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The Kid from Spain

The Kid from Spain(1932)

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The Kid from Spain An innocent man accused of... MORE > $18.95
Regularly $21.99
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Just before they are to graduate from college, Eddie Williams and his friend Ricardo are expelled after Ricardo places a drunk Eddie in the girls' dormitory as a practical joke. Ricardo then convinces Eddie to journey with him to his native Mexico to meet his beloved Anita Gomez. While Eddie waits for Ricardo at the bank, however, he is shanghaied as a getaway driver by bank robbers. Eddie tries to escape, but is taken to the gang's hideout, where they decide to send him to Mexico instead of killing him. While Eddie waits at the border, Ricardo visits Anita, and is told by her father Alonzo that she is betrothed to Pancho, a rich matador who saved Anita's late mother from a gang of notorious bandits. Alonzo convinces Ricardo that Pancho is a better match for Anita, and Ricardo agrees to leave for her sake. Ricardo then finds Eddie after he has crossed the border and helps him disguise himself from Crawford, an American detective following him. Ricardo tells Crawford that Eddie is the famous bullfighter Don Sebastian II and is there for an important fight to be held the following Sunday. Crawford is wise to the charade, however, especially when he sees Eddie's well-known hysterical reaction to whistles, and he promises to attend the fight. Ricardo, once again determined to win Anita, returns to the Gomez house with Eddie, whom he introduces to Alonzo. Alonzo, who was friends with Don Sebastian I, supposedly Eddie's father, is delighted to meet him, but warns Ricardo to stay away from Anita. Ricardo and Eddie then fight with Pancho and his friend Pedro, who is the boyfriend of Anita's friend Rosalie, and the two friends are arrested. Eddie is bailed out by Alonzo, then goes to the house to steal Anita away for Ricardo. Because Eddie has never met Anita, however, he takes Rosalie instead. Rosalie flirts with Eddie during their drive, and jealous Pedro captures him and gives him to the bandits, who are secretly led by Pancho. Eddie escapes from the bandits and finds Ricardo the next day, and the two prepare for the bullfight, which Eddie must go through with to deceive Crawford. Ricardo arranges for Eddie to fight "Max," a trained bull who halts upon hearing the word "Popocat├ępetl," but on the day of the event, Pancho and Pedro switch Max with "Diablo," a killer bull. The great American bullfighter Sidney Franklin opens the games, then Eddie confronts Diablo. It does not take Eddie long to realize that Diablo is not Max, but thanks to his quick feet and some chloroform, Eddie bests the ferocious animal. Later, Crawford reveals that Eddie was never a suspect in the robbery, but he did not tell him because he wanted to see him fight. That night, Alonzo throws a party and gives his blessing to Ricardo and Anita, and Eddie proposes to Rosalie.