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The Lady in the Car With Glasses and a Gun

The Lady in the Car With Glasses and a Gun(1970)


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On the eve of the long Bastille Day weekend Dany Lang, a secretary at a Paris advertising agency, is asked by her supervisor, Michael Caldwell, to type something that he must take with him on a trip to Geneva. Accompanying him on the trip will be his wife, Anita, an ex-roommate of Dany's who in the past has used the secretary's apartment for adulterous affairs. Later Michael gives Dany a pay envelope and asks her to drive them in his car to the airport. On the way back to Paris Dany is caught in traffic and impulsively decides to drive to the Riviera for the weekend. Dany stops at a small cafe and is perplexed when the proprietress tries to return a coat she claims Dany left there the previous day. Her hand is injured when she is attacked in a service station rest room, and she is disturbed when strangers claim to have seen her recently. She drives on, stopping to pick up a hitchhiker, Philippe. They sleep together that night, and she confides that she fears a recent abortion has left her susceptible to memory loss. The next day Philippe steals the car just before they reach the coast, and when Dany tracks him down in Marseilles, they discover a corpse in the trunk of the car. Philippe absconds once again, whereupon Dany goes to the dead man's house in Avignon, only to find there some of her clothes and some large nude photographs of herself. She then returns to the cafe to claim the coat and finds a duplicate of her pay envelope in one of the pockets. Now totally bewildered, she goes back to the dead man's home and finds Michael waiting for her. He explains that the dead man was one of Anita's lovers, whom she murdered at his home. Michael and Anita then planted evidence to establish Dany's guilt: the house where she did the typing was actually the victim's other home; the assailant in the rest room was Michael, who deliberately injured her hand so that Anita, wearing sunglasses identical to Dany's and a bandage on her own hand, could be easily mistaken for the secretary; and Anita, using a concealed camera, had taken the nude photographs as a lark when they were roommates. Michael tells Dany he plans to kill her and make it look like suicide, but she explains that his plot is doomed to fail, for she has mailed both pay envelopes, one of which Michael had planned to destroy, to the police.