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The Lion in Winter

The Lion in Winter(1968)

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  • when you are the best..

    • a.morris
    • 12/30/17

    no need to do a remake based on quality. it will probably be the greatest version of the play on film and one of the greatest movies based on a play ever.

  • The Lion In Winter

    • Michael Whitty
    • 6/26/17

    First-rate English storytelling appears to be a follow-up to "Becket" which Peter O'Toole again plays King Henry II. Katherine Hepburn plays his wife Eleanor so well that she won her second Oscar in a row and in a tie with Barbra Streisand. English medieval history comes alive again as we see the relationships of Henry and his sons grow as they all try to be the next King. Family life gets a little chaotic here but this film won 4 Oscars and was a favorite among the critics.

  • Just the Greatest Family Movie ever !!!

    • Will Roche
    • 11/25/16

    I believe the first time I saw this movie was in 2000 or so. And since then, every time that it comes back on, I rejoice! It's so hard to describe this movie to someone who's never seen it. Family movie? Yeah, but they all hate each other. History Movie? Oh yes, that's probably the one thing about this movie that's is completely true. The way Peter O'Toole's character is portrayed makes you think that maybe growing up the way I did wasn't that bad after all. Katherine Hepburn has never made a movie that I don't love. The sons of Henry II couldn't have been a better group of actors then these men to do it. Every time I watch it, I see or hear something different. And with all of that plus the wonderful acting, it has to be the hardest movie to get someone to watch. Granted they are just as involved as we get when it's on. But you just have to get them to sit down and have faith in your own movie skills.

  • One of the Best EVER!

    • Louise
    • 9/7/15

    Lion in Winter and African Queen are my two favorite movies. The acting is superb, the story great, and the costumes and art are wonderful. I love historical dramas anyway, but this is the best of them.

  • Magnificent!

    • Movie Lady
    • 1/30/15

    From childhood, the Plantagenet dynasty has been my love and passion. When I first saw this movie, I knew I had found the living embodiment of the people I had spent so many years studying. The entire cast is perfect in every sense of that word. The script is as well. It's not totally historically accurate, but who cares? If the first Plantagenets weren't exactly like this, I don't want to know.

  • The Lion in Winter

    • Goetan
    • 2/16/14

    The loud, screaming family viewers will come to love. O'Toole won a Golden Globe, Hepburn tied with Barbra Streisand of "Funny Girl" for a Best Actress Oscar, Merrow was nominated for a Golden Globe and Hopkins, Terry & Dalton's dbuts are splendid. Won two additional Oscars for Goldman's witty and biting adaptation of his play and for the Best Score. Explores themes of love, loyalty and honour through venomous arguments, strategies and, oh yeah, shouting matches. I give it a 4/5.

  • Superb Acting!!!

    • Cheryl Christian Gonzalez
    • 4/26/13

    Excellent! Excellent Excellet! Peter O'Toole and Katherine Hepburn together what more could you ask for? The script was very well written. They brought you into the film with them. You could feel the Love/Hate relationship that existed between the family members vieing for power. The end of the movie was great. Especially in the last sentences spoken by O'toole and Hepburn. And when they raised their arms upward it was like they were taking a bow on the stage. Curtain. Play Ended.Movies: The End.

  • Acting at its height "The Lion In Winter"

    • Cheryl Christian Gonzalez
    • 4/26/13

    Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Peter O'toole and Katherine Heburn. Some powerful, moving, great acting going on! The dialogue was wonderful. The whole cast brought you into the film as you felt the love/hate relationships between the family members. And the dog eat dog vieing for power. The end of the movie was the icing on the cake. The last sentences by O'toole and Hepburn. It was as if they were taking a bow on stage as they raised their hands overhead.

  • What Royalty!!!

    • Virginia Dunn
    • 12/9/12

    I love this movie sooo much... I love the topic and I love all the players... it was the first time my little brother learned that kings and queens didn't live in deluxe castles and that it was very cold inside them... But I watch it all the time and am crossing my fingers for the Blu-Ray to come out soon!!

  • O'Toole's last best chance for Oscar

    • Blake Anthony
    • 12/3/12

    The Late Great Kate, to win back to back Oscars for 1967 Guess Who's Coming To Dinner and for the Lion in Winter. Let's agree the Academy were also in mourning of the lost of the late Spencer Tracy, Kate"s life's romance, thus explains the second Oscar. In The Lion in Winter, Kate proves once again the tie with Striesand was totally dead on! Her performance was magnified by her co-star Peter O'toole of Lawrence of Arabia stardom. His performance was stellar and the Academy must explain why Cliff Robertson's performance is dated while O'toole's performance still memorable. In my opnion this was his last great chance for Oscar, after Lawrence and Becket nominations what gives? Now he is the sole honor of the most nominated actor in Academy history without a acting golden boy on his mantle. Oh, my bad, Honorary Oscar in 2003 and another acting nod in 2009, I wonder whom O'toole pissed off in Hollywood??

  • Second Review For TLIW

    • Bruce Reber
    • 4/12/12

    I would like to post another review for "The Lion In Winter", starring Peter O'Toole as King Henry II and Katherine Hepburn as his estranged queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. My previous review was from 12/10/09, and I commented that Hepburn shared the best actress Oscar in 1968 with Barbra Streisand (for her performance in "Funny Girl"). I also said that while both were great films, I thought FG was a little better than TLIW. I've seen TLIW several times since then, and I think I see why there was a tie for the best actress Oscar. Both Hepburn and Streisand gave magnificent performances, although they were playing very different roles in two very different films (TLIW is a dark historical drama and FG is a musical). The AMPAS must have been hard pressed to decide which actress was better. Both films were nominated for best picture also, and lost out to "Oliver!", an adaptation of the Broadway musical hit based on Dickens' classic book. TLIW features a fine supporting cast including future Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins and Timothy Dalton, still two decades away from playing James Bond 007. O'Toole was reprising the role of Henry II, the same one he played in "Becket" four years earlier co-starring with Richard Burton. O'Toole was nominated for best actor for TLIW but lost out to Cliff Robertson for "Charly". My favorite scene from TLIW has to be the finale, when Henry shouts "I hope we never die!" to Eleanor as she's waving goodbye while being taken back to her imprisonment.

  • Let the Games Begin !

    • Michael Brown
    • 4/12/12

    I first saw this film on a high school french club field trip in the late 60's. At that time, it was a history lesson, and gave insight into the politics of 12th century Europe. I thought it was about how even royalty were prisoners of their age and time, and were, after all, only human. But after my life experiences grew, I now see it as a story about love and marriage. I am reminded of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?" It shows the full range of emotions in a marriage, adoration through loathing. We see the gamesmanship that comes from knowing someone so completely: their vulnerabilities, their fears, their hopes, their strengths. Hepburn and O'Toole are brilliant playing off each other. The screenplay is a clever balance of character exposition and wit, with language at once both common and lofty. The awards and acclaim this film receives are deserved.

  • Hepburn/O'Toole Masterful

    • David Atkins
    • 8/28/10

    Spencer Tracy had just died and Miss Hepburn seeking solace thru work joined Peter O Toole in master producer Joe Levine's "A Lion In Winter" Kate Hepburn nearly 30 years older than her great co star is magnificent in her Oscar winning performance as Eleanor. This is a splendid film with great speeches expertly given by the cast and kudos to Hepburn, O'Toole, director Anthony Harvey and Mr. Levine. I am one who feels the great films of the past are due to meticulous production, and producers such as Hal Wallis, David Selznick, Sam Spiegel, and Joe Levine. Their type no longer exists in Hollywood. I attended the world premiere of this film in New York and while she lived in NY, literally around the corner from the Theatre Ms Hepburn ever private did not attend, but Henry Fonda did.I noted that at premiere's as the credits rolled in front of the picture, applause was given to each name, i.e. O'Toole, Hepburn. nice touch.

  • Great Cast - Great Chemistry

    • midge
    • 12/14/09

    What an incredible match: Hepburn-O'Toole-and a great script worthy of their talents. As for the rest: what a delight to see first-filmer Timothy Dalton well able to hold screen with Hopkins and O' problem! I have to say that Hopkins in his 2nd film didn't fare as well in the role of the young Richard the Lionheart...he looked a little lost most of the time. That said, it certainly is a magnificent playground for Hepburn and O'Toole. They match each other perfectly step-for-delicious-step here. The script got a very well-earned Oscar for William Goldman...and it's a total delight.

  • Shared Best Actress Oscar 1968

    • Bruce Reber
    • 12/10/09

    1968 was the year that Katharine Hepburn and Barbara Streisand were both awarded the Oscar for Best Actress, for "The Lion In Winter" and "Funny Girl" respectively, the only time that has happened. Both are great films, though I think "Funny Girl" is a little better.

  • The Lion in Winter (1968)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 8/12/09

    Extremely well done, but it is a bit long and talky. The acting is superb, everyone in the cast is great. The art direction is well done, but a bit claustrophobic. In spite of the length, it's always interesting and quite a remarkable film.

  • " The Lion In Winter "

    • JDH
    • 2/19/06

    A must see film. One of the best performances by Peter O'Toole and the best by Katharine Hepburn. A story of love, power, passion, hate , and desire .

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