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Love, Honor and Oh, Baby!

Love, Honor and Oh, Baby!(1933)


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In the small town of Harper, Connecticut, Mark Reed struggles to earn a living as a lawyer, but is supported and encouraged by his girl friend, Connie Clark. To help, Connie introduces Mark to her friend, Louise, who has become romantically involved with banker Jasper B. Ogden. Although Louise is anxious to prosecute the amorous Ogden for sexual misconduct, Mark tells her she lacks the evidence to convict him. In spite of his failures, Connie defends Mark to her disapproving housemates--friend Elsie Carpenter and relatives Luther Bowen, a musician, and Flo Bowen, a divorcee. Elsie, Luther and Flo, whose favorite pastime is spying on the neighbors through their living room windows, tell Connie she is wasting her time on Mark. Undaunted, Connie announces to her friends that she has taken a job as a file clerk at Ogden's bank, but fails to mention her plans to entrap her boss in a sex scandal. While at her new job, Connie begins to flirt with Ogden, and after receiving only a mild slap for his advances, he reserves a train berth for two on his next business trip to Rochester, New York. Although Connie has not compiled much evidence against Ogden, her greedy relatives begin planning how to spend her legal winnings. While Connie is packing for the trip, however, Mark drops by unexpectedly. Connie tells Mark that she is visiting her aunt, but Luther, who is to accompany Connie on the train wearing a false beard, blurts out the truth. Enraged with jealousy, Mark contemplates beating Ogden when he arrives for Connie in his chauffeur-driven car. Instead Mark decides to use the lingerie Ogden has sent to Connie through the chauffeur to trap his rival. After making Connie change into the lingerie, Mark arranges for Ogden to enter her bedroom and remove his coat. As Connie is jumping into her bed, however, Luther and Flo burst in and ruin the setup. Although Mark's plans go awry and unexpected events happen, Ogden is brought to trial. During the much-publicized trial, Mark has Connie read aloud from her diary and turns her descriptions of the vegetables that Ogden, a vegetarian, had recommended for her to eat into double entendres. Mark uses other clever tricks to win Connie's sexual harassment suit, which results in a $100,000 settlement. To everyone's surprise, however, Connie refuses the money and declares that her only goal was to make Rochester safe for working girls.