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  • bad things happen for no reason in film noir but..

    • a.morris
    • 4/13/18

    if this is considered film is not the best. it is a great story that reflects obsession.. jealousy ..emotional greed.. petty nature.. childishness.. in short ..almost all of the reasons internally.. why film noir action is done.

  • Well, not quite flawless

    • Nate
    • 2/6/17

    There are well-deserved applause for this flick -- which definitely stood out among the crowded field of 1944 classics. I mean, everything from Clifton Webb's performance to the extraordinary 1940's set design. But two things have always bothered me. [SPOILER ALERT] 1) Why on earth would the killer haul a shotgun to a murder scene and not take the weapon out the same way they brought it in? What's with this nonsense of hiding it on location AT the murder scene? Hide it under a trench coat or something. 2) Why did the cop -- once he finds the murder weapon -- not take it with him? Tell me it's not a bit of lunacy when he says "We'll have the boys come and get it tomorrow with the moving van"? Huh?

  • Gene Tierney's Triumphs

    • Will Fox
    • 10/15/15

    For truth, Tierney stardom and sincere souls, see sea captain, "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir," (1947); "Heaven Can Wait," (1943); "The Mating Season," (1951); Oscar-winning, "Laura," (1944); and most realistic, "Advise and Consent." (1962).

  • Mrs. Danvers - positively elegant!

    • Alice Ling
    • 8/1/15

    Whenever I see Dame Judith Anderson on a screen, I'd say "Mrs. Danvers".It's the character she played so wonderfully in 'Rebecca', my favorite movie (and in the novel by Daphne du Maurier). Here she was, in Laura, not beautiful, but so elegant!She was also in the 1956 epic 'Ten Commandments', playing Memnet, a servant/slave in the Egyptian court.A wonderful character actress, Judith Anderson!

  • "Laura" - The Title Theme

    • Richard W. Mills
    • 2/7/15

    Kudos to David Raksin and Johnny Mercer for one of the most beautiful, haunting movie melodies I've ever heard! The the title theme, "Laura," is totally mesmerizing and helps make the movie a classic. For those interested, Sinatra's 1957 vocal recording is the best there is!!!

  • Excellent noir!

    • RedRain
    • 12/5/14

    It's hard to believe Otto Preminger never won an Academy Award. The resume of films he directed is so vast and so memorable that it's unfathomable the Academy didn't recognize his work. Long considered one of his best. "Laura" has withstood the test of time and garnered many accolades through the years as one of the best film noir out there. Gene Tierney, as always, was just beautiful in this film but it is Dana Andrews and the great Clifton Webb who are the real stars here. Preminger had to fight Zanuck tooth and tong to get Webb but he got him and it is one of Webb's finest and it won him the nomination for Best Supporting Actor. There are few actors who were as adept at playing the villain as Clifton Webb was and he was superb here. I've seen this film dozens of times, just viewed it again on TCM tonight, and it is still as enthralling as it was for me decades ago. This one is truly an "essential" for all lovers of good films!

  • Laura Classic Perfection

    • Susan Frank
    • 9/30/14

    It's one of the best films and superior set design and cinematography. A must Classic for every library!

  • Epitome of the perfect movie

    • Susan Frank
    • 9/30/14

    Without a doubt one of the best films ever. The acting was spot on and the actors fit the characters. Vincent price could have been a leading man and not relegated to horror movies, Dana Andrews, who wouldn't want him to fall in love with you and Clifton Webb just perfect. The set design was amazing and every time I watch I check out the background and it's accessories. If only! If you don't watch this more than once than you don't know perfection .

  • Laura really is dead ????

    • Bob
    • 7/28/14

    Don Letta notes that the last 1/3 of the movie is a dream, now that is something to ponder on. I need to watch the move again with that perspective.


    • Will
    • 6/20/14

    The classic who done it. Hammy acting, except for Clifton Webb whos too good for this one, but has a great time. Ive never seen anything like it. Booze and smokes and lunch and smokes and booze and dinner and questions and smokes and rain rain pouring rain and yes you guessed it, Dana Andrews in the pouring rain with a well lit smoke? HAH! Uncle Vinny as we called Vincent Price, Who kills rabbits with a double barreled twelve gauge shot gun? (so he claims). yuck, what a monster. No wonder Laura wouldn't marry him, hes as gay as Paris in this one,(not that theres anything wrong with that). No wonder everyone in this film is long gone, either from too much booze or lung cancer. Who needs a shot gun. Good bye, my love.

  • Best of Show

    • dennis
    • 5/31/14

    Classy and elegant, with an awesome performance by Clifton Webb! Beautifully measured acting by Miss Tierney, Mr. Andrews, Miss Anderson, and the always fabulous Vincent Price. A candy box of a movie!A top 10, 4 star film!

  • LAURA....or MARC?

    • Don Letta
    • 5/28/14

    I wonder how many lovers of this film,know that it's Marc's dream, beginning two-thirds of the way through, that they're watching. Marc is the pivotal character, not Laura.A worn out cop investigates another Mahattan murder; as he learns about the victim and her lifestyle, he becomes infatuated with her. On a rainy night he sits before a painting of the beautiful victim and falls into a drunken fantasy-dream. he recreates the scenario to fit his fantasy, fashioning all the characters to suit his desires, even keeping the victim alive...his ultimate triumph. The final third of the film plays out to the besotted cop's delight...the murderer is caught and Laura is his. Mercifully, we're spared his awakening.This is one of the most fascinating films ever made. Flawless in every detail, perfectly cast and Bonnie Cashin outdid herself in designing a wardrobe for Laura that was timeless. Never capitulating to the look of the day...big shoulders, pancake hats, self-concious hair-do's, Cashin makes Laura even more dreamlike by setting her apart from the rest of the female cast by designing clothes that emphasized her classic quality; even presenting her as a Geek goddess in the party scene.The score gave David Raksin his name and later on, Johnny Mercer gave it the lyrics that told the secret...but she's only a dream...

  • My No. 1 soundtrack of all time ...

    • Mark McPherson
    • 5/27/14

    I never get tired of the glorious David Raksin soundtrack ... If someone told me I could only keep one movie soundtrack, "Laura" would be it.

  • On Screen Chemistry of Dana & Gene

    • lovedanaandgene
    • 5/27/14

    Love these 2 actors and all the movies together,but this is THE BEST of this classic pair.

  • Wonderful movie

    • culebra
    • 4/24/14

    I am so glad that TCM is finally showing "Laura." It is one of the best film noir movies. Even if you know the twist you still enjoy the movie over and over again. Gene Tierney is absolutely beautiful and so perfect in the role. Dana Andrews, Clifton Webb especially, Vincent Price and Judith Anderson turn are perfect in their roles. It is, as if, the stars aligned to make this movie so special. It is absolutely "An Essential"!

  • Not disappointed!

    • Alice
    • 4/20/14

    I had heard about this wonderful film noir called "Laura". Kept hoping you would show it. I couldn't believe it was going to be on The Essential. Looked forward to it all week. I was not disappointed. This is one of those films I will enjoy no matter how many times I watch it. What a treat this was. Thank you so much, TCM. Please don't wait so long next time.

  • Laura---Long Awaited

    • Karen
    • 4/7/14

    Thank you TCM for finally showing this masterfully acted and directed film. You have made me very happy!! Gene Tierney and Dana Andrews are memorable. This is one of the best true classic films made, and I hope this not the last time TCM airs this film. This film ranks up there with Mildred Pierce,The Big Sleep, The Best Years of Our Lives, Casablanca.....

  • About time to show Laura!

    • Rich
    • 4/2/14

    I don't believe TCM has shown Laura with Gene Tierney in over a year, and yet, it's shown as an essential on 4/19/14. If it makes the essentials cut, why can't TCM show it more often throughout the year? Another classic that I believe hasn't been shown in several months is 1962's Cape Fear, certainly one of Mitchum's best film roles. TCM has to be more aware of balancing films that get frequent exposure due to multiple "themes" that certain movies fall under vs. what they're significance is across TCM's universe(ie. Forbidden Planet, It Happens Every Spring, Naked City, The Paper Chase, Bus Stop, How to Marry A Millionaire, Shock Corridor, Ziegfield Girl, Pink Panther (3 times in a month), Sailor Takes A Wife, Our Town, Murder My Sweet, & Send Me No Flowers). TCM fans surely want to be exposed to films that have never made it to our TVs in a while, but please take a harder look at how each film stands on it's own merits to the shown frequency. Thank you!

  • Where's Waldo?

    • Delia
    • 12/10/13

    Splendid film noir outing whose two leading characters have an explosive chemistry. Wonderful story twist (spoiler alert) for flatfoot, Mark (Andrews), who falls in love with Laura (Tierney at her loveliest) who is presumed dead. But wait! She's not dead. She's back. But someone did want her dead because the woman who opened Laura's apartment door took a shotgun blast to the face. Excellent supporting cast with her controlling mentor Waldo who gradually comes unglued and the very, very, very needy why-in-the-world-would-she-date-him? boyfriend, Shelby (Vincent Price) who is comforted and kept by the best fictional character name EVER for a woman who keeps men who don't marry her: Ann Treadwell. And she treads really well. Waldo's last radio broadcast while Laura listens is super creepy and scary. As is the killer's final attempt to kill Laura. A must-see.

  • Laura

    • Dashiell Barnes
    • 6/27/12

    The film noir which introduced director Preminger to the mainstream. Tierney & Andrews are terrific as the leads, as are Price & Anderson in their supporting performances, but Webb stole the scenes & an Oscar nomination. The film won an Acdemy Award for it's atmospheric cinematography. A great, iconic film noir that capitalized on Tierney's beauty. I give it a 4.5/5.

  • O melhor

    • Sonia
    • 11/6/10

    Este filme o melhor de todos os tempos. Com atuaes espetaculares e um roteiro envolvente. Muito bom.

  • Laura

    • Ray Marlitz
    • 7/23/10

    "Policeman falls in Love with Murdered Woman Who is Still Alive"

  • Laura

    • Jean
    • 3/5/10

    Laura has a wonderful story line, great acting and the music adds a superb touch. However I purchased the DVD and it is very dark, a shame, because it takes away from this beautiful black and white movie, altogether ruins the viewing, I feel a waste of my money.

  • Everything falls right into place.

    • dennis
    • 12/30/09

    The casting, directing and projection of a lifestyle completly disconnected from the horrors of WWII all come together to make this flic a great example of what the movies are all about. I have not seen this film for some time, and note that it is not schedualed. The plot is not strong, but its weakness is more than overcome by the actors, directors and everyone else who produced this great example of WWII films capable of giving a few hours of much needed diversion. In addition to the "Buy War Bonds" banner which usually came with the ending credits, the film itself probably helped in some way to aid the troops in the field, and the families at the home front.

  • Haunting Film Noir

    • Laura
    • 10/21/09

    The casting of this movie is so flawless that it adds to the mystique of the movie itself. Makes you just want to turn down the lights and become enveloped in the film's aura....A GREAT MOVIE

  • Laura (1944)

    • Jay Higgins
    • 8/4/09

    What an amazing film. Expertly directed by Otto Preminger with an absolutely haunting performance by the gorgeous Gene Tierney. Dana Andrews does a great job in his best role besides "The Best Years of Our Lives." Clifton Webb however gives his most memorable performance, he is brilliant. Vincent Price and Judith Anderson are excellent in supporting roles. Great story.

  • Great mystery and romance

    • Marcie
    • 6/8/09

    I've always enjoyed watching this move because of the suspense. The movie has a wonderful cast with the beautiful Gene Tierney playing Laura.I would love to see this movie scheduled soon, movie is a classic with mystery and romance.

  • Can't get enough of this movie

    • pharris
    • 2/19/09

    This is one of those movies that is so captivating that if it was a good book you just couldn't put it down. It makes me long for a different era. Everything about it - the architecture of her apartment, the clothes, especially the music - is so perfect. I would watch it everytime it is shown.

  • Outstanding

    • Melvenia Davis
    • 6/22/08

    This movie has everything, the who, the what, the when, but how was it done. It is hard to fine a movie today with all this and it makes you think. The stars chosen for their roles are perfection in action. What a movie, what a classic. My question why is it not shown more. Please show this movie often. The music is superb. It puts you in that special place of--ahaa this is going to be outstanding.

  • A class Film Noir

    • debra
    • 7/23/07

    Please schedule this movie. It is prehaps the best film noir ever made except for made The Third Man. The actors are excellent, the music is divine, direction and script are superb. I can watch this film over and over again and see something different each time. I never grow tired of Laura.


    • JGG
    • 5/30/07

    Class film noir direction perfect, cast Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews. Vincent Price, Clifton Webb. Judith Anderson.......Perfection. Music ............Laura's Theme Pefection...........

  • Please schedule soon!

    • Lindell
    • 5/30/07

    I would love to watch this very stylish, perfectly acted film noir!

  • It's AMAZING!!!

    • Lillian Lee
    • 2/28/07

    laura is a lovely, stylish film noir movie. loved gene, clifton, and dana in it. one of my favorites.

  • PLEASE Schedule this soon!

    • Tom
    • 9/23/06

    I caught part of this one night on regular TV. From what I saw it was a good cast with a story that shifted gears more often than an Inter-state truck driver.

  • Schedule Soon

    • Joyce Alois
    • 7/24/06

    This is one of my favorite movies of all. Please play it soon as well as The Uninvited with Ray Milland. They don't make movies like these anymore. Joyce


    • Myra
    • 6/23/06

    Would like to request scheduling of "Laura" on TMC Movies in the very near future. This is one of the great "classics" and I missed it last year.

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