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  • Kitty

    • Eric
    • 2/16/17

    Paulette Goddard was brilliant and engaging in this classic Pygmalion themed film, which I enjoyed more than even My Fair Lady. Her trnsformance from street urchin to Duchess is unsurpassed. What I cannot find, however, is the name of one of the minuets played at the wonderful ball no matter how hard I've tried searching through the musical scores. I've heard it before, it is beautiful and I want to download it but don't know the composer. If anyone knows, please tell me. Thanks.

  • kitty

    • kevin sellers
    • 4/4/16

    One of the more boring spinoffs of "Pygmalion" that you're likely to see, with Paulette Goddard wrestling her cockney accent and being repeatedly pinned to the mat, and Ray Milland soporific, as always. Give it a C for charmless. P.S. You haven't lived till you've seen Gainsborough's glorious "Blue Boy" in prosaic black and white.

  • Kitty

    • Lollie Singleton
    • 1/15/16

    I love this movie and TCM hasn't shown it in years. Its a beautiful story and I would love if you would please put it your rotation.

  • Best Movie Paulette Goddard Ever Made

    • S. Gentry
    • 10/9/14

    I think this is the best movie Paulette Goddard ever made. It had a wonderful cast, great period costumes, had enough comedy, romance, and drama to make it an all around good movie.Ms. Goddard was outstanding!!I am a collector of movies and love this one. Can't wait for it to be available for purchase, so I can get a copy.Love the movies that were from the '40's and 50's. Some of the best that Hollywood ever made.

  • Kitty - Wishing on a Star

    • Elaine Schildmeyer
    • 9/1/12

    The first time I saw this movie was on TV when I was 10 years old. I fell in love with the movie then and also in love with Ray Milland. I wanted to be Kitty. It was such a beautiful movie and such a heartwarming love story. Some time in the late 70's, I think, the movie was again on TCM and I taped it on my VCR. I have watched that movie again and again over the years until I wore out the tape. I can't find it anywhere and would love to have it. It is such a great example of the great golden age of movie making. It would be like granting a wish on a star to be able to see it and own it again.

  • What a wonderful movie!

    • Louis
    • 1/9/12

    I have always loved the 18th century. One night i was up late could not sleep and i turned on TCM to see what was on. I had no idea what was going to be on, but i decided to just sit back and relax and listen to Robert Osborne as he announced what was coming up next, and i herd that a movie called kitty that was very rare was premiering on TCM this very moment i said to myself i'll give it a chance i and if its not good ill go to bed, and you know what i stayed up for the entire thing! I loved everything moment of it! Since i'm not a fan of musicals i found this to be a better version of my fair lady. Or a 18th century version of the 1938 pygmalion. I'd recommend this movie to anyone who loves a cheery love story, it also has a bit of light humor throughout the movie, perfect for any 18th century or history enthusiast. I was impressed with the costumes in the movie i found them to be quite authentic to the 18th century. Though nothing can stand up against my all time favorite the 1938 Marie Antoinette when it comes to costumes. I give this move a overall rating of 5/5, and i would love to see this put onto DVD to enjoy at home.

  • Missed the ending!

    • Renee
    • 4/21/11

    DVR'd the movie and the satellite went out during a storm. The movie stopped recording right at the end when Kitty's fiance' had just told her it didn't matter to him where she came from. Who did she end up with?

  • I Can't believe I missed it!!

    • Linda Howe
    • 4/20/11

    I have been waiting about 5 years for this movie to come to TCM. I saw it years ago and loved it, but have been trying to find it on DVD with no luck. So I was thrilled when I saw it was to be on TCM Tuesday April 20, 2011. I put up post-it notes all over the house to remind me and low and behold I MISSED IT!!! I just pray that now that more people have seen this wonderful movie TCM will show it again and again. Paulette Goddard is brilliant in this movie. It is probably my most favorite movie of her and Ray Milland. I love the period clothing and the acting is topnotch by everyone in the movie. Please TCM>>>>>>>Play it again SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kitty

    • Mary Arner
    • 5/27/10

    I absolutely loved this movie! I just happened to tune in to TCM and listened to Robert Osborne talk about the film and I wasn't disappointed. It was an 18th century version of Pygmalion and the story was incredible. Paulette Goddard, playing the role of Kitty, the street-wise thief turned aristocrat by an impoverished nobleman and his sister was just hilarious! It was especially funny to watch her try to become a lady and sometimes slip back into her cockney accent. Ray Milland as the ne'er do well lord did a great job as well along with the actress who played the mostly inebrieted sister! The costumes and scenery were also wonderful! I would love to see this movie again!

  • Paulettle Goddard: A National Treasure

    • Johanna Dordick
    • 2/9/10

    Paulette Goddard was one of a select group of actresses from the 30s and 40s who had the rare combination of beauty, intelligence and charm which she brought to all of her films. Her performance in Kitty is so enchanting, so delightful, one doesn't notice the great range of her acting. From street urchin to great lady, she creates a character that is as rich and real as any on the screen today. What a terrible loss that this fine performance is not available on DVD for a new generation to enjoy. I had not seen this film since I was a young girl, and loved it then. But when I saw it again recently when you showed it, I saw so much more in it; I was surprised by the fact that it was as fresh and interesting as if it had just been made. And I enjoyed it so much more! And a special treat -- Ray Milland was absolutely delicious in it!

  • Kitty

    • BridgetJ
    • 2/8/10

    I have been a long time fan of Paulette Goddard's films, especially Kitty and The Women. She is one of the most underrated actress of her time and in Kitty she was amazing in her transformation from a lowly guttersnipe with spot on accent to a smart soft spoken duchess with Prince of Wales as one of her admirers. It's truely one of the best classics!

  • Would've been better with Marion Davies

    • Jarrod McDonald
    • 2/6/10

    I think Leisen's art design, handling of actors, and attention to period detail are magnificent. While viewing the film, my first thought was that the sets and furniture had that William Hearst feel to it. Later, this was confirmed when I read the notes: Leisen had indeed purchased items from Hearst to be used in the finished picture. As a result, I felt like this movie should've featured Hearst's mistress, the great Marion Davies. Davies' career in films had tapered off in 1937, about eight years before 'Kitty,' but after Orson Welles and Citizen Kane had unfairly trashed her reputation, this would've been a great comeback vehicle for her. It has all the elements of exquisite costume drama and humor that make some of Davies' best films so memorable. It really would've been the perfect film for her. And I'm sure Hearst probably wanted her to be cast in this film (maybe that's why he agreed to loan or sell set pieces to Leisen). Paulette Goddard and costar Ray Milland are more than up to the task, however; and Milland (at his physical peak) gives Errol Flynn a run for his money when it comes to tight-fitting period wardrobe.

  • Kitty

    • Angie Roberts
    • 2/6/10

    I loved this movie, please show more movies like it, also would you please show this one again.

  • Kitty

    • tammy
    • 2/5/10

    I loved this movie. I record a lot of TCM movies. Just in case They aren't in stores. I recorded Kitty and it did not take. Please give me a heads up when it plays again or please play it again I missed the end of the movie Thanks Tammy

  • Watched It!

    • Justine
    • 2/5/10

    I'm so glad I caught Kitty on TCM last night. Been waiting to see since I first saw it as a young woman. Thank you TCM.

  • Kitty Novel

    • J E Sullivan
    • 2/4/10

    I have been waiting to see Kitty on TCM. Just happened to find it tonight- 02/04. I recently purchased the book, a 1944 copy through abe books. I read the book as a teenager and saw the movie at least ten times!


    • Marianne
    • 2/4/10

    I remember stumbling upon this movie on a "Ray Malland Day" on TCM and have LOVED it ever since. I WISH IT WAS AVAILABLE ON DVD!! Seriously, I have been ardently scanning TCM for it to be broadcast and I am soooo excited for tonight :)I loved Ray Milland in "The Uninvited" but I seriously fell for him in "Kitty"!

  • One of my favorites!

    • Bobbi
    • 2/4/10

    I watched this movie for the first time as a teenage and love, love, love it. It's on my top 10 favorite movies. I've watched and waited for it for decades!

  • At last!!!

    • Jan Feldmann
    • 1/30/10

    I've waited over ten years for TCM to show Kitty. I've waited just as long to it to come out on video/DVD. Thank you TCM! There are any number of Paramount pictures that haven't yet been released and this one is at the top of my list.

  • Please release this movie on DVD.

    • valerie golden
    • 11/5/09

    I absolutely loved this movie, which I haven't seen since the early nineties. Superb film.


    • Matthew Terrell
    • 11/3/09

    This is a superb film and deserves a hugeaudience.Entire cast is perfect and period detail and costumes are stunning!Thanks TCMI hope this means a MOD DVD soon withthe universal partnership!As KITTY says LUV A DUCK!


    • Christina
    • 9/21/09

    I really do!! We taped it off the TV many years ago, and my mom has successfully worn out that tape!! It is without a doubt, her favorite movie. Each year for her birthday she asks me if I can buy her the DVD. But alas, each year she is disappointed. Please please help them put it on DVD and soon!!!!

  • Love,Love, Love this movie.

    • Darla
    • 8/21/09

    Fortunatly I was able to tape it on VHS when it showed back in the 90's. It is an awesome movie, and has a lot of depth. The character Kitty isn't really such a wench and as she moves through the movie you can see her moral character and true intent for the welfare of her child shine. The whole cast is just amazing. Please release this on DVD for all to enjoy.

  • I want this movie!!!

    • Pollyanna
    • 7/31/09

    This is one of my favorite movies. I first saw it when I was stationed in California and watched it every time it was on. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to catch it on television again and would really like to see it. When will it be available to purchase or on television again so I can watch it. Please put it on DVD so we can buy it.

  • Where is this movie??????

    • Jan
    • 7/5/09

    Why can't we see it or buy it? What does it take to get it released? I haven't seen it in years and when I did it was on a rival classic movie station which has gone down the tubes over the past years....Paulette Goddard and Ray Milland are wonderful in this movie. Hopefully we will see it one day soon on TCM and on DVD!

  • Classic Paulette Goddard at her best

    • Guil
    • 1/30/09

    This is an incredible film with all in it at their peak in film history. What a shame that this has never been made into a DVD for all generations to view.It's not shown on TV for years now. Is there a problem? When you see some of the films aired (whew) you wonder.

  • Really i would love to watch Kitty.

    • Lubwama
    • 11/3/08

    I read that novel Kitty when i was 14, this book has been the best ever in my collection though i lost it. Learning of the possibility of Kity in the video has really excited me. I pray that one time i watch this movie. Who ever has the novel and movie please help me to get a copy.

  • I want

    • marilyn
    • 7/27/08

    to see and/or own this movie!!!! I haven't had the pleasure of seeing this movie in years. I, too, saw it on AMC back when they played their movies w/o comercials. I loved it!!! It's almost a mix of 'Forever Amber' and 'My Fair Lady'. Never get to see the former, either. Please, TCM play this movie and 'Forever Amber'. Will love ya forever, if you do.... :)

  • Favorite Black & White Movies

    • Roberta
    • 4/17/08

    I Would like to know how many votes do it take befor the movie can come out on D.V.D When will T.C.M show the movie Kitty with Paulette Goddard & Ray Milland

  • My favorite film!

    • shasha
    • 3/21/08

    I fell in love with this film about 15 years ago as a teenager. It was my introduction to movie classics. Paulette Goddard is fantastic in this picture.

  • One of my all time favorite Classic movies!

    • Patti
    • 3/6/08

    Now my children are grown and they still talk about the scene where Kitty is learning to serve the tea.... and the scene with the broken strand of pearls....classic...!!!If anyone has a clue as to where a copy of this wonderful movie can be found, I'd love to know about it. I'm hoping someone taped it and will even part with a copy.

  • I want to buy this movie!!!

    • Hallie
    • 11/26/07

    What business do you know of where customers are begging to purchase their products? How long does TCM think they will continue to prosper if they do not meet their customers' requests?!?

  • Please make "Kitty" available on DVD

    • Stephan Childers
    • 11/19/07

    I saw this movie as a child and it stuck with me. Years later, in college, we saw "My Fair Lady" and I again thought of this movie. I talked about the "Pygmalion" similarities of this genre (including earlier non-musical B&W versions and "Pretty Woman," etc.)I wished that I could have found the film somewhere so that I could have shared more with the class, but alas, "Kitty" was nowhere to be found, a truly forgotten gem. Thankfully, at TCM at least, you know what I'm talking about. You may be my last hope of ever owning a DVD copy of this wonderful film.

  • Please release Kitty!

    • Susan
    • 11/14/07

    One of my favorite films of all time. Would love to see again and hopefully record or better yet buy the DVD if it ever gets released. Please!

  • Please Play Kitty

    • Christy
    • 11/5/07

    This is one of my all time favorites. My granny told me about this one and when I saw it, I was hooked. Please play it again. Thank You.

  • Fabulous

    • Laura
    • 11/2/07

    Love this movie. The broken pearls is a classic sceene. It needs to be replayed.

  • Please play Kitty

    • Joan
    • 8/31/07

    This is such an awesome movie and it hasn't been played in so long it would be great to sit and watch it with my children. They have become intrested in the classics and Kitty was Paulette Goddards best film in my opinion.

  • Put this on DVD!

    • Holly
    • 8/13/07

    I have been dying to see this movie again but its never on and not on dvd yet! Everytime I search for it a ton of people seem to be looking for it too. Its one of Paulette Goddard's best films I thought. She is so beautiful and funny!

  • I want this movie!

    • Jenn
    • 7/20/07

    I love Kitty I discovered it when I was a teenager and AMC actually played all the old favorites. You can't find it anywhere and its a shame cause they just don't do movies like this any more. Its a great movie for the true hopeless romantics out there. I hope it does eventually get rereleased!

  • I love this Movie.

    • B. Vargas
    • 7/13/07

    Been waiting for years to see this movie again. I truly liked this black and white classic. Similar in plot to My Fair Lady, however this is not a musical, if you like classics watch out for this movie I'm sure your enjoy it.

  • I want it

    • Susan
    • 1/27/07

    Kitty is a marvoulous fairy tale for a real life woman. A saucier version of My Fair Lady, Kitty is a woman of wit and intelligence. When asked if she knows she is beautiful, her reply is "Of course I do". In true fairy tale fashion the herione's only failing is her unconditional love of a ruthless, handsome, scoundrel. Which is of course okay in happily ever after, where even the Prince pardons her love for a mon "so beneth her".

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