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The Lady Escapes

The Lady Escapes(1937)

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Prominent New York attorney Michael Hilton is exasperated with the numerous wedding rehearsals his bride-to-be, Linda Ryan, and her thrice-divorced mother, Fanny Ryan Worthington, insist on because of changes in minor details. Michael convinces the judge, an old friend, to marry them in the next rehearsal, and Linda is pleasantly surprised, although Fanny faints. On the night of their first anniversary, after one of their frequent arguments, Michael suggests a divorce, and when Linda replies that she could not live alone, Michael offers to find a new husband for her. Although their argument ends in a kiss, over the next few weeks, they become an item in Walter Winchell's column, as they frequent a football game, wrestling match and clubs, while Michael ostensibly searches for a husband. When Linda tries to pique his jealousy over her tango teacher, they get into another row, and she threatens to go home to her mother. Michael then suggests that Linda go to France. He drives her to the dock, where she stumbles into the arms of French playboy and playwright Rene Blanchard, and a photograph is snapped of the two of them. The next day, Michael gets a call from Blanchard's fiancée Dolores, a dancer who was Michael's former client, and she asks him to represent her in a suit against Blanchard. After he realizes that the woman in the newspaper photo is his wife, Michael convinces Dolores to accompany him and his cousin, Reggie Farnworth, to France to stop Dolores from creating a scandal. Reggie, who is waiting for his ninety-five-year-old uncle George to die so that he can become an earl, and Dolores go to Paris, while Michael continues to Cannes, where Blanchard and Linda have gone. Trying to make Michael jealous, Linda tells him that she has fallen madly in love with Blanchard. Michael, whom Linda introduces to Blanchard as her lawyer, joins them in all their activities during the next few days, but she manages to give him the slip for the following three days. Fed up, Michael asks Linda to go back with him to New York, but she refuses; however, she secretly has the hotel clerk book her a reservation on the express train to Paris next to Michael. Before leaving, Michael challenges Blanchard to a fight, and even though Blanchard is a champion of kick-boxing, Michael beats him. Linda is happily surprised to find Blanchard unconscious, and as she is bending over him administering smelling salts, Dolores, who has learned that Michael was stalling her, arrives with reporters and photographers. Linda runs to Michael's room, where Michael is packing. He acts like he wants to leave alone, but when Dolores and the reporters enter, he announces that Linda is his wife and that they are vacationing as Blanchard's guests. He convinces Dolores to go along with the story for the publicity, and he and Linda take the train to the docks at Paris, where he says that he is going to China. After Fanny appears with a new husband, Reggie's uncle George, Linda joins Michael, and they embrace on the boat.