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The Lady Eve

The Lady Eve(1941)

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  • the lady peeves

    • nina
    • 11/24/17

    Energic performance by Stanwyk but the movie plot is utterly ridiculous. Doesn't hold up well these decades later. Certainly not a good part for Fonda.

  • Hilarious

    • Larry
    • 8/14/17

    Barbara Stanwyck, Charles Coburn, Henry Fonda: This is an outstanding cast. Sure, the plot is rather preposterous but that's the very definition of a screwball comedy. This is great stuff. The elegant setting, the over-the-top characters, the wild situations and the happy ending--what an enjoyable film. I'm always happy to find this on TCM.

  • Silly

    • Nina
    • 7/1/17

    Utterly ridiculous plot, but well-acted and cleverly-written script. Barbara Stanwyck was great. Henry Fonda did his best with the part he was given--Hard to play such an unbelievably dumb character so lots of pratfalls to beef up the portrayal. All that talent wasted on a silly plot. But still a pleasant watch.

  • too ridiculous

    • Jasmine
    • 6/24/17

    It's hard to believe that a scientist who has been working in the jungle for a year and is bringing home a very rare snake would 1.let it out of it's cage and 2. keep grabbing the girl by the shoulders and follow her out of the room without catching the snake and 3. run off and leave the door open into the ship with the snake loose. No scientist would be that stupid. Henry Fonda's character is too much of an idiot. I didn't like this movie the first time, and I couldn't even finish it the second time. The script is just too ridiculous to even be funny. I give it 1 star for effort.

  • Barbara steals the show

    • Jim
    • 4/12/17

    Stanwyck is marvelous with the most brilliantly delivered dialogue I can recall. The entire cast executes well but pale next to Barbara's tour de force performance.

  • One of My Favorites

    • S. McCray
    • 7/10/16

    I love Barbara Stanwyck and who knew Henry Fonda could be funny. Over the top, but that's what makes it so good. Four Stars.

  • A miracle

    • ned
    • 7/8/16

    I just saw on TCM "The Lady Eve" - yet again. What can be said? If a perfect movie has ever been made, this is it. The film's cast is stellar, and each actor is playing the crowning role of their career - this speaks to the genius of screenwriter/director Preston Sturges. And Barbara Stanwyck is simply beyond perfection in the title role. Out of 5 stars, I rate "The Lady Eve" a miracle.

  • a "cute" movie

    • maureen v.V.
    • 2/11/14

    This B/W movie is for all Henry Fonda fans. He was handsome and had calm disposition. I watched the movie to see the 1940 "B" actors. It's a "Girl gets rich boy, girl loses rich boy then girl gets rich boy" movie.

  • A Real Classic

    • Alexei
    • 2/11/14

    I am surprised by some of the users' critical reviews. This is one of the all-time romantic and comedy classics. The cast is superb, the dialogue funny and sparkling, and overall it is a joy to watch. It also has moments of real tenderness too.Sure the plot veers off into unrealistic territory and goes a little over the top but that's part of the fun. Enjoy it. As one reviewer wrote, it can take a few viewings to really appreciate its brilliance.

  • Great romance comedy

    • Mike scott
    • 2/11/14

    The person that said this was a lousy movie must be suffering from severe depression .This is a wonderful movie ,great acting , wonderful dialogue .

  • A lousy movie. Dont waste your time

    • Joseph
    • 8/24/13

    I give the movie one start and two stars for effort.....

  • Michael Cimino of the 1940s

    • David H.
    • 3/31/13

    I still can't fathom anything classic about The Lady Eve. This film becomes so tedious not even Barbara Stanwyck's fine acting can save it while Henry Fonda's character is reduced to doing pratfalls. Only the ending would have kept me from going to the theatre manager in the 1940s and asking for my money back. I have yet to see what is so great and lasting about Preston Sturges' movies. Only The Palm Beach Story comes close and its basic premise is asinine. For me Preston Sturges is just another flash in the pan like Michael Cimino was decades later.

  • Highly entertaining and endearing

    • ggtx785
    • 12/17/12

    This is Stanwyck as comedic genius, and Fonda in his most endearing role. Given the movie's premise--one woman (Stanwyck) playing two different characters for the same person (Fonda), there's no way they'd be able to remake the movie today, but I think that's why the film is so brilliant: it hooks the audience into suspending belief for the duration of the story. We know exactly what Stanwyck's character is up to, and we sincerely believe Fonda's naivete and feel sorry for him...but we still wind up rooting for both of them--and their eventual union--every step of the way.

  • The Lady Eve (1941)

    • Mr. Blandings
    • 9/16/12

    This has to be Barbara Stanwyck at her most ... animated. Usually, I find her a big drag on screen and more than a little sleepy and depressing. Not so in this one. However, even with the great Charles Coburn to play off of (who doesn't have much to do in this one, unfortunately), the actors' performances can't do much with what is ultimately a too-silly and too-ridiculous script--even for Sturges. Preston Sturges's best? No, I'd have to say that Palm Beach Story still holds onto that title. Oh, and Henry Fonda has to play the most dim-witted character in the history of film in this one! **

  • The Lady Eve

    • Dashiell Barnes
    • 7/1/12

    One of the best of the early romantic comedies of the 40's. Fonda & Stanwyck are both funny & sensitive, matching each other scene-per-scene. The story in the last half is implausible & confusing, but it's also funnier in this half. A great laugh-root from Sturges. I give it a 4/5.

  • My favorite movie of all time

    • Melissa
    • 3/6/11

    This movie is brilliant. The dialogue and performances are unmatched. It's. A movie you need to see multiple times to fully appreciate the genius of Sturges' characters and the sharpness and wit of the dialogue.Barbara Stanwyck was the greatest actress of all time, because there was nothing she couldn't do- and she did it flawlessly. And what can you say about Henry Fonda- the man was genius. The two of them together are my favorite on- screen pairing.

  • The Perfect Comedy

    • Andy Moursund
    • 1/16/11

    Start with Preston Sturges at the peak of his directorial powers. Add Henry Fonda as the perfect clueless straight man. Throw in one of the greatest collection of character actors ever to grace the screen---Coburn, Demarest, Greig, Conlin, Pallette, and the incomparable Eric "I positively swill in their ale" Blore. And top it all with the greatest actress in the history of Hollywood---Barbara Stanwyck, who else?---and you've got the recipe for the perfect farce, light years above the generi. Sturges made several other great films, among them The Great McGinty, Easy Living, and Sullivan's Travels---but he never topped this one. And while Stanwyck played scores of memorable roles in movies from Baby Face to The Violent Men, she never used her perfect sense of comic timing to better effect. What a gem.

  • O Melhor

    • Sonia
    • 11/8/10

    O Melhor filme classico que vi com Barbara Stanwyck sempre formidvel e linda e Henry Fonda com seu incrvel talento. Este Filme o mximo .

  • The Lady Eve (1941)

    • James Higgins
    • 4/9/10

    Barbara Stanwyck absolutely amazes me, she can play any type of role with skill, gusto and panache and has to be the most versatile actress of all time. This is one of her top five performances of all time, she is brilliant. Every movie she is in she seems to have such rapport with the rest of the cast. Henry Fonda is also at his best, a great performance. Preston Sturges direction is sublime, the screenplay is ingenious. Certainly one of the funniest movies of ever made. Highly entertaining and what a supporting cast - Charles Coburn, Eugene Pallette and William Demarest are all amazing. It is a joy from start to finish, never a dull moment. Wonderful.

  • My point of view

    • victoria
    • 11/19/09

    i dont mean to trash it but...didn't they come on like gang busters?! all of a sudden shes like come put on my shoe in my room, imagine that happening in modern day? really. im serious. otherwise great, fun movie.

  • What a Fun Film

    • Dr_March
    • 6/12/09

    Jane Fonda says on her mini-bio on TCM that her famous father, Henry, had a crush on Barbra Stanwyck and that she hoped they had an affair. Me too. I'd listened to this film 3 times through headsets while writing reviews before ever watching it. I nearly know the dialogue between Stanwyck and Fonda from memory! Today was the first time I sat to watch the film. Wow! Was I missing great performances by both Stanwyck and Fonda. Director Sturges had a gift with comedy. This one could have slipped away from him and become slapstick. Instead, it focuses on the romantic aspect just enough to make the chemistry between the two leads very very hot. Jane's right, they should have had an affair, if they didn't!

  • Stanwyck and Fonda Fun

    • Winfield
    • 6/11/09

    What a fun bunch of escapades between Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda I will watch this film even when TCM is not airing it since I own it, it is such a tension reliever as well as that good.

  • a terrific movie

    • my.comment
    • 6/8/09

    i watch this every time tcm runs it. this movie is such a treat -- the writing is clever and witty; the acting wonderful. stanwyck and fonda have one of the best seduction scenes ever put on film. sexy and very funny -- and henry fonda is adorable as a socially inept but very wealthy target to stanwyck's father. and barbara stanwyck is perfect in this.

  • Pike's Pale...

    • Ann Brown
    • 5/10/08

    ...the ale that won for Yale, rah, rah, rah! Barbara Stanwyck is a confidence trickster and her cousin who both excite and torment beer heir Henry Fonda. Unbelievably, the cast includes Charles Coburn as Handsome Harry, William Demarest as a thug bodyguard, and Eugene Pallette who asks for his breakfast the way I would like to. You'll agree, "it's positively the same dame!"

  • One of the best screwball comedies.

    • Tom
    • 5/1/08

    After at least 10 viewings I still watch 'Eve' at every opportunity and also have it in my DVD collection. It's smart, sophisticated and very very funny. Don't miss it!

  • This is a very funny movie!

    • wolfie
    • 7/21/07

    This is one of my favorites! I'm so happy to see TCM bring back these all time greats! It's like finding water in the desert!......THANK YOU!

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