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Ex-spouses Grace Shaw and Lew Arthur are talent agents who meet several years after their divorce when their respective clients, singers Pete Porter and Honey Wynn, are auditioning for roles in a Broadway show. After both young people are rejected for the parts, all four end up at the same table in a diner. Seeing how well the two young people look together and get along, Lew suggests that they record a duet of a new song by a composer he knows. Pete, who was reared in Hairpin, Missouri, and Honey, from Wet Dog, Maine, find that they have a lot in common and spend time together talking about their aspirations. Meanwhile, Lew and Grace strategize how to sell the new "romantic duo" and convince Warren Sykes, president of Pop Record Company, to record them. Later, as Pete and Honey's song, "Who Are We to Say?," climbs to the "Top Ten" charts, the young people fall in love for real. Lew, Honey and Pete are content with their success, but the aggressive Grace gets restless. When she fails to interest Pete in recording a solo song, she works on Lew, suggesting that both Honey and Pete secretly want solo careers. Surmising from past experience that Grace is planning to double-cross them, Lew convinces the reluctant Honey to secretly record a song, in case Grace is having Pete do the same. During Honey's recording session, Grace maneuvers Pete into coming to the studio at the same time. Believing that he has been betrayed by his singing partner, Pete agrees to secretly cut his own "single" and to perform it at an upcoming charity telethon in which he and Honey will be participating. During the live, national broadcast of the telethon, just as Pete and Honey's performance is being introduced, Grace arranges for a note to be given to the emcee that pre-empts the duet and announces Pete's new solo song. During his performance, Lew and Honey leave, and afterward Honey cuts off all communication with Pete. Grace, who realizes too late that she has ruined a chance for a renewed romance with Lew, bears her loss stoically and tells Pete that Honey will eventually "come around." Although he is sorry about hurting Honey, Pete, following Grace's advice, leaves New York for a highly successful personal appearance tour in London, where he performs at the Palladium, and Germany. Honey releases her song, as well as several others, but none of them register on the charts, damaging her career. After ten "strikeouts," Warren refuses to record her, although he tells Lew that he will back Honey and Pete as a duo. Upon returning to New York, Pete searches for Honey, whom he still loves, and mopes when he cannot find her. Deep down, Grace is sorry to have ruined both Pete's romance and her own, but she continues to advise Pete to focus single-mindedly on his own career. She is surprised when Lew visits, wanting to resume their romance. Open to his romantic overtures, Grace says she has changed and is "about to become a real-life woman." However, when Lew suggests that Honey and Pete sing together at the upcoming Music Operators Convention in Chicago, at which they are both planning to perform separately, Grace suspects that his wooing is only a business tactic. Ignoring her own past scheming, she accuses him of attempting a "cheap trick," thus prompting a quarrel. After Lew leaves, Grace finds herself alone again. Later, at the convention, Lew, Honey, Pete and Grace are unexpectedly placed at the same table in the ballroom. Seeing that Pete and Honey get along well, Lew reminds Grace how he tried to get the young people back together. Overhearing his comment, Pete and Honey become indignant that their lives are being controlled by the older couple. The resulting four-way quarrel, which is observed by everyone in the ballroom, threatens to tear apart all their relationships, both romantic and business, and ends with Honey and Pete returning to their separate hotel rooms to pack. Feeling badly, Lew takes control from the unusually pliant Grace, who vows to "turn in her broom." Agreeing that they must "help the kids," as well as their own relationship, Grace talks to Honey "woman-to-woman," while Lew talks to Pete. The agents convince the young people to return to the ballroom, where the emcee then announces that they will perform one of their songs together. Singing reconciles Pete and Honey, and for the final verse they pull Lew and Grace up to join them.