impersonating him and committing crimes of a nature that he himself would never do. Tex recognizes Cisco and Gordito and demands their arrest. Just then, little Tommy Lawrence rushes in and pleads for help in driving the Cisco Kid and his gang away from his mother Emily's ranch. The men ride to the ranch, where they discover that a gang has burned the barn and killed the cattle. After the gang is routed, Cisco and Gordito offer to work for Emily, who is a widow struggling to keep her ranch despite the large sum of money she owes to McQuade. The next day, Cisco and Gordito go to Ed Stoke's store to get supplies and discover that the store is owned by McQuade, who has been charging Emily twice what he charges other customers. Later, McQuade and Dunn discuss the next arriving stagecoach, which will carry a Wells Fargo strongbox, while Cisco goes for a ride with Lola and gives her his monogrammed handkerchief. They return to the saloon, where Cisco tangles with tough Bill Stevens, who is another of Lola's suitors. Late that night, Cisco and Gordito watch as the stagecoach is robbed despite an escort of soldiers, and Cisco is wounded in the confusion. Emily hides them when they return to the ranch, for Cisco's handkerchief was found at the scene of the robbery and the soldiers are looking for him. In the morning, Cisco discovers from Lola that Bill took his handkerchief, but he is captured before he can find Bill. Bill is also apprehended when Lola finds the strongbox money in his saddlebags, and both men are brought before McQuade. Just as Cisco is about to be taken away by Dunn, Gordito enters with proof from McQuade's safe that McQuade and Bill are in league together. While Bill has impersonated Cisco and terrorized the local ranchers, McQuade has driven them into debt, and thus they have been obtaining the ranchers' lands cheaply when the people have fled. Cisco gives Lola the reward money for Bill's capture, and she persuades Dunn to let Cisco and Gordito go. As the laughing bandits ride off, Gordito reveals to Cisco that he has kept half of the reward money.