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Law and Order

Law and Order(1940)

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Fresh from cleaning up Cheyenne territory, Bill Ralston and his sidekick, Deadwood, are riding the stage to Ryolite when the coach is attacked by Kurt Daggett and his gang, who accuse Brant, another passenger on the stage, of cheating at cards. Bill earns Kurt's emnity when he refuses to turn Brant over to the gang, and the coach proceeds on to Rylote, where Bill plans to settle down. Bill soon discovers that the town is ruled by the lawless Daggett brothers, who have installed their pawn, Elder, as sheriff. Judge Williams appeals to Bill to restore law and order, but Bill protests that his only desire is to be a peaceful rancher. He changes his mind, however, when Walt Daggett guns rancher Cal Dixon down in cold blood, prompting Bill and Deadwood to help Dixon's children, Sally and Jimmy, run their father's ranch. When Jimmy's life is threatened after he shoots one of Daggett's men in self-defense, Bill rallies the ranch hands to become deputized in order to protect Jimmy from the Daggett's lynch mob. After sending Jimmy to Carson City for safety, Bill accepts his badge and bans firearms from Ryolite. In protest, Walt and his men ambush Bill, and in the ensuing shootout, Bill escapes after killing Walt. As Bill braces for a showdown, Kurt's men report to Poe Daggett that Bill killed Walt in cold blood. Seeking revenge, the Daggett gang rides into town and gun Brant down. Deciding to fight fire with fire, Bill removes his badge and, after ordering the Daggett gang out of town, Bill and Deadwood ride after them and wipe out the gang, thus restoring law and order to the town of Ryolite.