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Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye(1950)

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Seven people are on trial for several related murders: Holiday Carleton, former policemen Charles Weber and John Reece, Cherokee Mandon, an attorney, Peter Cobbett, a former guard at the state penal farm, and criminals Vic Mason and Jinx Raynor. Cobbett is called to the stand and testifies about events which took place four months earlier: At the state prison farm, prisoner Ralph Cotter retrieves a bag of guns that have been hidden by Cobbett. Later, he and Ralph Carleton, another convict, attempt an escape. Carleton is wounded, and Cotter coldbloodedly kills him before joining Holiday, Carleton's sister, and Jinx in the waiting car, where he claims that a guard killed Carleton. In a nearby town, the escapees return the car to Vic Mason's garage. Later, Cotter hides out in Holiday's apartment. When she tries to get rid of him, he reminds her that she shot a guard and, because of that, is wanted by the police. Later, with Jinx's help, Cotter robs a market to pay Holiday's debt to Mason. When Mason criticizes Cotter for committing a crime in the town in which they are hiding, Cotter beats him up. Acting on a tip from Mason, Reece and Weber trace Cotter to Holiday's apartment, where they confiscate the remaining money and order Cotter to leave town. When Cotter learns that Weber is a police inspector, he orders Jinx to wire the apartment, and later records the policemen agreeing to split the take from a payroll robbery. Cotter and Jinx then contact Doc Green, a former attorney, who now works as a spiritualist, and demand the name of a lawyer who can help them. Green suggests Cherokee Mandon. Mandon is the next witness to take the stand and claims that he was coerced into helping Cotter: When Cotter visits Mandon at home and tells him about the tape recording of Weber and Reece, he believes they are trying to get him disbarred. Cotter then kidnaps Mandon at gunpoint and plays him the recording. When Weber and Reece return to Holiday's apartment, Mandon plays the recording for them. Weber threatens to kill them all, but Mandon informs him that copies of the tape have been sent to friends. Later, Cotter waits for Green's assistant, Margaret Dobson, the unruly daughter of wealthy Ezra Dobson, head of a steel company and the most powerful man in the state. Although Mandon warns Cotter against Margaret, Cotter ignores him and marries her. Dobson is furious and announces that he will have the marriage annulled. Cotter refuses to leave Margaret, but when Dobson asks him to formally renounce all rights to the Dobson fortune, he withdraws and agrees to the annulment. Cotter then starts to rob a bookie operation but, impressed by the operation's income, decides instead to take over the organization. Meanwhile, two investigators question Mason. Jinx now takes the stand: After the robbery, he waits at Holiday's apartment for Cotter's return. Later, Mandon tells Cotter that Dobson has been looking for him, and Holiday learns about Cotter's marriage. Dobson informs Cotter that Margaret still loves him and the marriage has not been annulled. He adds that Margaret's personal fortune is greater than his own. Margaret suggests that they leave town immediately and Cotter agrees. He returns to Holiday's apartment to pick up his things, but before he can leave, Holiday murders him in retaliation for killing her brother. The investigators then break into her apartment and arrest her.