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Island Captives

Island Captives(1937)

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George Carsons, the benevolent owner of a plantation in Tahiti that produces the best fruit in the South Sea Islands, refuses to succumb to a threat by Bannister of the International Canning Company, one of the largest canneries in the world, to make him join forces. Bannister then refuses his brother Will's suggestion that he hire a tough to secure the plantation and instead sends Will's son Dick to meet with Carsons. With Dick's knowledge, however, Will sends a telegram to the tough, C. B. Hudson, ordering him to "remove obstacle to progress." Hudson sends two toughs to take care of Carsons, and after they shoot him, he dies looking at the picture of his daughter Helen, who is coming to visit. Hudson then gets Kramer, a forger, to sign Carsons' name to a document giving him, Hudson, power of attorney. Hudson then learns, however, that Helen, due to arrive soon, owns half of the plantation. Meanwhile, Dick flirts with Helen on the ocean liner heading toward Tahiti and sends a message to his father and uncle about meeting her. Tom Willoughby, the ship's mate who sent Dick's radiogram, attracts Helen's attention, and she shows interest in him. When Dick offers Tom $100 to lose the copy of the radiogram, Tom refuses. Dick threatens to use his influence to have Tom fired, but during their argument, the ship strikes a reef. Tom, Dick, Helen and Graham, another crew member, make it to an island in a lifeboat. Kelly, a smuggler who runs the island, informs the four that another boat is not expected for two months. That night, Kelly enters Helen's cabin and tries to assault her, but Tom arrives in time to knock Kelly out. At dawn, when Dick notices that Tom is gone from their hut, he believes he has spent the night with Helen. Tom, however, slept sitting up while on guard outside her door, and he is in the midst of proposing to her before breakfast, when Dick and Graham enter. Tom explains what happened the previous night and, by threatening to reveal the radiogram, convinces Dick to stick with them against Kelly. Later, Taiao, a native girl friend of Kelly, who is jealous of Helen, tries to kill her with a knife, but Tom subdues her and convinces her to help them hide from Kelly's men, who have been sent to kill them. Taiao brings them to a cave, where one of Kelly's cohorts keeps a shortwave radio and then tells Kelly that they drowned trying to get away. Tom sends an S.O.S., and the police captain who has since connected Hudson with Carsons' murder, sends a detail to the lagoon. Hudson, after meeting with Bannister and learning about the shipwreck, arrives at the island with his men to get Helen's signature. Kelly tells Hudson that she drowned, but Dick, having left the cave, joins up with Kelly and Hudson and informs them of Helen's whereabouts. Believing Hudson to be a friend of her father's, Helen agrees to go with Hudson to her father's island. However, when she is asked to sign a document, Tom stops her. A fight ensues, which is broken up by the arrival of the police, who have a warrant for Hudson's arrest for murder. Tom and Helen embrace and soon leave the island on another ocean liner.